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Mystic Messenger Zen

Here's more Mystic Messenger guys! With Zen <333 Get ready cause I'm gonna be posting lots of Mystic Messenger hahah :iconkakapoplz: 

This game really has a place in my heart tho. Been pretty depressive lately and this game has really cheered me up and brought me up. It was silly thing but the characters often remind me of things I would forget. Love all the characters a lot <333 

Anyways here's the lovely narcissist Zen! Hopefully I was able to capture a fraction of his godly beauty hahahah XD

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Very cute Zen! I love the colors! bunny emoji (lots of love!) 
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OOOH IT'S SO CUTE! I really love how you drew his hair >w<
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Thank you! His hair was fun to draw hahaha 
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image seprating?
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Er can do a black and white pic to one and flip back and forth?
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how to put two people in nightcore?
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Im not sure because I dont use nightcore?
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woah this is so good!!
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soo cute! :3
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Zen is my favorite, and I have imagined so many scenarios with this guy and EunKyung (a.k.a. my MC). I mean it, so. many. scenarios. I have less of a life than ever now thanks to this game. 
Your art depicted his cuteness beautifully, by the way. Then again, how could my precious Zenny baby not be cute? Neko Emoji-42 - (Kawaii Admiring) [V3] 
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lolol ikr it takes over your life 

Hngngn thank you ////A//// 

He always pretty no matter what LOL 
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Zen is indeed very hot 
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When life gives you hot guys...
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you jump at em 
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You make nosebleed lemonade!! Arichu Emoji- Nosebleed 
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Beautiful Zenny~:heart:
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