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Our Guidelines!

To speed up the submission process, we highly recommend identifying the historical period in the description of your deviations before submitting. Please be specific! =)
:bulletred: We accept all eras from around the world from the early history to the 1940’s. (There are many groups on this site focused only on 1950's fashion and onward so we do not include it here.)
:bulletred: Deviations must be as historically accurate as possible. We will allow minor divergences from history but please try to keep it as accurate as possible! (Remember, girl in dress does not equal historical accuracy. We must be able to identify a specific time period.) We highly recommend mentioning the historical period, location, and date range in the description!
:bulletred: Please do not post deviations on the group's main page asking if they're acceptable. If you think it might not be accepted, read over the guidelines, then submit and ask in the comments on the submission page. The fastest way to get your deviation accepted is to clearly state the historical period/date in your artist comments.
:bulletred: Please keep in mind that we are looking for pictures that are fashion focused. (So even if it's historically accurate, if all we can see is a person from the neck up, or there are too many elements covering the clothing details, we won't accept it.)
:bulletred: Historically accurate fanart is allowed.
:bulletred: No fantasy. This includes anthropomorphic characters, characters with wings, Lolita, vampires, werewolves, Steampunk fashion, Hetailia (This is in general. Exceptions will be made if historical research has clearly been done.) Game of Thrones etc. We do allow animals in historical fashion but, it must be an animal, not an animal with human features.
:bulletred: We accept all mediums, including photographs. However, photographs must not have any copyright attached to it. (It must be in the public domain.) OR You must have permission to use the photo. (This is referring to old B+W photographs that have been colored. Photos of clothing reproductions and costumes are encouraged!) If you use stock photos they must be historically accurate and you must have permission to use them. Deviations made from paper doll sites are not permitted.
:bulletred: Mostly Western fashions are submitted to this group, however, we encourage fashions from around the world! When submitting non-Western fashion deviations, we highly recommend you explain the period and the clothing in the artists comments so our moderators and members can be educated on something they might not be as familiar with!
:bulletred: No violence or sexual content. (We allow tasteful nudity only.)
:bulletred: Finished deviations only. Clean lineart and costume designs are ok, but messy sketches will be voted down. (Please no lined paper/scrap paper drawings!)
:bulletred: Deviation limit is two per week.




Little Lady by JohnlockedDancer Little Lady :iconjohnlockeddancer:JohnlockedDancer 5 0 Florence by JohnlockedDancer Florence :iconjohnlockeddancer:JohnlockedDancer 3 0 To Kiss, Or Not To Kiss by JohnlockedDancer To Kiss, Or Not To Kiss :iconjohnlockeddancer:JohnlockedDancer 7 3 Hillary Clinton by TrevLafoe Hillary Clinton :icontrevlafoe:TrevLafoe 1 4 Gloria Steinem by TrevLafoe Gloria Steinem :icontrevlafoe:TrevLafoe 2 0 Biography of the Millenium collage by TrevLafoe Biography of the Millenium collage :icontrevlafoe:TrevLafoe 14 3 Rex et Regina Sacrorum by Feles85 Rex et Regina Sacrorum :iconfeles85:Feles85 8 0 OTMA romanov by titanicc1912 OTMA romanov :icontitanicc1912:titanicc1912 10 0 Kaiserin Elisabeth von Oesterreich by Kaiserin-Elisabeth Kaiserin Elisabeth von Oesterreich :iconkaiserin-elisabeth:Kaiserin-Elisabeth 32 9 period dress by titanicc1912 period dress :icontitanicc1912:titanicc1912 3 0 Nikola Tesla by AdrianosArt Nikola Tesla :iconadrianosart:AdrianosArt 19 3 Robe inspiration coupe historique by LaPetiteLoutre Robe inspiration coupe historique :iconlapetiteloutre:LaPetiteLoutre 3 2 Black Neckruff by Morgan-Timblene Black Neckruff :iconmorgan-timblene:Morgan-Timblene 1 2 Fraise by LaPetiteLoutre Fraise :iconlapetiteloutre:LaPetiteLoutre 1 1 lucrezia's dress by AMeanGirl lucrezia's dress :iconameangirl:AMeanGirl 6 4 Marie Antoinette's robe de cour by AMeanGirl Marie Antoinette's robe de cour :iconameangirl:AMeanGirl 13 5
Hello everyone!

Lately we've been getting some very doubtful submissions and unfortunately had to decline a lot. In this journal you will find some helpful tips on how to get your deviation accepted and to shorten the period between submission and our accept/decline result.

1. Read our rules (you can find them on out homepage). We regularly receive deviations about, for instance, the 1950's. While these are usually very lovely, our group only accepts fashion from the beginning of time until the 1940's so we have to decline these submissions.

2. Make sure the clothing is historical. Just because it looks authentic, doesn't mean it is.

3. Let us show enough clothing. There have been some great costume pictures, but the upper half of the backside of a dress is not enough for us to accept.

4. Make the year/era of your deviation known. It's easiest for us if it's stated in the title of the deviation, but a good description can also get you a long way.

Hopefully these tips can help you. If your deviation expires or gets declined you can always ask us why. We're only human and make mistakes too, so if you can gives us proof of the historical authenticity or we discover the mistake was with us, your deviation can get accepted after all.

We look forward to your submissions!
:heart: HFLC
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