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Konnichiwa! This group here serves the sole purpose of appreciating the crossover ship of Hiro Hamada (from Big Hero 6) and Peni Parker (from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse).

We welcome all who love this ship, whether it's romantic or platonic!

If you want to have a fun time here, then you must follow the group's rules before submitting art. Otherwise, your art will be removed from the group. Here are the rules:

1) This one is the obvious: NO BULLYING WHATSOEVER. We are here to talk about a ship, not being critical of whoever we are.

2) No stolen, traced, or recolored artworks! Do your own hard work! After all, your work might be the greatest thing anyone can see!

3) NSFW is not allowed. That means absolutely NO sexually explicit, suggestive, or gory/horror content. This group is family friendly, like the movies Hiro and Peni are in. Please only submit art that is to the standards of the targeted audience for the films. This also means that fetish art (sexual or not) is not allowed. Please DO NOT submit fetish art thinly veiled as innocent art. This includes (but not limited to) micro/macro, feet, tickling, vore, transformation, or any sort of fetish fixated on a nonsexual body part. Seriously, there are people who get repulsed at that kind of stuff, and you need to respect that.

4) No character bashing here! We all have characters we like and don't like, but this is not the place for it. If you're posting art that bashes the Hiro x Peni ship, why are you in here in the first place?

5) Have fun!

Group Folders:

Hiro: This is where pictures of Hiro by himself go.

Peni: This is where pictures of Peni by herself go.

Pairing: This is where pictures with both Hiro and Peni in it go.

Group Pics: Multiple characters which also include Hiro and/or Peni go here.

Comics: This is where comics with Hiro and/or Peni in them go.

Animations: GIFs and animations that have Hiro and/or Peni in them go here.

Literature: For all the writing, fanfictions, and such.

Other: Basically, if you don't know where to put your thing, put it in here. Don't use it as an excuse to be lazy, though!

