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I've been waiting for the finished result and you didn't disappoint. The overall style of the piece is excellent and beautifully consis...

Upon inspecting this, I could only assume you've either/both a fan of the Worms video game and/or the Oddworld series. The design and t...

by bcnyArt

All too often in the Three Kingdoms, Zhou Yu, historically a genius with few equals, is presented as little more than Zhuge Liang's gre...

by bcnyArt

I have to say I'm impressed. I'm a big Three Kingdoms fan and I've seen gender-flipped Three Kingdoms stuff before but I like how serio...

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Purple Patch
Here we are. My OC Stand-In.
I tried to keep him as Non-Marty Stu as possible.
Canterlot Librarian and Historian, Purple Patch.

Growing up in Canterlot around the same time as Twilight Sparkle became Celestia' apprentice, Purple Patch got along well with the young unicorn.
Her precocious little dragon, however, was more of a handful. Spike's forgetfulness could often land him, or others, in quite the predicament.

Working at the Grand Academy (Which Princess Celestia's School For Gifted Unicorns is a prominent branch of), Purple Patch sometimes works as a lecturer in the finer points of Equestrian and world history.
Twilight Sparkle and Moondancer were probably the only ones that managed to stay awake during his lectures.

Purple's life's work is the unravelling of Equestria's deeper histories, buried long ago and hidden away in cryptic runes and passages that only highly advanced practices of all magics can uncover.
Working with his Farman friend, Wagensroll, and his cervine colleague, Dawnwind the Seer, they combine various lofty arts to unravel things previously thought lost to time.

The three historians worked chiefly in creating a system of contraptions that allows projections of the past to materialise in the modern day to better research and document details of history.
A small side-affect is that it's not fussy about what it shows and can often portray events best not put to paper such as the private lives of famous figures of history.
It seems ponies in those days weren't quite as modest as previously thought.
Lu Bu VS Xu Rong
After Dong Zhuo's death, his empire falls into a civil war. The rebels who killed him chiefly commanded by Lu Bu while his loyalists on the mainland are headed by the fearsome Xu Rong, the Wraith, who proves more than a match for his master's murderer.

Overrated VS Underrated.
Hope you like it.
A Blood-Moon Rises
A scary one. I don't quite know what brought this on.
Essentially, in my headcanon, there's a difference between a batpony and a vampony.
All batponies are possessed of a colossal thirst for nutrients. Batponies will hunger for any food available, fruit in particular. But when the thirst gets bad enough, they will hunt the blood of the living.
When the thirst is sated a moment, the batpony will look at what they've done, come to their senses and seek help, wishing nothing more than to be part of society once again.
But a vampony will like it. A vampony will choose the life of a monster, preying on their kind and dabbling in blood-magic.
And the greatest of Vampony magic is the summoning of a Blood-Moon. Under the Blood-Moon, vamponies will be at their most powerful as the night lasts for weeks on end and no star is seen in the sky and the rain looks and tastes of rust, scarring the skin. Ponies will no longer be their prey but their livestock. Nowhere will be safe from their gaze as the shadows bend to their will and a city as large as Canterlot would be theirs in a matter of days.

That is why Canterlot, and indeed Equestria, has its Slayers Guild brought over from Dunholm.
And the greatest of the Slayers are the House of Blades.



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The world we live in and the people in it aren't so bad in the end.
This page may shed some light on that fact.…


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Toby Spring
United Kingdom
I have just got into Arts University Bournemouth and am going to do Illustration.

You're a soldier alone on the battlefield. You look around and you hear slow, heavy footsteps, the hiss of a blade being drawn, a low growl and you see Shamoke striding towards you. What do you do? 

6 deviants said Stand and Fight
5 deviants said Say You're A Friend
4 deviants said Run Away
1 deviant said Something Else? (Please say in the comments)
No deviants said Surrender
No deviants said Soil Yourself


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The Burbank one is just dull! The narrator does more work than the animators and voice actors combined and yet even she is only slightly pulling her weight.
And one unfortunate implication I've noticed. The time period (For whatever reason) must be at least the early Victorian era and Mr Sorry Its Sunday (Turkington, I think they called him) said Mr Golly Gosh's ships were sunk off the Ivory Coast.
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