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The Big Adventure: Chapter Fourteen
Chapter Fourteen: The Epilogue.
"I have hydrate cream in the bathroom. Take some. Of course! Where is it, Neilos?"
"You’re not looking in the right cabinet." Prudence jumped violently and slammed her head on the top of the opening of the cabinet.
"It’s okay, it’s okay. I’m alright." Prudence exit her head form the cabinet as she rubbed it and looked at the door. "You scared me to death uncle Archie."
"Sorry! I didn’t think you were to jump at that point. Are you alright?" Archie asked, feeling sorry for Prudence.
"Yeah, I’m okay." She let out a Greek swearing. "It bang so hard. I have the impression to hear my heart."
"Get up slowly. Need some ice?" She shook her head as she rose up while she was holding the edge of the sink. "You’re looking for Neilos’ hydrate cream?"
"Yeah, but it’s not findable." Archie rolled his eyes and opened the cabinet next to the sink.
"You weren’t looking in the right place." Prudence thanked
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The Big Adventure: Chapter Thirteen
Chapter Thirteen: Months Later...
Archie was sitting on the couch in the living room, caressing the cat’s head lying on his laps.
"Calm and not just a little, right my beauty?" He received as an answer a meow. The front door opened and joy sounds came. Archie giggled. The cat stretched herself and went to lie up to the bookcase. ‘’Talk a little too fast. Hi kids!’’
"Hey, uncle Archie!" Neilos answered as he entered in the living room. The others followed him and Prudence sat with a sigh.
"Annoying?" Archie asked to the young girl. Prudence understood he was talking about her team members.
"No... Well, not more than usual." The kids were to protest. "JUST, my scar is itching since two days."
Some weeks earlier, Prudence saw back the doctor and she announced she needed to be operated for the cyst. It’s make one week she was operated.
"I have hydrate cream in the bathroom. Take some." Neilos told her. Luna sat next to her father.
"Hey, my beauty.
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Mature content
The Big Adventure: Chapter Eight :iconhoneygoddess57:HoneyGoddess57 1 3
Mature content
The Big Adventure: Chapter Seven :iconhoneygoddess57:HoneyGoddess57 1 3
Mature content
The Big Adventure: Chapter Six :iconhoneygoddess57:HoneyGoddess57 1 0
Angel Hermes by Aquaandria Angel Hermes :iconaquaandria:Aquaandria 4 7 Light of Hyrule II by zeldacw Light of Hyrule II :iconzeldacw:zeldacw 282 3
The Big Adventure: Chapter Five
Chapter Five: The Discovery.
Luna stopped, completely out of breath. Felicite got off her back and the young huntress leaned, her hands on her knees.
"Thanks for the ballad."
"You’re... you’re welcome. It... It’s still... far?"
"No, it’s close to the convenience store over there. You took back your breath?" Luna took a big breath.
"Yeah, yeah. No problem. Hey! There’s a guy lying at the store." Felicite looked carefully and saw her friend was right.
"Ah yes. Come on, maybe he saw something about Prudence." They went closer to the person by walking. When they were getting closer, Luna has a muffled scream. ‘’What? What’s going on?’’
"It’s a corpse over there!" Felicite jumped.
"A corpse? Are you sure?"
"Oh yes! Did you ever saw a man with the head blew up?" They ran to the guy. "Oh! Finally it’s a girl. I should have known with the col-"
Felicite screamed in surprise and fear, stopping dead in track. "It
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The Big Adventure: Chapter Four
Chapter Four: The Meeting.
Luna hung up and hugged Felicite. She was shaking and started to sweat.
"What did you feel?" Luna asked and Felicite took back her breath.
"Panic, Prudence’s. I don’t know what happen but that really scared her. I know where it was."
"Perfect! It’s far?"
"I’d say almost ten minutes in a car, direction west."
"Ok, get on my back." Felicite looked Luna, completely surprise.
"On... your back? Ah! I see, you want to go there in super speed." Luna nodded and Felicite got on her friend’s back. She stood up and ran as fast as an arrow.
Prudence woke up when she felt someone shaking her shoulder. She groaned and opened slowly her eyes. She saw Daniel’s face.
"Dan? Where are we?" He helped her to sit.
"Well, I can’t tell you. If I did, they’ll kill me. All I can tell you is it is the base of this gang. The boss’ office is closer." Prudence raised an eyebrow, didn’t expected an answer like that.
