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Merida isn't named after Merida from Brave. It was going to be Meredith, but ~Half-Jak has a sister called that and so to avoid weirdness I thought Merida, after my babysitter as a kid (mum later told me her name was Nerida. Close enough)

But it fits. The red hair is incredibly perfect, and the amber eyes complete this fiery sort of colour theme. She's gorgeous, and I can't wait for her to have her body back from Anouk lol. This week yay!

Anyway dudes - take care! ;3 Thanks for looking!

Merida is a MNF rheia from [link]
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Her freckles are so life-like and amazing! 
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This is actually kinda freaking me out...but impressive...
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She is gorgeous... OH I love freckles. ;.;
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I could not live with this doll in my house. She is kinda frightening, like she might kill me or something....
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What r these dolls called and were did u get them!!!!
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That wig is fantastic!!! Where did you get it?!! :D
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OHMIGOSH. This picture is amazing. :iconflipoutplz:
I love it. You did an amazing job.

Haha, such a coincidence that she looks just like Merida and that;s her name. :XD:
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Love the freckles
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Merida looks so excellently gorgeous! :D
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Those freckles! They're so cute. > U <
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Cool photo.
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Rofl you did not, not name her because of my whore of a sister!!! She could still be Meredith<3. I luffs her.
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IT WOULD BE CONFUSING. And slightly weirddd. Besides, I told you that I liked Merida better after I thought of it anyway X3

I luffs her too, thankyou dearest <3
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Like everyone else, I love the freckles. How is she made? Are the features sculpted or molded? Did you make the wig, paint the face, place the lashes?
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It's called a Ball Jointed Doll, see here: [link] (skimming through it though, the bit about resin not being plastic isn't true, it's a plastic, it's also easily cast these days with injection molding and the bigger companies now have multiple factories, the FAQ is quite outdated but also very informative)
I bought the nude doll, painted her, added the lashes (you can get doll lashes which are finer, and I layer them to get a more realistic look. Sometimes I use human fake lashes, mostly for a mascara-like look) The wig is tibetan mohair that has been specially dyed by a company in china, they're actually a very common kind of wig used.

Anyway, dolls ranger from $150 to $700 in the basic sort of region these days too btw. It's a very rewarding hobby.
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Thanks for following up with the info! :)
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this might not be the answer you're looking for, but i guess i could give some clarity if she doesn't answer back.
from the look of this doll, it looks like the head is a standard purchase, along with the eyes, the lashes could either be purchased, or in some cases, i've seen them hand made from false eyelashes you can buy in stores. the wig looks like it was bought and modified, or teased to fluff.

the freckles, and the rest of the basic facial features are painted on either using acrylics or pastel chalk (i don't know the right terminology. ;A; )

then the dolls features are sealed.

i hope this answered a bit of what you're looking for if the artist doesn't respond. :)
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Sweet, so I could build my own doll out of parts and custom paint? How expensive is this hobby? :plotting:
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[link] here's a website that sells some i believe. :)
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