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you disappoint me
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I don't appreciate Vin every day and I don't take many photos of him. A lot of people may think that means I don't like him. But no, Vin is special. Maybe I like to keep him as that enigma, I don't know.

I don't get things for Vin often, either... (read; he's had the same outfit for over a year, nearly two) He becomes something a bit more epic with this coat. Makes him what he's supposed to be.

Despite his imposing appearence, he's actually a very kind and genuine guy. Vin isn't a mean person - but that doesn't mean he can't be. Who put the Vin in Vindictive? Don't mess with him and he won't mess with you.


Vin is a CP Dreaming Moon mod from [link]

Please read my FAQ before asking any questions! Thanks for looking <3
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Perhaps he's fine the way he is? He doesn't need things, he doesn't need many photographs.

Maybe it's just the quiet presence of having him there?

I just placed my order for a Dreaming Moon. After 3 years I finally have the money!
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Huu, I got chills :snowing: 'cause of love for this picture and for the mood in this picture and... In short: for all of it. :heart:
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xxxkuda-gitsune's avatar
I'm sorry I have to say this but....

"Yes. My Lord-o."

For anyone who knows what this is, doesn't he just fit
Sebastian PERFECTLY!!!
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preciousdelicate's avatar
It's not like he needs other clothes. He already looks beautiful in what he's wearing. I totally understand what you mean (even if I don't collect dolls).

Besides, I like how there's mystery when you see him.

Although, I would like to see a suit and his hair slicked back. Well, let's see what happens. ;)
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disorientation's avatar
Very nice shot! <3 You have such lovely dolls and you're a great photographer.
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kimiosiki's avatar
You buy dolls and dress them up and give them names and personalities? I'm really curious.
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SapphireNoRyuu's avatar
What a cutie and his eyes are scarily piercing. Beautiful.
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ThisIsARock's avatar
Aw, it's nice to see him again =3
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kaizoku-sensei's avatar
I love the way his eyes stand out! :3
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MFFYthegreat's avatar
I saw this in my preview box and the picture was so small that I couldn't see it too well, but I thought, "OMG someone finally created a Robert Smith doll!!!!!" Even if it's not Smith, it's still damn gorgeous (better than Smith...). Very nice jacket, btw.
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0.0 -wants his eyes and jacket- -bows to his obvious marvellousness-
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nejilover1601|Hobbyist Photographer
The mystery of Vin... Has a real nice ring to it. lol
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sweet-euphoria31's avatar
vin is my favorite doll ever, ever, eveeeer!! :date:
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hayakatsu|Student General Artist
now if he aint sex on a popsicle stick i don't know who is... hot DAMN!!

ok maybe i do know who is... but hayden beats everyone outta the water IMO. lol^^
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Mahou-Koneko's avatar
It is as you said. Vin + awesome coat (almost typed cat....) = epic. Love it! And his expression.... it's kinda a smirk crossed with a "now... what have I said we do with morons?" kind of look... kind of like he's contemplating throwing me to a hoard of pidgeons after having my pockets stuffed full of breadcrumbs... as to where that came from, I'll never know...

Awesome photo, I love seeing Vin =) :+fav:
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*flails* XD
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Ninbi|Hobbyist General Artist
i love this picture, you can really see the disapointment in his eye's. (L)
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Vin gives off that.....umm....... "Lord-y" aura.... Like he is saying... "You fail...? You die...."

I love it!
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pandafoot105|Professional Traditional Artist
It's good that he gets to look epic :) I guess when you've been alive for a zillion years, you deserve it bigtime.
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xXDanaMarieXx's avatar
wow :P
imagine if people had natural eyes like these :D
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R727's avatar
Vin~ that coat, he is rocking it. I've actually come to appreciate that there aren't many pictures of him -- makes me love the few that we do get that much more. ^^ :heart:
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Danielle-chan|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, he looks really pretty, I love his eyes.
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There's something really, really captivating about Vin. It's, like-- all your dolls have expressions and emotions and just, overall, a sort of DEPTH to them. But I really think that Vin is the deepest of them all. A true enigma. And I really think that this might be my favorite photo of him so far. :heart:
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