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Desktop VU-Meter 5 - VST edition

Music visualizer and player for Rainmeter based on VST plugins

The ORIGINAL and FIRST Desktop VU-Meter for Rainmeter by HiTBiT-PA. If you find something with the same name, is a copy without authorization

It's also available in minimalist version Link

Desktop VU-Meter was one of the first visualizers published for Rainmeter
It's the first visualizer to have the Delay effect and to use bitmaps to create unique designs
He was also the first to use moving images to the rhythm of music
It's the first and only visualizer for Rainmeter that incorporates a file browser, links to music TV and Radio stations with an attractive design and fun to use
It's also the only one that uses the mouse wheel to adjust the values giving it a very realistic use
This version will surely be the last, there will only be minor updates
Thank you very much for the support received in these almost 6 years of work

Windows 10
Chameleon Plugin 1.6.1 (Included)
Mouse with wheel
VLC Player (Optional) for Music TV channels

UPDATE 5.2021.1
New Audio Level Settings skin
New VU-Meter Design skin
New music players
New skin Control Panel
New skin System Monitor
AudioScope skin enhancements
Desktop Player skin improvements
New visualizers, now you can select the position on the screen
Added new radio stations up to 130
Added 10 links from music news websites and radio stations
Added links to Amazon Music, SoundCloud, Spotify, Tidal, Pandora and Youtube Music
Added 17 links to music tv channels, with direct access to be viewed with VLC
And much more...

Analog and Digital VU-Meters
Customizable colors with my RGB Code skin
Dynamic colors extracted from the wallpaper
Up to 80 bands per stereo channel for 1920x1080 resolution
Visualizers in bottom, top, left, right, horizontal and vertical mirrors with transparency effects
Delay effect in Bars and Bitmaps visualizers
Stop button for close all visualizers
Audio Level Settings skin
VU-Meter Design skin
AudioScope Music Visualizer skin
AudiosCore Music Player skin
DSKVU Music Player
Desktop Player scalable with the mouse wheel
System Monitor skin
130 Internet Radio stations
17 Music TV channels with VLC Player support
Files explorer for search your MP3 files
Search the lyrics of the song you hear or the music video with a click
And much more...


It is the heart of the project. You can activate or deactivate the different modules and configure the colors. The menu is operated with the mouse wheel accessing the player settings, links to music news websites, SoundCloud or Spotify among others, music TV channels, file browser, 130 integrated Radio stations organized by musical styles and access to the visualizers menu. This version contains all the effects since version 2 and incorporates some new ones. It also includes access to stop all the vusializers, delay effect and select the position of the visualizers on the screen

> AUDIO LEVEL Settings
Set the parameters of the AudioLevel plugin with the mouse wheel. Left click on the buttons to restore the optimized value. Press the OK button to accept the changes

> VU-METER Designer
Improved version of the VU-Meter designer. Now it is much easier, more intuitive and realistic to design the bars with gradient colors and accept the changes with our colors or those taken from the wallpaper

> AUDIO SCOPE Music Visualizer
Music visualizer in module to match the AudiosCore player. Contains various types of visualizers and moving images to the rhythm of music

> AUDIOS CORE Music Player
Music player with access to the lyrics of the song you listen to, photos, video clips or information about the artist

> DSKVU Music Player
Many of you asked me to include the version 3 player again, so I decided to incorporate it by changing the LCD screen output for a VU-Meter. Contains accesses to activate a visualizer, close them all or activate/deactivate the Delay effect

Search with the mouse wheel for the desired color. Includes 12 memorized colors. It also allows you to adjust the transparency level of the mirror visualizers

System monitor with information on the status of CPU, GPU, RAM, SSD and network traffic

Scalable player with the mouse wheel with all the functions and access to the lyrics of the song, photos, video clips and information


Chameleon Plugin by Socks the Fox…
Lua Marquee by Smurfier

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wow! an Amazing Masterpice vuMeter 😍 this is waht i was looking 4

you made my day 😘

Thank you

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Thank you. Enjoy it

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Version 5 is available!

