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(FYI The characters I talk about here are from my story Purple Skies, the first ... three? chapters are in my gallery if you are curious :) )

After trying to change her lip colour I messed up Anna's faceup and then decided to mod the head and give it a different character. I just wasn't getting Anna from it, it wasn't dainty enough. After all was said and done, I knew it was Bray. Which is weird, because Anna is Bray's girlfriend. lollll. Here he was before: [link] which is gorgeous, but i really love him like this. He fits.

Bray is a prodigy when it comes to painting. There are probably less than 5 people on the planet who can paint as well as he can. However, Bray has such low self esteem that most of his masterpieces end up burned or torn up. He's very self destructive and is probably the character closest to insanity. His dependence on his girlfriend, Anna, leaves him lost when they are separated. He pretty much goes insane trying to find her, and ends up commited... even if his cray tale is actually true >.> He's shyt but charismatic, and a gentle, sensitive person... who loves dogs.

His eyes have been opened from the bottom to slant less, the lips have been shaped, the nose sanded down, and the chin slightly shaved to be a bit broader. These aren't his eyes, but I can't be bother trying to fight the cold to take more recent shots.


I'm selling Bray's old Ryoya Konoe head for $250. Cheap because the old owner (I got him from Y!J for the same price) lost his headcap (yeah I dunno wtf). I got past it by stuffing his head with fabric or a plastic bag or two, and tapping it in the shape needed. Pretty easy XD Just let me know if you're interested.

Bray - IH Cherie mod (boy)
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JohnlockedDancer's avatar
Beautiful shot! Looks very human :)
vladimirsprincess's avatar
omg i love his wig where did you get it its so perfect!!
Feather3111's avatar
I love all the detail you can see and the darker colors. This is great!
Phoenixofdarkness62's avatar
He definitely reminds me of a moody artist. Great work. :)
tinaxcore's avatar
He's so pretty with those freckles and hair..
Gee-Nius's avatar
Ahhhh, he's so cute!! His eyes look amazing in this shot, so realistic :3 You're really addicted to freckles, aren't ya? :P
Kshsha's avatar
Hiritai, I love your gallery. Really. You are cool.
Mareepu's avatar
So I've always been a big fan of your work, but I've had nothing interesting to say for it, so I kept to myself.

... Yeah, this guy right here, as of now, he's my favourite doll. What I like the most is the sad, almost manic look in his gaze, as if he's looking at one of his pieces with that ever-critical eye, and wavering between different methods of destruction. ❤

Being that, after spending my first year in art school, my self-esteem is rivaling his, his story speaks to me for miles. Great job, you! (Also your freckle work is amazing.)
A-asuka's avatar
sooo beautiful! have you got my note? ^^
1tm's avatar
Say what you want, but she is she, not male.. ._.
Mahou-Koneko's avatar
I love his faceup....
ThePlanetofLemoria's avatar
That is such a cool piece of work!!!
null-unit001's avatar
hiritai's avatar
I guess technically it's a doll lol.
null-unit001's avatar
i guess you can say thats boy, i had a friend from bosnia and he looked lika girl so, but a MAN would nert o_O
hiritai's avatar
Well, I don't mean to skew your ideals of male and female, but there are plenty of men and women who look quite unlike the gender 'ideals'. It's a huge world, and people never run out of ways to surprise you.

I would also like to remind you that it's a doll, my doll lol, and I can say what i'd like :)
MySweetQueen-Dolls's avatar
I love you for that comment :heart:
null-unit001's avatar
lol ok but dont forget people have opinions, its sole purpose why you posted your photo no? if people didnt criticize then i would not be worthy for awesome piece of your art
Hyroar's avatar
I am shocked too..
MySweetQueen-Dolls's avatar
shocked? why? 0_0 he is a handsome male doll
Hyroar's avatar
Yep, but I think it looks 90% like a girl, too. I know, even manga (and I like to read them) show male characters with a female touch sometimes, but sometimes it's jsut a bit weird. ^^ Don't understand me wrong, your dolls and pictures look great!
MySweetQueen-Dolls's avatar
BJDs always have a femenine touch, that's why they are so beautiful :D
but this photo isn't mine, I just commented here to "defend" the doll because I love this person's work :D glad to know you are a manga lover :)
Hyroar's avatar
Oh okay, didn't checked whose picture it was. xD Okay, now I know. thx. ;)
Hehe, I'm glad too.
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