If you support the Hiro x Peni ship, we would appreciate your help to keep this fandom thriving. Arigato!
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Well, everyone, it's the end of an era. It's been a good run, but nothing lasts forever.
Disney has announced Big Hero 6: The Series is officially coming to an end on February 15, 2021, just a day after Valentine's Day. They won't be renewing the show for a fourth season, which means that the third season will be the last. It's sad to see it get cancelled so soon, but I think the reason behind the show's cancellation was because of its poor scheduling, which also happened with the recently cancelled DuckTales reboot. They released a few episodes and then went on hiatus for months. Many of us fans have enjoyed watching the adventures of Hiro, Baymax, and the rest of the team, but the fun is over for now. I know it can be hard to say farewell to this amazing show, but we all have to let stuff go sometimes.
However, this doesn't mean we're saying goodbye to Big Hero 6 for good. A spinoff series called "Baymax!" is currently in the works and will be released on Disney+ next year. Hopefully, it will be just as enjoyable as Big Hero 6: The Series, and while Baymax is the main protagonist, maybe we'll see more of Hiro, GoGo, Wasabi, Honey Lemon, and Fred. But who knows? It's too bad I won't be able to see it when it premieres, though. I don't have an account for Disney+, because I heard that membership for the service costs a lot of money, and I don't want to waste my well-earned cash on a streaming service.
If you ask me, cancelling Big Hero 6: The Series might be a really big step. I mean, the show has so much to offer to viewers. Baymax is a fun and lovable character who teaches viewers about safety and healthcare, which is especially important, especially during these times with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The show also teaches viewers how to deal with their emotions and grief. Throughout the series, we see Hiro deal with the loss of his brother, and his friends help him move past his sadness and persevere. But most importantly, the series presents ideas that teach great lessons to viewers. It teaches them to help others, and that anyone can be a hero. As well as this, it can teach young viewers that school and learning can be fun, and that anyone, even girls, can be scientists. It also teaches viewers that it's okay to be different, because Hiro is smarter than most kids his age, but that's okay, and also, that having good friends is important. Overall, the series is very relatable to everyday life and the struggles of growing up.
Big Hero 6: The Series really stands out from other Disney Channel shows, and it would be great if it was brought back for at least one more season, because it would be beneficial for Disney. With the upcoming release of "Baymax!" on Disney+, the demand for more Big Hero 6 will be higher than ever. With the expected wild success, more people will likely begin to watch Big Hero 6: The Series as well. That's why I think it would be better for Disney to continue the series further. It would also be great for Disney because, as stated before, they could use the pandemic situation to create a season where they could use Baymax's health care programming to teach younger viewers about how to stay safe. In the process, they would also be preserving a piece of history that people will go back and watch for years to come.
Even if the show doesn't get another season and is cancelled for good, at least we could still write our own fanfictions to tie up some loose ends. Although I won't be able to watch it because the prices for subscriptions to Disney+ are a little too high, I still hope the "Baymax!" spin-off will do just as good as the original show, and maybe fill up some gaps that Big Hero 6: The Series left behind.
For now, it's time to say "sayonara" to Big Hero 6 and wish them luck with the spin-off. Their show might be over, but that doesn't mean their adventures have come to an end. Let's hope that we will see them return in the upcoming spin-off.
Be brave, stay strong, and don't forget, you guys are awesome!
Well, looks like winter's here! With the holidays just around the corner, I decided that it might be a good time to come up with some ideas for some Hiro x Peni art.
First, here's some potential winter ideas.
1: Hiro and Peni cuddling together in a blanket near a fireplace.
- Optionally, they could be doing a jigsaw puzzle together, either of Baymax and/or the Spider-Man symbol.
2: Hiro and Peni having a snowball fight.
3: A mistletoe above Hiro and Peni.
- Hiro and Peni could kiss each other on the lips, cheek, or forehead.
- Optionally, either Baymax or SP//dr could be hanging the mistletoe above Hiro and Peni.
4: Hiro and Peni enjoying cup noodles and/or hot cocoa together indoors.
5: Hiro and Peni ice skating on a frozen lake.
- Optionally, Baymax and SP//dr could be on the lake with their respective owners, maybe playing an epic robot version of ice hockey.
6: Hiro and Peni sledding, skiing and/or snowboarding down a snowy hill.
- Alternatively, Hiro could be skiing and Peni could be snowboarding, or the other way around, while Baymax and SP//dr can be seen sledding.
7: Hiro and Peni building snow sculptures.
- Optionally, they could be either regular snowmen or snow replicas of Baymax and SP//dr.
Note that Hiro and Peni can wear sweaters, jackets, or coats. Hiro's design will revolve around purple, red, and black colors (which are the colors of his superhero suit) while Peni's design will revolve around red and blue colors with spider (or spider web)-themed features.
Next, Christmas ideas.
1: Hiro and Peni exchange Christmas presents.
- If Hiro is giving the gift, Peni happily smiles with a lot of excitement while a few pink hearts surround her.
- If Peni is giving the gift, Hiro happily smiles and gives her a fist bump.
2: Peni winks at Hiro while blushing a bit, and pointing to a mistletoe above both of them. Hiro himself is blushing brightly.
- The second part is Peni giving a kiss to a blushed and surprised Hiro.
- Alternatively, Hiro could give Peni a kiss on the cheek, making her blush.
- Optionally, either Baymax or SP//dr could be the ones holding the mistletoe above Hiro and Peni.
3: Hiro and Peni enjoying cookies and milk indoors. The cookies are shaped like spiders and Baymax heads.
5: Hiro and Peni standing next to a decorated Christmas tree.
6: Hiro and Peni wrapping gifts. Optionally, Baymax could be included, and he may have gotten himself tied up on accident, and both Hiro and Peni are having a laugh about it.
And last but not least, here are a few New Year's ideas.
1: Hiro and Peni sitting down together and watching fireworks at night.
2: Hiro and Peni happily shooting fireworks together, probably with some help from Baymax and SP//dr.
3: Hiro and Peni attending a New Year festival in San Fransokyo that will be inspired by the New Year festivals in Japan.
