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Gallery Folders

Finaly alone by Kejlynda
School students love by SalamiCC
beautiful voice by Milady666
feather by eggsding
HxM - Artwork
[E21] Merry Christmas 2019! by UntappedChaos
HiruMamo by Yukarimas

Mature Content

Just tonight by Kejlynda
ES21 Nothing Beats Threes by AnonymousNavi
HxM - Fanfiction
HxM Comics
HxM - Page 1 by Yukarimas
Attraction - Page 1 by Yukarimas
A little secret Gift by P-Agirl
Hirumamo by Aramimi23
HxM Cosplay
Hiruma devises a cunning plan by MargoIIIa
Get ready to rock! by MargoIIIa
Laughing by MargoIIIa
Hiruma by MargoIIIa
HxM Group Activities
Character - Youichi Hiruma

Mature Content

Hiruma Youichi by Yukarimas
ES21 - Kid Hiruma Youichi by Yukarimas
ES21 - Hiruma Youichi by Yukarimas
YA-HA by JackSquash
Character - Mamori Anezaki
The Devil Bat Manager by SalamiCC
Mamori Anezaki by fleecyblue
Anezaki Mamori (Eyeshield 21) by Joeychicharito
Past Contests + Entries
Contest - TBA
Winter 2017
HxM Fireplace by ox-Honey-Bee-xo


The Captain and Managers listed below are not to be confused with the Captain and Manager of this document issued by the Deimon Bureau of Statistics and Preservation of Society.

We are a nice group of people that can be approached at any time with questions, comments or suggestions. So there's no need to worry about explosive outbursts or bullets raining down on you for any reason.

- Team Captain, Honey

People to be Appreciated in 2013!

:iconpockochi: :iconfrappuchii: :iconami-chaan: :icondarkdashy: :iconhermiko: :iconcherrytiger:

Thanks for helping me in my time of need. :heart:

Team Captain

Team Managers

Team Providers


Newest Members

Things to do for 2017

  • The Group's Avatar.
  • The Hiruma and Mamori journals.
  • The Galleries.
  • The Rules.
  • The Collection journals.
  • The Group Guide journal (and every journal it links to!).

  • A "Hirumamo Moments" journal.
  • A "Plot-bunny" journal.
  • A journal listing artists, writers and editors on tumblr who use the "Hirumamo" tag.
  • A journal dedicated to art and writing tutorials for artists and writers to have easy access to.
  • A journal for members taking commissions.
  • A folder for members to submit Hirumamo-related journal entries. DONE
  • A GIF tutorial for GIMP on how to make things like this.

Other Stuff:
  • Plan for scheduled chat sessions.
  • Schedule drawing and writing sessions.
  • Extend the HxM group to Tumblr to keep everyone there updated on contests, activities and events. Maybe make it an official sketch dump for Hirumamo fans. XD

Group Activities:
  • A Hiruma and Mamori Fanart/Fanfic Exchange for Hirumamo Day (July 13th).

Possible Project Plans:
  • A Hiruma and Mamori MEME.
  • A Hiruma and Mamori 12 month Calendar.
  • A Hiruma and Mamori visual novel.


Quarterback and Team Manager - a Hiruma & Mamori Community.
A livejournal community dedicated to Hiruma and Mamori - probably the very first site made for these two. It was created back in 2005! You must be logged in as a member of this community to see the hidden posts.

Hell Yeah! Hirumamo - A Hiruma & Mamori Content Blog.
Like all things Hirumamo? Then follow this tumblr blog to see everything there is to see of our favourite couple!

Coffee and Creampuffs - A Hiruma & Mamori Ask Blog.
Ever wanted to ask our favourite couple a question? Well, here's your chance! Don't expect a clear answer from these two all the time, though.


Angel Insight Demon
A Hiruma & Mamori Fanlisting.

A Mamori Anezaki Fanlisting.

From Zero to Hero
An Eyeshield 21 Fanlisting.

Kin Te ("Golden Hands")
A Yusuke Murata Fanlisting.

Eyeshield 21 Clubs

:iconhiruma-x-mamori-club: :iconhiruma-fans: :iconsena-x-suzuna:

Eyeshield 21 Groups

:iconyouichi-fans: :icones21-fc: :icones21-fanclub: :iconeyeshield-21-club:

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