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I'm going to copy and post this from Flickr, it pretty much sums up the idea. Her face is nowhere near finished, so don't see this as the find thing. She's covered in lines now, I'm trying to make her more symetrical. But I'm getting there. Need to get my hands on some ladoll, but I'm so broke lol. She's made out of a cheap paperclay, but after her face it down I intend to make an impression and fill it with dental resin, or apoxie of I can get a hold of some. Dad is helping me a lot, but he did say she looked very cavemanish. I told him it's a doll thing. I don't want her to look like a real person at all XD


So I don't have a job, and I figured I may as well try and put a really big amount effort into something that I can treasure forever, and that I can hold and be reminded of even the smallest amount of achievement in a tough time.

I'm really not an artist. Before BJDs I didn't draw much or paint at all... or sculpt. I guess I've always had a perfectionists eye though, and when I do something I like to do it 100% as best as I can do it. About 80% of practical application is in my head. If I see something being done, I can do it pretty well. So long as it's not dancing.

I thought I'd share these pics because to hell with that crazy perfectionist eyeball, and yay to my other eye - the lover of all things even remotely cute and pretty!

I'm really happy with how this girl is turning out. I've named her 'Koa' which is the name I am also saving for a daughter if I ever have one. She's just a face atm, still needs a head, and a body. She'll be 40-50cm tall, and eventually cast in resin, and porcelain when I can get the know-how. I dunno if I'll sell her, depends how it goes and if there's any interest. At the very least I doubt I'll sell a porcelain version. That one is for me :P

I learned to draw from Lilo and Stich, and Atlantis - my two very favourite Disney movies (of all time I mean, momentarily it changes lol) and I've carried an odd style between the two lol. She looks a bit like a Koa, I didn't sculpt the bits intending to name her that, but now I've picked it, it fits.

Anyway, nowhere near finished!! I've already begun to work on the symmetry issues and her face isn't filled out at all LOL. Nowhere x.x This is a few hours work, I still need to do blueprints for her body and work out what clay I'll use. This is cheap, crappy dollar store paperclay.

Hope you like her! ;0;
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I love the way you do lips
Phoenixofdarkness62's avatar
Everyone has already said what I wanted to say, but I'll still say it anyway. She honestly looks pretty good for cheap crappy dollar store paper clay. I think it's amazing that you're so into your hobby that you can try sculpting an entire doll on your own. I've never considered myself that passionate about something, but one day it'll happen. I'd love to see more shots of Koa as you go. I'm sure she's going to be one special lady once she's completed. :)
Soulsilk's avatar
Wow this is really cool, great job. I can't wait to see more!
tinaxcore's avatar
I'd totally want to buy one if you decide to cast more than one, she's already gorgeous.. Those lips, daaaamn!
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World-Inside-Me's avatar
This looks absolutely superb so far! :love:
Ookami-chan03's avatar
Looking great so far. I love the lips and the little indent above the lips (which I've seen done great as well as looking like someone just took a chisel to the doll's face). Nose is great to. Everything just looks really good right now. Can't wait to see the finished product.

And I can totally relate to needing to hold on to every bit of achievement during a rough patch. Hope things get better and I hope Koa turns out just how you picture her.
wakhaa's avatar
hope i can make it too.. so pretty!
SunlitDreams's avatar
I love her lips!
meguuun's avatar
tbh i have gotten out of the dollfie fandom for quite some time but i've started watching you a few years back on my old account and you'll always be on my follow forever list because i just really admire your passion in the things you do and seeing you happy and doing what you like makes me happy even though i don't know you at all. i've been following you here on this account as well for goodness how long, i just wanted to say that now lol. ok everything seems creepy now after i typed it out. gonna hit Add Comment before i chicken out.

probably should have posted this on your wall instead but it was your description here that made me wanna type this? oh god.
ThisLazyPanda's avatar
Her lips are amazing <3
Gee-Nius's avatar
Wowww, her lips are amazing. For someone who doesn't call themselves and artist, you're doing and amazing job Aeryn!! Please keep us posted :D
Numen-XIV's avatar
Awww....I'm makign my own head this days too (lol), I love the lips!! <3
lajvio's avatar
Oh this sounds so interesting! :D
I'm not good at sculpting at all... and not a good drawing artist neither. But it would be fun to follow your progress with this little critter. My friend is making her own doll as well and it's a very interesting progress :D
Serendipiddy's avatar
Those lips are gorgeous!!!
Was going to try and make a bjd myself.. but i only had a barbie as a model to go by..
The process fascinates me, so i'll be keeping an on this ;)
dragon-flames's avatar
i love the lips and nose very cute. I'm about to start on making me another BJD i'm using a clay called Living Doll its a sculpty clay that you bake. you gave me an idea to mark my progress by taking photos of it. i wish you luck on making your dolly. :D
FallMoonlitRose's avatar
Omg Atlantis (I was totally thinking how I really want to watch that earlier today)!!
Anyways, this is really good, for someone who never really sclupted. Like, really really good! I am excited to see the progress of how she turns out!!
Also, I love that name.. Koa. :heart:
DisneyFanJulia's avatar
Oooh I would love to see the progress of this :D
I really want to make doll one day <3
right now, I'm getting supplies to make my first plushie :3

nice so far :)
sdrcow's avatar
The lips have turned out wonderful, you seem to be doing a great job. I've try a bit of 'sculpting' and such, and it's no where near as easy as it looks! Anyhoo, I'll be excited to see the progress, thanks for sharing here on DA. :]
Azzie4's avatar
she's really pretty so far! even if she's barely made :D
child-of-aros's avatar
those are lips i could kiss....i think she looks great and not at all caveman...
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