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The Big Adventure: Chapter Three
Chapter Three: The Realisation.
Prudence had her friend’s head sleeping on her shoulder. She seemed to want to wake up but was still kept in the claw of the sleep.
"I’m curious, omit the hit before and the pleasure party, what have you done to her?" Prudence asked to him.
"Took some drugs and maybe a little of alcohol." Prudence jumped. She understood now why her friend was like that, she wasn’t very good on the mix. She looked at Daniel who was in the other side of the van.
"And you let him drive like that? Are you crazy?"
"Don’t worry, it’s not the first time." Daniel’s words didn’t calm Prudence. She needed to earn some time.
"Why? Why did you kidnap us?" Daniel’s friend laughed his head off.
"Us? You just made me remember." Daniel jumped violently.
"NO! You promise you won’t do that."
"I don’t care about her." He stopped the van and get out. He opened the door and took Prudence’s friend. He slammed the
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The Big Adventure: Chapter Two
Chapter Two: The Call.
Archie was in the basement with the kids. He was leaning on the wall while the others were sitting on the floor. Felicite was in front of a desk and she placed a picture on it. It was a picture of Jay smiling. Next to the picture, it was a candle. She lighted it while the others were in silence.
"Happy birthday dad. Uncle Archie, you think he’ll be happy if he was still with us?" Archie went behind her as he wraps his arms protectively around her.
"Of course. You’re father would have loved it." He kissed the top of her head and he went to answer the phone.
"I miss him." Felicite said as she wiped her tears.
"We miss him too. He was awesome Uncle Jay. I’m not saying the others weren’t." Luc said as he quickly said the last part, his head inside his shoulders when he saw the gaze of his father. It was a mix of derisive and anger.
"Uncle Archie. It’s me." Archie smiled. He recognized the voice.
"Prudence. Where ar
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The Big Adventure: Chapter One
Chapter One: The Kidnapping.
Prudence was walking in the streets of the city with a friend, late at night. The stars in the sky were shinning. The two girls were closer to the seedy parts of the city. Prudence sighed, impatient.
"Okay, can you tell me where we’re going?"
"You’ll see Prue. It’s a pretty place." Prudence wasn’t sure at all; they were closer to the worst areas of the city. They went to a disused building, where two boys waited for them. Prudence stopped dead in track.
"Wait a sec. Please tell me it’s not a blind date. I already have a boyfriend." Prudence’s friend looked at her and smirked.
"Oh really? It’s funny, I never saw him."
"With reason. He’s ill-at-ease with people he doesn’t know." They went closer to the two boys. They looked like hooligan. One of them was up but the other was sitting. The one sit looked like sad, a little like a lost boy, but he looked less dangerous than his friend. The one who was
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Cronus, the Roman Emperor Titan by Linda-D Cronus, the Roman Emperor Titan :iconlinda-d:Linda-D 3 2 Karia and her Nephew by HoneyGoddess57 Karia and her Nephew :iconhoneygoddess57:HoneyGoddess57 1 1 Purple Dye by darkhalm7 Purple Dye :icondarkhalm7:darkhalm7 7 10


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Happy New Year 2017! I hope for you a better year since I heard for many people, 2016 was quite a bad year, especially for the lost of quite a lot of big people.
I wish for you health, success in school or work and happiness in your life.

May 2017 be a good year for all of you.


Artist | Varied
Quebec French language level NATIVE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Canada language 3 by Faeth-design… If you want to read some of the stories I wrote. I have other stories in my gallery. I didn't move them to, but I corrected them. Also, on the description of some drawings, there is a little story (better than a long description)

:bulletwhite: fav color: All type of yellow and brown

I hate scary movies (I may have nightmares and I'm panicing when I watch it). I love drawing on paper or on Photoshop.


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