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Hey guys. Well, I have a good amount of money I need at the moment, my car's back tires need to be replace before I can move back to Melbourne, and the break fluid needs a change too. I'm also trying to raise money to cast Acoe so I can have a product sample before I actually start taking orders. Dad and I have designed the molds and it's looking pretty sweet. Only downside it that it's expensive.

So, to try and raise money and get my ass moving, i'm filling my faceup slots up. It's $60 a piece, plus shipping ($26 for registered, or airmail with tracking (that service is only available to the US and UK though) and EMS is $56. Domestic is about $7-$8 for registered or express)

I also know that this is a shit, but I am also reserving two months to finish them. I'm hoping it won't take that long, but it's actually getting out to ship things where lies the problem, plus I have a move in between.) So you'll have to be ready to wait, at most, that long. About six weeks, give or take? Sry ;0;

I'm opening three slots, maybe four. It's a bit rainy at the moment and I have two other faceups I need to get done, so I figure five is a good number.)

I will paint recasts but only if you declare they are recasts to me first.
I do cute and feminine, dark and gothy, and I have a thing for freckles. Faceup MUST be remove beforehand, i don't have the energy. I don't do masculine very well, if that makes sense, and I don't do plain ol' natural. All of my dolls (except Hayden) are painted by me, so if you want take a squiz through my gallery. I am happy to copy anything I've done on my dolls, it won't be perfect but I'm okay with that. So long as you don't name them the same and have the same wig and eyes and start calling yourself Aeryn, I mean.

You must also respect my style and artistic integrity. Don't send me a doll if you want it painted like someone else's faceups, I don't like being an option because I'm the only option. Send me a doll if you want me to paint it in my style. I like a lot of room too, but i'm pretty flexible these days. the more control I have, the better the faceup will be.

I use MSC UV cut to seal, schminke pastels, game colour paints, and derwent water colour pencils. I do faceups with pencils, so if you don't like that either, again, I'm not your guy, guy! XD

First in, first served. I'm making up a form right now, and I'll send it over to you as well as my paypal address. IF you are willing to wait longer than 2 months, let me know, as I can fill more slots if I don't have to worry. The less pressure, the quicker I get things done. I.e, it likely won't be two months. Two dolls counts as one slot, any more than two and it's two slots. If that makes sense. You can send as many dolls as you want, provided you are willing to wait.

Due to past experiences I feel like i have to include this: I do not charge PP fees, and payments must not be 'personal', or you don't have any of the protection paypal offers should something go wrong, my fault or not.

I am very forgetful. it is a side effect of my combined medications (clinical, meaning it's not just me being shit, I forget entire conversations) If you have not heard from me in a while, just give me a little poke and i will certainly reply with news. Though, I give my word if anything happens, I never abandon my buyers, so don't worry. Problems are just problems, and can be fixed, and they will be dealt with in a friendly manner, I don't do well with threats or insults. I deal with things maturely, and I expect/demand the same in return. So please remember to be polite. you may be paying me, but I'm also painting for you - this gives neither of us entitlement over the other. Okay? Cool.

EMAIL me at hiritai at gmail.com if you are interested. Payment is due when you email me,, and the heads have to be able to be sent out ASAP, or within August. Email me AFTER you have read the above. Please ;0;  

Thanks guys, and i hope some of you can finally get the faceups you keep poking me for XD
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I do have a doll in need of a faceup but sadly I don't have the funds for it at the moment, if you still have slots open by the end of the month, by the time I get my next paycheck, then I'll send an email to see if any slots are still available. If not, then hopefully you'll be offering faceups again sometime.

You're faceups are some of my favorite in the hobby and my girlfriend and I actually had a conversation the other day wishing you would offer them up for commission. :B
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I wish you luck! Im saving money for a ball-jointed doll atm, but definitely in the future if you open faceups again I'm sending you a doll! ^_^ Good luck, I hope everything works out for you!
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I would love to get my girl done by you if I could scramble up the funds etc >< she recently had a face 'accident' (i modded her face-up and when I tried to add lashes, everything went downhill from there)

My only concern is that I am trying to save for a down-payment on an Iplehouse E.I.D Jessica, so my options are limited. But, because I plan on getting her blank and would like to get her in by November... I might have her for you to do when you next ish open your slots again.

But if you wouldn't mind answering a question in the meantime... What is a good substitute for Windsor and Newton to clean off original un-sealed face-ups? (resinsoul does not base-seal their face-ups ><)
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Can I ship myself over and you can teach me how to be awesome ;D haha.
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Could you maaaaaaaaaaaaybe do Dominic? You know you love him~~~

Also, your email HATES me ;_;
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And yeah, sure! I LIKE RYUS. You can maybe even bring him over and I can show you how to face a doll and all sorts of scary stuff. Are you going to the modding thing Nu is having? Maybe we could do him all pretty there.

ANYWAY. I'll email you all this, and hopefully find your emails in my spam somewhere. Stupid gmail thinks everything from hotmail or aol i spam.

shadows-door's avatar

And Nu? whut? ;_; I don't know anything about it.
And really?! I COULD SOOOO DO THAT! I'm in Adelaide till Sunday soooooo I'm free everyday pretty much (I should pack and clean tomorrow though^^")
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my doll head isn't even here yet :c maybe at some point in the future when i actually have a doll. and money lol :v
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Aww... I have three dolls ready to ship to me right now, but I know for sure that they won't get here by the end of August. I would of absolutely loved a faceup by you though. Maybe if they open up again in the future~

Anyways, I really hope you get the money for your car and sculpt, and I hope you have a save move! :)
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*plots to hunt down her blank dolls and hopes you'll still be open when she finds them*
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You're moving away from Adelaide again? Sadness, it was good having you here. ;_;
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I'd want one!
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Good luck! I'd commission you but I kind of don't even have a doll haha (this is 2orry from tumblr)
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Ugh, I wish Mint on Card didn't have to shut down to move or I'd have a DC Colin to ship to you!
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