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I've been waiting for the finished result and you didn't disappoint. The overall style of the piece is excellent and beautifully consis...

Upon inspecting this, I could only assume you've either/both a fan of the Worms video game and/or the Oddworld series. The design and t...

by bcnyArt

All too often in the Three Kingdoms, Zhou Yu, historically a genius with few equals, is presented as little more than Zhuge Liang's gre...

by bcnyArt

I have to say I'm impressed. I'm a big Three Kingdoms fan and I've seen gender-flipped Three Kingdoms stuff before but I like how serio...

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Legendbringer Fanart: Fancyfleur Character Study
Here we are, one of my favourite ships in one of my favourite fics; Fancy Pants and Fleur de Lis.
Went all out on this one.

(Clockwise: Left) Old Friends For New Times
Fancy Pants and Fleur de Lis are a well-known couple in Canterlot involved with just about anything worth speaking of, not that they'll ever talk about it. Rumours purport of just what the two get up to but nothing is ever proven.
However, the oppression of the Equestrians under the Unicornicopians affects everypony and there are times not even Fancy and Fleur are immune.
Though they do their best to keep their spirits up for those around them. The first time they appear in the story proper is when congratulating Rarity on her future motherhood and talking of the current state of affairs, knowing that if they can trust anypony in the city, it is her.

(Top-Left) Office Romantics
Tabloids are rarely ever off the couple and will tell the most scandalous tales of both husband and wife's resentments and infidelities.
Yet this is a facade the two maintain to give them peace. In fact, the two could not be more devoted to one another.
Fancy and Fleur are 'active' to say the least in their liaisons. Even while Fancy is kept at his desk almost all day every day as one fo Grand Ruler's clerks (Meant to keep order between Equestria and Unicornicopia), Fleur often finds ways to surprise him and engage in their adventurous romantics whenever possible.
Whenever Fancy Pants claims his wife his 'exhausting', Grand Ruler assumes his marriage is not a happy one, regarding the pair as weak and contemptible. And it is this that allows the two to unravel his threads of influence

(Top-Centre) Nopony Suspects The Lily
Fleur de Lis's past is a mystery to all. Many assume she grew up in vice and corruption.
They're not entirely wrong. What they don't know is that said vice and corruption was something she combatted as a Special Equestrian Agent. One the Princesses rely on to this very day.
Spying on the secret meetings and plannings that Grand Ruler Celesto holds in his wife's absence, Fleur de Lis supplies the Umbra Circle with all the information they need to topple Starfleet's hold over Equestria.
Ironic in truth, one who is so skilled at being seen even more skilled at the opposite.

(Top-Right) Ravishing Rescuer
While Fleur De Lis supplies the Umbra Circle with information, her husband supplies them with funds.
Fancy Pants's famous altruism and generosity is known to all in Equestria, not to her mention his wife's expensive tastes, and so none take notice of a great reduction in his coffers.
Until Dr Kudos does some prying.
In the last few days of the coup, Grand Ruler hears of his clerk's clandestine activities and has him imprisoned and interrogated on the whereabouts and identities of the Umbra Circle.
Fancy Pants simply retorts that Celesto has no power over him or any other Equestrian and that justice is coming fast for him for all the suffering he's wrought upon the innocent.
Left at the mercy of Starfleet's torturers, Fancy Pants is saved in the nick of time by his beloved who makes her issue with Starfleet's methods well known there and then.

(Right) Proud Equestrians All
Fancy Pants is a stallion who has spent nearly his entire life serving Equestria, as a politician, entrepreneur and any other profession or position he's ever held. And Fleur, he would discover later in their relationship, has done much the same.
Stoic and stiff-upper-lipped as he is, it breaks his heart to see his home and fellow ponies subjugated as the age of humiliation grows ever darker, Celesto's tyranny turning Equestria into a dark shadow of its former self.
Yet when Conquest's horde encroaches upon Canterlot, Fancy Pants and Fleur de Lis take every opportunity to show both them and Celesto how the Equestrian Elite do battle.

(Bottom-Right) A Ward Without A Ward
When the smoke clears over Canterlot and Grand Ruler's doomsday scheme is thwarted, Fancy Pants and Fleur de Lis uncover a dark secret of the Ward family that the devious Rhymey belongs to.
An illegitimate daughter, Amberly Ward, born with a defective horn and wings and thereby scorned by her viciously supremacist family and now threatened with death as Rhymey seeks to make himself the sole heir of the Ward legacy.
Fleur having never been able to conceive, the two gladly take her in, treating her with more kindness and compassion she ever thought possible from living beings.

(Bottom) New Life After War's End
At the end of it all, Fleur is blessed with a miracle.
She grows heavy with foal and at last grants her family a baby filly.
Both parents are in tears of joy as their child takes her first look at the brave new world freed from the torments of the past.

I like to think she's Creme de la Creme from the Kilalaaaverse

(Bottom-Left) Bliss
Joining friends and comrades at the beach in the wake of the Equestrian liberation, Fleur de Lis and Fancy Pants relax in the bliss and contentment of family. Amberly is proud and happy to be a big sister and teaches their baby much as it grows.
And thus the Magic of Friendship makes the lives of Fancy Pants and Fleur de Lis complete.

Probably my first time drawing nude characters, even if nothing's shown.
I thought 'If Fleur gets naked, Fancy needs to get naked'.
Circumstances are different of course but hey, it worked for Casino Royale.
I based Amberly Ward off Kusano from Sekirei.
I have quite a lot of fun pulling expressions for Grand Ruler. He's not a very subtle individual, man-child that he is.

Hope you like it. Please let me know what you think. :)
Five Phoenix Generals
Finally did some more Three Kingdoms stuff.
Five of the most famous and decorated Generals of Wei.
(Clockwise from Top-Left)
Zhang Liao
Xu Huang
Yue Jin
Zhang He
Yu Jin

Description will follow but I think their appearance speaks for themselves for the most part.



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