Hey mate, long time fan of your audio visualisers! Just a small question, for a while it seems I can't get the settings to make the line visualiser to not fill it in. It seems to still work for the wave visualiser though. Have any ideas on how to make it work?

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Hi. Try raising the dB, Size and Frequency level. If it worked well before, it is due to some configuration change.

Hi again, I just tried your suggestion, but to no avail. I think I've had the problem ever since moving to a new computer, which is a coupe of years now. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling too, but that hasn't worked. It's no big deal though, thanks for your continued support for your Rainmeter skins!

HiTBiT-PA's avatar
I do not know what to tell you. Try updating the audio drivers, try other visualizers. If only mine fails let me know to see what I can change of code

I've tried one other visualiser, VisBubble, and the no-fill line visualiser seems to work if that helps. I also tried this on a fresh install of Rainmeter on a different device, but still the same problem. Sorry if you're getting caught up in reviewing your old skins, I'm sure you're busy with other work and your newest version!

HiTBiT-PA's avatar
Hi. The new version that is in process apart from incorporating new visualizers, everything works fine for me. I will check that everything is fine. Thank you

thank you so much for all your work i just love this meter

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Thank you. The next version has design changes to make it easier to use. Will soon be ready
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cant run this said "Failed to initialize audio client."  what should i do..
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Hi. First check that you have the latest drivers for the sound card. The installation of Rainmeter should NOT be portable. Restart Rainmeter and / or the computer. This project has several years and does not give problems
already updated sound manager sir but still didnt using z270e asus mobo w/ sonic studio 3..does this affect?  last year w/ i install this VU-meter it work sometime,sometime not.. til today when i decide to install rainmeter didnt totally work now.. i love your work btw..cant find another VU meter like sync to my Steam Wallpaper Engine..
HiTBiT-PA's avatar
If it sometimes works and sometimes it should not be because the correct audio output is not activated. The AudioLevel plugin takes the sound of the activated audio device; headphones, speakers, line input...
From the skin DSK-VU 3 Settings you can change the audio device with the button located in the top right corner.
I think that should be the problem because I can not find another one. This project uses standard commands like the other visualizers. Try others visualizers to have if it gives you the same problems.
In a few days the new version will be available, completely new and with many improvements, I hope you like it. Thank you
the music can be detect and play by the Loader/VU-Meter Player..but the the Visualizer has no response..totally non responsive nowadays..but before it work only depends on some settings.. looking forward to new update..hope it would be easy for me.. thanks you so much for the response and for your nice work..
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Try to increase the dB value for the digital VU-Meters and the RMS Gain value for the analogue ones.
cant edit,cant input value even in all button..not clickable both DB and RMS gain value in VU-meter setting..sorry for being a noob..
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In the description indicates how to do it, it is very easy, with the mouse wheel. And then press the apply button
Using latest Rainmeter but on loading the skin all I get from the Loader is:

00:00                                                           00:00

Nothing works except right click/EXIT


Great looking skin, I just hope I can get it working!
Thanks for sharing ;-)
HiTBiT-PA's avatar
You must select your player on the speaker button
Thanks for replying :-)

You miss my point, there is no speaker button, NOTHING is displayed in either v3.9 or v2.
When I activate v2 there is literally nothing appearing onscreen. When I activate v3.9 all that is shown onscreen is - 00:00                                                00:00
Nothing else appears, no icons, no backgrounds, no other text, nothing.
I just tried to manually load a skin in v2 and it crashed Rainmeter saying there were no measures (or maybe it said Metres?) contained in this skin and it will now be deactivated, but then Rm crashed.

Is there some requirement for this to work that I don't know about?
I'm using Win10x64, Core i74770K, nVidiaGTX770, Rm v4.1 Final Portable install on internal HDD.


EDIT: I just checked Rm's log window, there are a ton of errors? First it stated the PlayerName was invalid, so I opened the Variables file and changed it to CAD for Foobar2k. That solved that problem.
But for some reason, I am getting an error for two graphics files, stating unable to load led_on.png and cover.png from the Loader folder. They just keep repeating the errors?

Any ideas?
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