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::DEBUT:Fabled Remembrance::

By HitaKai
"I beat you this time, big brother!"  The little mare hunched down and grinned when her brother mimicked her a bit.  Too soon, she bounced right up and tackled the larger pony to the ground.  With a great and dramatic 'oof' he fell to the ground, grinning wide at the other pony.  "I beat you so that means you have to tell me more stories about the stars!"  He butted his nose gently against hers, ears flicking as he looked up to the sky.

"Well, how about the story of the dragon that swallowed some of the heavens?  I've never told you that one, have I?"

"No!  That sounds fun!"

"Well, for everypony else it wasn't.  But you earned a star story so you're getting one.  I'm gonna run out at this rate, Sapling."

"Then you can tell me more stories.  I don't care what about,"  they adjusted so they were lying on the ground and looking up and she curled into his side, "I just want to spend time with you."  He looked down at her, watched the way her eyes had seemed to grow a little sad and flicked his tail over at her.

"If that's the case, I'll tell you as many stories as I can.  Okay?"  Her ears perked and she smiled up.

"Yeah!  'Kay!"

So someone had the first guy of this batch on reserve and I had no points for him buT THEN I GOT SOME POINTS AND BOUGHT HIM.  His name is Fabled Remembrance, he summons worgs, and he's Forget-Me-Not's big brother.  Their family has a thing for memory themed names.  She really loves her big brother a lot.  Literally one of the few things she remembers from her home all the time.  And he dotes on her.  A lot.  Will sometimes go out of his way if he hears about a rare plant species to get her a seed or even a leaf.

Fabled Remembrance and Forget-Me-Not are mine.  The summoner species is a closed species by BritishMindslave.  MLP is Hasbro's/Lauren Faust's.  I got the background from here!  Whenever I make my own watermark I'll use that but I've been seeing an outbreak of recolors so.
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