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Mine is dolls

My ID for however long. Hachi is like a cat. PLAY WITH ME. TAKE PHOTOS OF ME. LOVE MEEEEEEE. AERYN-SAMAAAAAA.

Or something. I think she's back to being my favourite, now that she's on the minifee body. Gives her so much more dynamic.

I also wanted to show off my hair. I've been wanting this shade for years, and now I know how to get it easily. Pink over ash blonde! DERRRR. Plus my roots are red, and that means it's 10x coolerer.
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That is one gorgeous girl, oh and you're ok to I guess (loljkiluffyoudon'thurtme)
BJDGirl's avatar
LOL,great photo,your both adorable!
And your hair is awesome!<3
onnawufei's avatar
I like this photo. It has personality. Or... it shows personality. Whatever.

Also your hand looks a lot like mine when I paint my nails.
Gee-Nius's avatar
Loving all the paint on your hand :P Fucking artists...
AcheronHades's avatar
This is a really nice ID, good outfit and hair! You're really pretty *__*
AineElven's avatar
sassafrased's avatar
This is an awesome ID, I love it!
katryder's avatar
What an awesome photo! :D
KyaaraBJD's avatar
I just love photos of dolls with their owner, and this one is just too awesome.
Your hair color is soooo cool.
I have that mouse too! I use it at work. I don't bring dolls there with me though. :3
hiritai's avatar
I love it for the buttons *-* My bird has chewed through the scroll-wheel in parts though, so it's a bit lumpy. I'd get a new one, but she'd manage to chew that one up to. She's so quick x.x
karaiina's avatar
YOUR HAIR. The color omfg it's beyond gorgeous fjasl;dfkjdas;flksdjfs I really like that shade ;____; How is that possible? It looks so cool!

Hachi looks like she's drowning. xD
hiritai's avatar
"Halp, thighs... suffocating... hachi... dying..." XDD

And YESSS OMG I LOVE IT. My hair was ash blonde, so like, really light, like this: [link] but lighter, and I painted the roots this dark copper red, and then a few days later I thought of putting a diluted pink dye over it (diluted with conditioner to whatever shade you like, and then if that's too pink, wash your hair as you wash the dye out)

But ugh, ever since I saw it on a doll wig site, mistybrown or something it was called. Yeah *-*
karaiina's avatar
XD She's really cute even when she's dying. <3

OMG IT'S REALLY NICE, is it like, painting the hair with photoshop on a new layer and lowering the opacity? ahahahah
FallMoonlitRose's avatar
This is just adorable! All around just adorable! And I love your hair!! ^.^
Also, still loving the name Hachi. :heart:
SansNoir's avatar
Great devID. :D Dunno which looks nicer the person or the doll. :P
prophetek's avatar
I like dolls and other things too! :D
You should come live at my house or something.
Chauu's avatar
I want to do something like this for my Facebook. I feel like I am hiding in a Dolly closet and I want to come out so bad.
ravenaudron's avatar
She kinda looks like she's reaching up for help. "She's got me trapped! Help meeeee!" XD
manda-j-panda's avatar
Hehe I love this photo! It's cute and fun ^^
my-name-is-totoro's avatar
More beautiful dolls :) Yay~
ryueki's avatar
Lovely person + Lovely doll. :'D
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