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La Adelita by RGPC
Disenchanted by RGPC
The Sharpest Lives by RGPC
Rabbia e Tarantella by RGPC
20th century
Relatively Relative 12 by JohnlockedDancer
Relatively Relative 8 (Stock) by JohnlockedDancer
Relatively Relative 9 (Stock) by JohnlockedDancer
Relatively Relative 10 (Stock) by JohnlockedDancer
19th century
Garibaldi by RGPC
Glory at Fort Wagner by RGPC
Gettysburg by RGPC
Old Dan Tucker by RGPC
18th century
Figaro (Largo Al Factotum) by RGPC
Jacobine by RGPC
Le Fusilier by RGPC
Chouans! by RGPC
17th century
Where is the horse and the rider? by Cyklopi
Lormet-Pirate-0004J-sml by Lormet-Images
Lormet-Renaissance-Joust-0379sml by Lormet-Images
Renaissance 1400s-1600
Warriors from the past by Cyklopi
Jeanne D'Arc by marinamaltes
15th Century Knight STOCK XIII by PhelanDavion
15th Century Knight STOCK X by PhelanDavion
Dark Ages and Medieval
Robber Knight by WojnaBoi
Koschei by RGPC
Norseman by WojnaBoi
Theodelina Regina by Lounabis
Ancient times
Kampilan by RGPC
Cavemen Paintings in Cave by Louisetheanimator
Caveman's Cave by Louisetheanimator
Cave in cliff by Louisetheanimator


This collection does not have any deviations yet!
NEW: You are now allowed to submit up to two posts a day, and the submissions will be automatically approved! No more voting! This change is because I do not get over here as often as I'd like to moderate; however, I will periodically be checking the galleries and if there is a lot of submissions being made that don't belong, I will remove them and send that user a warning. If said user continues to make inappropriate submissions, he/she will be banned from the group.


Ever want to draw a scene in a medieval-style fantasy world, but weren't sure what little details to add to make it seem real?

Ever been writing a story set in another time period, but didn't know what activities to have the characters do?

Ever spend hours poring through dA's stock galleries looking for the perfect dress for a photo-manipulation you were trying to create?

This group is designed to pool our collective resources so you can find exactly what you're looking for!

The gallery is broken up into folders devoted to different time periods, with a description in each to help you figure out where to put -- or where to find -- the period you're looking for.


For users:

:bulletred: Please do not use an image for a photo-manipulation unless the deviant uploaded it as stock OR you get the deviant's permission to do so.

:bulletred: Abide by individuals' rules regarding the using of stock photography; this means GIVE CREDIT when you use another person's resources.

:bulletred: Be respectful of those who contribute to our shared resources.

:bulletblue: Feel free to share the art you make with our references! You can add them to our features folder inside the gallery!

For contributors:

:bulletred: DO NOT submit things for which you have no right to post. This means: no scans of book pages unless they are over 100 years old and the copyright has run out; no stealing images from Wikipedia or other free-use websites such as GraphicsFairy; no posting images of art from libraries or museums unless you had permission to take photographs there and took the photographs yourself.

:bulletblue: Please use the proper folders for your resources. If you are not sure where something should go, feel free to send a note to TheBrassGlass and ask.

:bulletblue: Be sure to make your usage rules clear on the images themselves and provide as much detail as you can about what is being depicted and where. This is, after all, a historical references group!


Membership is open and you may submit up to five images a day to each of the gallery folders! :D Have fun!
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Not sure if this group is active anymore but for everyone who is reading this:

Our group will be focusing on quality traditional and digital art on historical military thematic. All periods will be treated equally. Even if Alternative History, Fantasy and Sci-Fi military isn't our main focus we can still make some exceptions. Pieces of this kind will have to present interesting thematic or background and elaborated composition and will be held to a higher standard of quality than usual.

We have everything sorted and organized from complex battle scenes, Units and characters, naval, terrestrial and aerial vehicles, architecture, equipment and weapons, flags and heraldry. Far east and Pre-Columbian America have their separate folders.
If you think it's something for you pls. join us! Join requests are automatically approved. 

Lormet-Images Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2017
Thank you very much for requesting 2 of my stock photos for the group, I really appreciate it! :)
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you know what i changed my mind maybe i shoul'd not put it here without my familie's consent. so yeah maybe some other time.
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can i add a picture of my great granparents here i mean the picture is not that much good quality but i'de love to honor there memory in placing them in a hystorical group.or is there some other place where i can put my grampa's picture in?or maybe do you think i shoul'd hold on to it for some other time.
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I don't see why not. :) What time period did they live in?
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they lived in 1912
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So they would go in the 20th century gallery folder. :)
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Thanks for the request!
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