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2375 Djehutihotep tomb 1.8 by TuliusHostilius

Mature Content

Endgame by the Elbe by rickmicksam
10 - Taj Mahal by Xienne
01 - The tribute by markofrender
Pre-History, Ancient and Classic History
Heroes of Bronze Pankration #2 Illustration by MartinKlekner
Heroes of Bronze Pankration #1 Illustration by MartinKlekner
Heroes of Bronze First Impact Book Illustration by MartinKlekner
1st Century BCE Gallic Warrior by Ahrrhd
Medieval History
St Edward the Confessor by NowitzkiTramonto
St Hugh of Lincoln by NowitzkiTramonto
The cathedral of Chartres by irrlicht71
Duel by Radomski
Modern History
Ready to  reive by GrafvonEichenlaub1
John Calvin and a TULIP by TheCHChronicler
The mistresses of Louis XIV by LadyEmilyStrange
2402 Passarola Bartolomeu de Gusmao 1.3 by TuliusHostilius
Contemporary History
One man battalion by Hashashin619
Invasion of Poland by DoodlingYankee
Goretober Day 3: Bandages by DoodlingYankee
Char B1 Bis No. 234 Marseille - Colorized by Amazing--Ace
Religion, Mythology and Religious History
St Macrina the Younger by NowitzkiTramonto
St Lazarus by NowitzkiTramonto
Bl Pier Giorgio Frassati by NowitzkiTramonto
Elizabeth of York and Henry Tudor, Queen and King by Yukari888
Fiction and History
Itaweret Looks Back - Pencil Version by TyrannoNinja
Itaweret Digital Painting by TyrannoNinja

Mature Content

Sennuwy in the Yoke by TyrannoNinja
Meet Jeannie (The Genie) by RGPC
Alternate, Pseudo and Speculative History
AH Title Card: EBC News (1981-85) by ramones1986
Sith Empire [Star Wars] by TheGreyPatriot
AH Title Card: Chilean Breakfast TV (early 1980s) by ramones1986
Fushigi Yuugi ep. 27, in Luuk (Part 2),(Nuriko and Miaka escaped the attack, but the weapon fell a tree near Tamapome’s home)(Cut to medium shot of Subosi and his weapon)SUBOSI(smirking) Kini, Nakgum na nimo ang kaway nan ‘keng mga gaman?(Cut to close-up shot of smirking Subosi)TAMAPOME(Voice-Over) Ginamit mo ang manga yan…(Subosi looked towards Tamapome’s direction)(Cut to)EXT/DAY/OUTSIDE TAMAPOME’S HOUSETAMAPOME(Still in low voice, but in anger)Ginamit mo ang mga yan… Kanggo patayen ang akeng Ama dan mag-anak…(Shouting) ¡¡¡NAN HEDI UMNAAWAY!!!(Long shot of Tamapome’s power heightened further)(Cut to shot of Subosi preparing to attack to Tamapome once again)SUBOSI¡Liû-chheⁿ Dui!/Ryū-sei Zuwi!(Then cut to the shot where Tamapome being attacked by the “meteor hammer”)TAMAPOME(Voice-over, saddened)Ama…. Kamong tanan… Tuun kong nasaktan kamo…Nahidapan a kamo nan adu…(Then cut to the shot of Tamapome’s braid being cut in front of both shocjed Miaka and Nuriko)TAMAPOME(Looking at the back) Ang imong kawat… (Looking toward Subosi) ¿Yan lamang ba ang kaya mo?SUBOSI(Provoked as he attacked) ¡ALAPEN MO!(Cut to scene of Miaka and Nuriko embracing and on the ground as they saw what happened)EXT/DAY/OTHER PART OF THE SAME VILLAGENURIKO(Shocked) Hedi ko hinenang…Tinudul ni Tài-it-kun/Tai-itu-kun si Tamapome nan kawat… Tapi…¡Ini ay umnaadu!(Camera zoomed a bit to the middle shot of the rooftop)(Soi suddenly appeared through teleportation, but wearing a cloak)(Cut to)EXT/DAY/OUTSIDE ANOTHER HOUSE(Tamapome grabbing the neck of an already weakened Subosi)TAMAPOME(Aiming his fist at Subosi)(In extreme anger) ¡Mamatay ka na!(Cut to sequences of lightning struck through the village, also affecting Miaka and Nuriko)(Cut to)EXT/DAY/ROOFTOPSOI(Holding an already injured and unconscious Subosi, but still in cloak)¡Kasalanan mo ang tanang ini, Subosi! Tuun mo umang baguhan ka pa lamang na man-gubat...(Cut to)EXT/DAY/ROOFTOPTAMAPOME(Looking towards Soi’s location, still angry and in rage)¡Esa ka ring Seiryū…!(Cut to extreme close-up of Soi’s face, albeit still covered in cloak)SOIEsa rin akong tagapagtanggul nan Seiryū. Aku si Soi.(Cut to long shot of the rooftop, from the point of view of the ground)SOISa kini, nagpapakilala pa lamang aku…(Cut to medium of an already enraged Tamapome)SOI(Voice-over) Lumakas ang imong kawat, Tamapome… ¿Taa pinatay ang imong mag-anak?(Tamahome’s enraged face intensified further)(Cut to another shot of the ground)NURIKO(Shouting) ¡Tamapome!(He/She tried to stop an extremely approached Tamapome as the latter tried to go to the rooftop to confront Soi and Subosi)(Cut to)EXT/DAY/ROOFTOPSOINauen mong urusen ang imong kawat. ¡Hangga sa numi nateng pagkikita!(Soi teleported back to Kotou)
Natural History
Sad Australopithecus by TyrannoNinja
Pteranodon Sleeps by TyrannoNinja
Tyrannosaurus Kicking by TyrannoNinja
Elasmosaurus by TyrannoNinja
[History of Egypt] Cleopatra #4 by HistoryGold777
Kemetic Women by 0ne0nlyLarry
Sassy Cleopatra is Sassy by TyrannoNinja
ALEXANDRIA ca. 1860 by Pippa-pppx
Central and South America
Bl Maria Antonia of St Joseph by NowitzkiTramonto
North America
Bass Reeves by K-B-Jones
Schloss Burgdorf by LePtitSuisse1912
Enroute to a Miracle by LouDiMarco
Archives - Middle East - Closed
Cathedrals of the empire by BricksandStones
Archives - Europe FULL
Once and Forever by SashaStudios
Archives - Various I - Closed
Zenopia Commission 1 by Akana-Yukinai
Archives - Various II - Closed
They say He was an alien by PompaElite


