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Desktop VU-Meter - VST edition



Music visualizer and player for Rainmeter based on VST plugins

The ORIGINAL and FIRST Desktop VU-Meter for Rainmeter by HiTBiT-PA. If you find something with the same name, is a copy without authorization

It's also available in minimalist version Link

UPDATE 5 (02/2022)
New Design
Added new Radio Stations up to 302

Desktop VU-Meter was one of the first visualizers published for Rainmeter
It's the first visualizer to have the Delay effect and to use bitmaps to create unique designs
He was also the first to use moving images to the rhythm of music
It's the first and only visualizer for Rainmeter that incorporates a file browser, links to music TV and Radio stations with an attractive design and fun to use
It's also the only one that uses the mouse wheel to adjust the values giving it a very realistic use
This version will surely be the last, there will only be minor updates
Thank you very much for the support received in these almost 6 years of work

Chameleon Plugin (Included)

Analog and Digital VU-Meters
Customizable colors with my RGB Code skin
Dynamic colors extracted from the wallpaper
Up to 80 bands per stereo channel for 1920x1080 resolution
Visualizers in bottom, top, left, right, horizontal and vertical mirrors with transparency effects
Delay effect in Bars and Bitmaps visualizers
Stop button for close all visualizers
Audio Level Settings skin
VU-Meter Design skin
AudioScope Music Visualizer skin
AudiosCore Music Player skin
DSKVU Music Player
Desktop Player scalable with the mouse wheel
System Monitor skin
Internet Radio stations
Music TV channels
Files explorer for search your MP3 files
Search the lyrics of the song you hear or the music video with a click
And much more...


It is the heart of the project. You can activate or deactivate the different modules and configure the colors. The menu is operated with the mouse wheel accessing the player settings, links to music news websites, SoundCloud or Spotify among others, music TV channels, file browser, more than 300 integrated Radio stations organized by musical styles and access to the visualizers menu. This version contains all the effects since version 2 and incorporates some new ones. It also includes access to stop all the vusializers, delay effect and select the position of the visualizers on the screen

> AUDIO LEVEL Settings
Set the parameters of the AudioLevel plugin with the mouse wheel. Left click on the buttons to restore the optimized value. Press the OK button to accept the changes

> VU-METER Designer
Improved version of the VU-Meter designer. Now it is much easier, more intuitive and realistic to design the bars with gradient colors and accept the changes with our colors or those taken from the wallpaper

> AUDIO SCOPE Music Visualizer
Music visualizer in module to match the AudiosCore player. Contains various types of visualizers and moving images to the rhythm of music

> AUDIOS CORE Music Player
Music player with access to the lyrics of the song you listen to, photos, video clips or information about the artist

> DSKVU Music Player
Many of you asked me to include the version 3 player again, so I decided to incorporate it by changing the LCD screen output for a VU-Meter. Contains accesses to activate a visualizer, close them all or activate/deactivate the Delay effect

Search with the mouse wheel for the desired color. Includes 12 memorized colors. It also allows you to adjust the transparency level of the mirror visualizers

System monitor with information on the status of CPU, GPU, RAM, SSD and network traffic

Scalable player with the mouse wheel with all the functions and access to the lyrics of the song, photos, video clips and information


Chameleon Plugin by Socks the Fox
Lua Marquee by Smurfier

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Thanks for the update 😊👍