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Knight and princess

Knight and princess.
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Lovely, but I don't like her face. His face looks good though. I love romance stuff like this.
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This kinda reminds me of Final Fantasy 4. I've always kind of liked the whole fairy-tale aesthetic, especially when there's a hint of eastern stylisation.

One thing I would have liked to see in this picture would be, instead of the knight looking into the distance with a scowl on his face, if he were looking into the princess' eyes, giving her a smile and generally being reassuring. Kinda show off the softer side of this fighting man, showing that this noble damsel brings out the best in a man who would have simply been a war machine otherwise.

Just my thoughts. :P
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Your amazing artwork has been featured here!
[link] :heart:
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I wish I had a knight in shining armor like this.... This is very beautiful. I love the look on the knight's face, he seems so angry and protective. Makes my heart flutter... Lol. :p And the princess is so pretty. :)
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lovely!!! the knight and the princess they really looks like one
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ohmagod!!!!!!!! so...BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!
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Beautiful! Like from a fairy tale.
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Wow, really beautiful! *o*
I love this relationship <3
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Beautiful concept and colors. Reminds me a lot of art nouveau!
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