- Optionally, they could be wearing traditional Japanese clothing (a yukata for Hiro and a kimono for Peni) which might have the same designs as their winter clothing mentioned above. For footwear, they can either wear their normal sneakers or a pair of white socks and geta sandals. Also, if optional, Peni could wear a sakura flower in her hair and Hiro could wear a blue ninja headband.
All in all, I hope these ideas can be inspiring to artists so not only can we bring in more Hiro x Peni art, but also prepare for the upcoming New Year.
As usual, tanoshinde!
Well, summer's coming to an end, and fall is on its way! It's time we put away the swimsuits, and get ready for cooler weather ahead! Need some fall-themed ideas for Hiro x Peni? May some of these spark some inspiration in your minds for you artists!
1:  Hiro and Peni taking a look at the different-colored leaves on the trees.
2:  Hiro and Peni jumping in piles of leaves, and laughing/giggling while laying on them.
- Alternatively, they are collecting leaves.
3:  Hiro and Peni explore a cornfield together.
4: Hiro and Peni are carving pumpkins.
- Hiro's pumpkin design is shaped like Baymax's head, while Peni's design is shaped like a spider.
5: Hiro and Peni go trick-or-treating together in cosplay.
Hiro's possible outfits can include the following:
- Miles Morales' Spider-Man suit (including the red Air Jordans, but minus the mask).
- Aladdin's Prince Ali outfit.
- Link's green tunic and hat.
- Edward Elric's outfit.
-The Mad Hatter's outfit (from Tim Burton's live-action remake of Alice in Wonderland).
- A male Vocaloid's outfit (either Kaito or Kagamine Len).
- Any male Pokemon Trainer's outfit.
- Any male Digimon Tamer's outfit.
- Any male Ghibli character's outfit.
Peni's possible outfits can include the following:
- GoGo Tomago's superhero suit.
- Honey Lemon's superhero suit.
- Princess Jasmine's outfit.
- Princess Zelda's pink dress.
- Winry Rockbell's outfit.
- Alice's blue dress (from Tim Burton's live-action remake of Alice in Wonderland).
- A female Vocaloid's outfit (either Hatsune Miku or Kagamine Rin)
- Any female Pokemon Trainer's outfit.
- Any female Digimon Tamer's outfit.
- Any female Ghibli character's outfit.
6:  Hiro and Peni having a small Thanksgiving dinner and are sitting close to each other. More characters may be needed (probably the other members of Big Hero 6 and/or the Spider-People). Hiro's Aunt Cass and/or Peni's Aunt May are most likely a choice.
7:  Hiro and Peni picking apples from trees.
8:  Hiro and Peni go bike-riding together.
9:  Hiro and Peni going on an outdoor adventure together, including a camping or hiking trip. -If camping, they may be next to their tent and enjoying a meal or sleeping if it's nighttime. -If hiking, they could be using their robot companions to help them climb a steep slope.
10: Hiro and Peni experiencing a windy day, and are comforting each other while in jackets.  
11: Hiro and Peni going for a hayride, probably with Baymax and SP//dr acting as the horses pulling the wagon.
12: Hiro and Peni building a bonfire, probably with the help of Baymax and SP//dr.
13: Hiro and Peni going birdwatching.
As usual, I'm still open to collaborating some ideas if you ever need it. We gotta do what we can to improve this group, after all.
Also, I've noticed the activity around is still low. I'm starting to worry that low activity and lack of communication around here might be a bit frustrating to the very few of us active. Hopefully we can find ways to not only get new members, but also make this group better, and the same for needing more art around here, especially in the "Pairing" category. But for now, I hope the new batch of ideas can inspire some artists looking around if they want to contribute. You can also contribute by looking around for good Hiro and/or Peni art and recommend them here. Don't forget to look up on how to identify what category each piece of art would fall under on the front. All in all, let's do our best to make this group a better place!
As usual, tanoshinde!
Sorry if it took so long. It's been kinda quiet for a while and honestly, it's difficult when not much is happening. Plus, it's kinda hard to come up with new ideas and I need to be inspired and look up potential activities that could be done for the seasons, especially with summer ending soon and fall coming to wrap the country in its chilly grip.
But when I learned that Big Hero 6: The Series is starting its third season next month and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is getting a sequel in two years (it was supposed to be released in April of this year, but it got rescheduled to October of 2022 due to the COVID-19 pandemic), I got inspired for some new ideas.
Here are the ideas I came up with to get everyone aboard the early hype train (well, at least for Season 3 of Big Hero 6: The Series):
  1. Hiro and Peni high five each other because they're very excited about Hiro's show getting a third season. If optional, Baymax and SP//dr could be giving each other a fist bump as they celebrate alongside their owners. Baymax could even say "Balalalala" like he usually does when giving a fist bump.
  2. Hiro and Peni take their robots for a ride through a city from one of their movies (either San Fransokyo or New York City). Hiro wears his super-suit as he flies on the back of Baymax (who is also wearing his super-suit) while Peni follows as she controls SP//dr.
  3. The members of Big Hero 6 and/or the Spider-People getting ready to battle with new never-before-seen villains or old ones they've met before.
  4. Hiro and Peni pose for a picture with the rest of Big Hero 6 and the Spider-People. Hiro has his arms crossed and looks like he's leaning against an invisible wall, while Peni winks and does a sideways peace sign over her left eye. Optionally, Baymax and SP//dr could pose with them. Baymax waves while Hiro leans against him and SP//dr stands beside Peni, doing the same pose as her.
  5. Hiro and Peni gaze in excitement at the announcement of Big Hero 6: The Series starting its third season in late September. Additionally, Peni hugs Hiro the same way Karmi hugged him in the episode "City of Monsters".
  6. Peni is disappointed because she has to wait for two years for her movie's sequel to be released, so Hiro comforts her, likely with a pat on the back or a simple hug.
  7. Hiro and Peni celebrate the good news of Hiro's show getting a third season with a share of boba tea (or something similar in the like) at the Lucky Cat Cafe.
  8. Hiro looks directly at his super-suit helmet, eager to put it on.
  9. Hiro helps Baymax put on his super-suit, preparing to set out on some new adventures with the rest of their team.
  10. Peni stands on top of SP//dr, looking excited to fight again.
Whatever the outcome is for Big Hero 6: The Series' upcoming third season and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2, you can still use these ideas in the future if you want. But anyways, it's safe to say that this fall will be a great time for Hiro and Peni. May this idea pack be inspiring to you in the meantime.
As usual, tanoshinde!
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