Looking Over Limpopo Valley by KhotsoDube Looking Over Limpopo Valley :iconkhotsodube:KhotsoDube 61 17 Son of Nineveh by JoelChaimHoltzman Son of Nineveh :iconjoelchaimholtzman:JoelChaimHoltzman 1,074 75 Spear Warrior (Animated) by KhotsoDube Spear Warrior (Animated) :iconkhotsodube:KhotsoDube 145 18 Wayigwaza 02 by KhotsoDube Wayigwaza 02 :iconkhotsodube:KhotsoDube 43 17 uncertain by lisa-im-laerm uncertain :iconlisa-im-laerm:lisa-im-laerm 4 16 Von Clausewitz on war by lisa-im-laerm Von Clausewitz on war :iconlisa-im-laerm:lisa-im-laerm 9 22 Vintage UK - St. George's Chapel, Windsor by Yesterdays-Paper Vintage UK - St. George's Chapel, Windsor :iconyesterdays-paper:Yesterdays-Paper 31 7 Elisavetgrad Hussar Regiment by KraljAleksandar Elisavetgrad Hussar Regiment :iconkraljaleksandar:KraljAleksandar 31 9 Bayeux Tapestry - 2 by Sevaresien Bayeux Tapestry - 2 :iconsevaresien:Sevaresien 4 0 Bayeux Tapestry - 4 by Sevaresien Bayeux Tapestry - 4 :iconsevaresien:Sevaresien 4 0 Bayeux Tapestry - 1 by Sevaresien Bayeux Tapestry - 1 :iconsevaresien:Sevaresien 8 3 Bayeux Tapestry - 3 by Sevaresien Bayeux Tapestry - 3 :iconsevaresien:Sevaresien 6 1 Edward Quincy Everett by wiebkefesch Edward Quincy Everett :iconwiebkefesch:wiebkefesch 2 0 Norman Conquest by UnderneathEverything Norman Conquest :iconunderneatheverything:UnderneathEverything 56 14 Politics of Men's Hair in Chinese History by lilsuika Politics of Men's Hair in Chinese History :iconlilsuika:lilsuika 2,446 113 William I of England 1066 - 1087 by doryfan1 William I of England 1066 - 1087 :icondoryfan1:doryfan1 5 5




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Newest Members

History Rocks Group

The group is currently undergoing some changes and a restructuration.

Parts of those changes mean that the folders structure will soon be changed. The Grographical (continental) designation will be substituted by a chronological organization with the following folders:

- Pre-History, Ancient and Classic History
(from the first hominids to circa 500 AD);

- Medieval History
(circa 500 to circa 1500 AD);

- Modern History
(circa. 1500 to circa 1800 AD);

- Contemporary history
(circa 1800 AD to nowadays);

These folders are still closed for now, they will be opened as soon as possible, so for now the new submissions should still be directional to the “continental folders”, or, if more adequate to the existing thematic folders.

* The folder “featured” is being emptied from “older works”. The folder had more than 100 pages, now has some 50, but the objective is that this folder has permanently 1 or 2 pages with good featured works, changing from 1 to 4 times a month. We can have here some new good works or some old works that deserve to be underlined.

* The folders with the designation Archives are closed and will sooner or later be emptied. There are there many quality works that I hope soon they will be given some more importance and relevance.

* The works for the Middle East should be direction either to the Asian or African folders, according to the respective region. The works already there will be moved for the new chronological folders;

For now we don’t have group rules, but I expect to have some simple ones quite soon. For several motifs, so if for instance a work is rejected the author knows and understands why that happened. We are a history group and we should focus on history works, either images or texts. Also because the group will avoid current politics themes. Our focus will be the past, not the present or the future. So that means that any work with political/ideological objectives agendas can be refused, or works that can be confused with political/ideological agendas. This is not new in the group. It was a principle already expressed by our first founder, a principle that I fully agree. So: Political History, yes. Current politics, no. Sometimes the line can be difficult to trace, but we will surely have to manage a way.

Basically we are a WIP.

Thank you to all the contributors and members… the group is waiting for your good works about history or history related themes.

Meanwhile you can contribute with 2 works for the continental folders, "Religion, Mythology and Religious History", "Fiction and History", "Alternate, Pseudo and Speculative History", and "Natural History". All works out of the folder's theme canl be excluded.

To the new members and visitors... welcome to our group...

History Rocks!








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Hagia Sophia interior by GoldieSakel  
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guide to hammer and sickle variants (updated) by Spungecore-Loonatik
too varied to comfortably fit into any of the folders here, but i made this guide to both current and historical variants of the hammer-sickle symbol. hopefully it'll be of interest to some of you! 
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