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A face with a face

So I resculpted Acoe's features, and she's primed and needs a few more sand-and-coat sessions, but I'm happy with her for now. I did a silly little mockup of a face, and I think she's going to look super cute. I'm so proud of her and I only hope that I can finish her. I want one!! XD

To avoid confusion, the grey is not the skin colour but the primer I spray on to fill in scratches and smooth the surface. I use a car surface primer spray (an acrylic one, easy to find at a car store, you're looking for surface primer. Just don't get spray on putty, too thick lol. I also recommend getting a hobby primer too, just for the last few coats. I like Mr Surfacer.)

I've also decided to change the size of her body. She was going to be about 35cm, but I think she'll end up being just a really skinny MSD, at around 40-45cm. She'll have yosd sized feet but I'm thinking of either MSD sized feet too, so that she can wear all sorts of shoes. When she was to be a tiny she would have come with yosd and pullip/momoko sized shoes, but I think the latter would be too small if if she was going to be taller.

She has a 5-6inch head and she's closer the 5 than 6 so she might even wear 4-5 stretchy wigs. She's going to have a long, thin torso, but won't look as though she hasn't eaten. She'll look like it's her body type. and she'll have a cute tummy with obvious hips. Acoe (this face mold's name) will also come with the option of being a boy - he can come with a flat chest and a boy torso, or a flat chest and a girl torso, or a large chest and a girl torso... or a boy tosro if you want, I'm happy to cast whatever, considering the pieces will be separate. The limbs will be the same on the boy and girl, and both should come with open hands, and fist hands, and maybe sleeping/relaxed hands, as I hope to do a sleeping face. I'm also thinking about a dreaming elf head, with claw hands. That'd be good fun to sculpt.

Anyway, so I'm thinking, for the whole doll, around $400 without a faceup? faceups would be around $50 I think, no customs sorry though! Just a variety of say three or four looks to choose from. There will be faceup options because I will be very sick of the same faceup. The dolls will also be very limited in numbers, but only by preorder. Say, 10 or so until I can get enough to have Dollshe cast them etc. But there will be multiple preorders, so there aren't any limits as much as it's my own limitations.

Would you buy her/him - available in white and normal skin, and maybe tan? (though tan would be a bit extra)

I've really surprised myself with it all, and I am so enthusiastic about it. This is going to happen, so prepare yourselves. I'm also not sure what to call my company, though I know I'd like to call Acoe's size my Wanderlings, as the dolls will have a sort of vague story together, in that they are a kind of people who don't live in one place, they just keep moving. At least, those are the Wanderling. I want the whole theme to be very earthy, like nomadic hippies? Yeah XD

Anyway, any help would be much appreciated, and I'm sure I can do something for anyone who can manage to spark my imagination. I'm also sorry for disappearing, i'm quite sick with a bad chest/head cold and my net went down and is now capped, so it's all just been a week of shit luck.

AGAIN. FACEUP IS FOR FUN LOL. To give you an idea of what she'd look like with a face. NOT GREY SKIN. THAT'S THE PRIMER. Okay. love you guys! You're so smart, you know what primer is! Thanks for looking, and I hope you like her (and/or can appreciate my feeble skill mongering XD)

I also bled on her which means she's real artsy and shit now. Pain means I tried. Blood means I FOUGHT FOR IT. And made a bit of a mess.

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She's beautiful! And I adore her faceup as is, it's better than any I could every do!

I can't wait to see the final product up and ready to sell!

Ahhh, I'd absolutely love to order her. Actually I've always admired her, but never saw until now that you were thinking about selling her! She'd be divine in tan! <3
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I think she would look wonderful in tan!<3
Mechakal's avatar
Very very very...oh so tempting
Gee-Nius's avatar
Aeryn, she's absolutely stunning. So Unique and beautiful! If I have the money, will definitely buy her :)
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I love her! She looks so cute! Can't wait to see how much cuter she looks finished and in her actual (white or normal) skintone (though seeing her with a face-up over the primer I think she'd look super adorable in grey skin).
Noogan's avatar
(: Wow! I remember watching you when you posted merely 5 photos on your old account. Now you're seriously the only person I like to keep track with on dA because of my busy schedule. :D Keep it up. (y)
manda-j-panda's avatar
She's so cute!! I would totally want her. Her facial features are adorable!
MisValentine's avatar
Adorable. :heart:

I can't wait to see the finished product; I'm sure it'll be stunning.
As soon as I work up the money, it'll be headed your way~
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I would so buy her, but I'd probably wait until later, just to make sure you're good with the casting by then :P She looks so beautiful, congrats!
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She's really really cute! MSD's aren't really my size but I'm seriously considering buying her when she's available! I'm sure I can find some way to fit her in with my current doll family. xD
cap-o-rushes's avatar
Oooh my gosh she's SUPER CUTE! @ w @ I can't wait to see her all finished and put together. ♥
WipDeeDoo's avatar
Shes adorable!!! If only i had the money
Phoenixofdarkness62's avatar
She looks so adorable! Oh god... you're seriously making me consider buying one... >.< So I'll see, but I think the price range your asking is reasonable considering all the poking around I've done for dolls before. She's looking utterly adorable as everyone else has said. I hope you feel better soon as well!
TadashiBakuSan's avatar
Such Excellent Work!
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NikolavnE's avatar
wow great work! *Q*
mizuwater's avatar
I would buy her. She is beautiful and I love her features already. And that is a great price. Has she already been cast in resin or did you put the primer over the paper clay that you were using?
MizuBJD's avatar
lol totally meant for this comment to be on THIS account, not my drawing one >.<
lajvio's avatar
Oh wow she looks so cool! very pretty face up I must say :3
OHdomiNOEZ's avatar
she's beautiful. congrats :)
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