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Historical-KDrama is a group dedicated to collecting, displaying, and encouraging fanart of Historical Korean Dramas here on deviantArt. All deviants are welcome, whether you are an artist, collector, loyal fan.

:bulletgreen:To join Historical-KDrama, click on the Join button. No note is required. All member requests are automatically accepted!

:bulletgreen:To submit an artwork into our galleries, you must be a member! All styles of quality pieces are accepted: digital, traditional or graphics! Add yours or find your favorite fanart from another artist!

:bulletgreen:We do NOT accept stolen art/thieves If you submit a deviation just put the sources if it's not yours .

:bulletgreen:Go to the Gallery and go into the specific folder in which you want to submit something.
Click the option Submit To This Gallery Alternatively, you can click on the option on the Home page, but don't forget to choose the appropriate folder in which you want to submit your work.

:bulletgreen:There are folders for specific categories. Please be sure to check them out in the gallery. There's a description in each folder that tells you what goes in there. Be sure to place your submission in the one that suits best. Only Television Series(because the group was created for television series), specified in the "Gallery".

:bulletgreen:If your submission gets declined, it's most likely because it's been submitted to the wrong folder/does not conform series concept. Please re-submit it in the proper one.

:bulletgreen:We'll affiliate with group/club that is related to Korean Culture: KDrama, Art.
If you have a related Asian Dramas or Korean actors/actresses related groups your welcome to join our widget affiliate system. (≧∇≦)/

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Gallery Folders

Soo Hairpin - Inktober 201807 by Hell-Odee
Hae Soo - Inktober 201802 by Hell-Odee
Hae Soo - Inktober 201801 by Hell-Odee
\^o^/ - Inktober 201817 by Hell-Odee
100 Days My Prince
Do Kyung soo Digital Painting by adelair
100 days my prince(K-drama) by nurismu620
Arang and the Magistrate
Lee Joon Gi as Kim Eun Oh by Greenday49
LJG - Wang So-line by amie689
Arang Bloody Kiss by kpearlescent88
Wizard Mu Young by kpearlescent88
Bridal Mask
Officer Lee Kang-to ACEO by AngieVX
Bridal Mask / Gaksital , Korean Drama by Hayoma
Bridal Mask / Gaksital , Korean Drama I by Hayoma
Chuno The Slave Hunters
Chuno by SilentSilverFang
In a Perfect World by RedSneakers
chuno by famoalmehairi
Dae Jang Geum
Jewel In the Palace by Maan11j
Dae Jang Geum by doraling12
Da Chang Jin by Kittymimi200
Digital Painting / Canvas by boyblankon
Dong Yi
The inspector Seo by zhaoliaoyuan
dong yi by tsonggoh
Dong Yi Fanart by AlineSuggy
Emperor Of The Sea
Yeom Moon by dolgwol
Gungbok by qratty
Empress Ki
Tal-Tal by kate-pessel
Ji Chang Wook by IIZitipandII
Inktober day 23 TalTal by Angel-no-Crux
Empress Ki by Brokenfangs
Faith The Great Doctor
Lee Min Ho in Faith by Greencat85
Flute Assassin by HammySan
Lee Min Ho in Faith by Greencat85
Faith ( Kdrama) by Soraessence
Prince Yul by zazamd
Grand Prince
Yoon Shi Yoon in Grand Prince by Greencat85
Gu Family Book
Kangchi by KaiLEECH
Lsj Gye Baek by artzey
Hong Gil Dong
Heo Yi Nok by Shigure92
Hwang Jin Yi
Hwang Jin Yi by suryjmz
Hwarang-The Beginning
Hwarang Fanart #1 by SummerHeart101
Lee Joon Gi as Yong by Greenday49
Dae Gil attack! by gumbeary
Ja Myung Go
JaMyungGo_banner by Panori
Jang Ok-Jung
Jang Ok Jung by VLimaS
Modern Korean Girls School Uniform by Glimja
Mirror of the witch
Mirror of the witch by Soraessence
Moonlight Drawn by Clouds
Jeokui by Glimja
My Girlfriend is a Gumiho
Kumiho by Seja-aka-Lita
Rooftop Prince
Park Yoo Chun in The Rooftop Prince by Greencat85
Ruler: Master of the mask
Ruler Master of the Mask INKTOBER 2017png by shalomdebbie
Saimdang, Light's Diary
45. Lee Gyum by miffttah
Scarlet Heart Ryeo
Yeon Hwa and Yo - Inktober 2018 by Hell-Odee
Scholar Who Walks the Night
Lee Joon Gi as Kim Sung Yeol 2 by Greenday49
Six Flying Dragons
Lee Ji Ran by akemizo
Shine or go Crazy
Shine or go Crazy by Soraessence
Splash Splash Love
Joseon Selfie by flhfan311
Sungkyunkwan Scandal
Park Yoo Chun in Sungkyunkwan Scandal 3 by Greencat85
Sword and Flower
Sword and Flower (Drawing effect) by Soraessence
Tamra,The Island
Tamra, The Island by Jeannelok
The Book of Three Han Jumong
Jumong by dolgwol
The Great Queen Seondeok
Hanbok Story 6 by Glimja
The Joseon Shooter
Yoon Kang 'The Gunman' by StarlessBlue
The King's Face
The Legend
The King by SnaiI
The Legend of the Blue Sea
Legend of The Blue Sea, Shim Chung by Minsyminsy
The King Loves
Moo Suk  [ The King Loves ] by Shilozart
The Moon Embracing The Sun
Waning Moon by mikuen-drops
Three Musketeers
Jo Mi-ryung by shalomdebbie
The Painter of the Wind
Moon Geun-Young in Painter of the Wind by MidnightRamenAttack
The Princess'Man
Lee Se-ryung by ilovewhatIdo06
The Return of Iljimae
Return of Iljimae by shalomdebbie
Time Slip Dr Jin
Heartfelt Prince by Rose-Kira-chan
Yi San
Damo Song-yeon by debbiechan by shalomdebbie
Yi Sun Shin
Admiral Yi Sun-sin by zhaoliaoyuan
You Who Came From The Stars
DESTINY by Apolar
Queen In Hyun's Man
Queen In-hyun's Man by IsisConstantine
Warrior Baek Dong Soo
A Hundred Times  by shalomdebbie
Korean Actors
Cinderella's Knight Kiss by Nihyo
Korean Actresses
YoonA 4 by raretak
Korean Culture
Yu Gwan-sun by Glimja


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If you have a group that has anything to do with Korean Culture, Asian Drama, Art, actors/actresses, please affiliate with us (◕‿◕✿)
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DoctorVeruct Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2023
Japanese and Mongolians might have been irresponsible jerks in of how they killed all males and impregnated all females but if it was not for such conquests Asia would have been like South America.  
DoctorVeruct Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2023
 Korean Costumes are identical to what Europeans wore during 16th to 17th centuries and European sailors of such a time described Shandong, Kamchatka, and Korea as "Land of Gigantics".
DoctorVeruct Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2023
What is important to realize is how Koreans are genetically part European of White Race or Caucasians to frustrate Altaics of both Mongolian and Japanese overlords similar to how Scotch of Scotland are part East Canadian American Indian tribe Eskimos to frustrate British overlords of London England.       

Both are highland hydroelectric regions essential for electrochemical industries.   

WillZona89 Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2022
thanks for having me join,I'm getting into K-Dramas on Netflix
akemizo Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much for the request! And the group is really cool^^
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