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My Bio
I suppose I have to fill this out with something that will make me seem appealing, but not too eccentric or pretentious. I have extremely varied tastes and interests, too many to list here because I'd miss out on something I love too much not to include.
I'm very shy and nervous, and a bit too sensitive. I also have a tendency to rant.

Really, I'm a big dork who talks too much and takes things to heart.

Hey, and I also love dolls and photography. That's relevant! Woo! 5 points!

Aw, and I love owls a bit. YAY OWLS.

Favourite Visual Artist
John Bauer, Sylvia Ji, Audrey Kawasaki, Heise, my tattoo artist is also pretty wicked
Favourite Movies
Princess Bride, Back to the Future, Gone with the Wind, Stranger Than Fiction, Fight Club, El Dorado, Monsters, Atlantis, The Emperor's New Groove
Favourite TV Shows
Black Books, Buffy, Spaced, Nana, Supernatural, Being Human (UK, duh), Skins (UK, also duh), Suits
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Matthew Good, Mogwai, Imelda May, Lily Allen, Jack White, Incubus, Pavement,
Favourite Books
The Princess Bride, The Gunslinger, Vampire Hunter D (ALL OF THEM!), Journey to the Center of the Earth, Good Omens OH GOD TOO MANY.
Favourite Writers
William Goldman, Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, Douglas Adams, Jules Verne, Johnothan Stroud, Brent Weeks, Nick Hornby, Robin Klien
Favourite Games
Oblivion, Mario Tennis, SW:KOTR, Guild Wars, Batman AA, Mass Effect, Zeno Clash, Portal/2 Nyxquest, Yoshi's Island, Soul Bubbles, Dead Island, Rift, L4D/2, Jak and Daxter, POP, FF VII-XII
Favourite Gaming Platform
ALL OF THEM. Except the gamecube, that shit was very ill and deserved a quieter death than it got.
Tools of the Trade
Canon 5D mk2 w/ 50mm f/1.8 (I AM POOR AND MY GOOD LENS BROKE WOOOEEEE) + photoshop, dolls, and biscuits.
Other Interests
BJDs, photography, hair and everything to do with it, fashion, nail polish and applying it, internet things, music of all sort at different times, writing things sometimes

I am not dead.

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Firstly, I must stress that if you need to get a hold of me, use my email -  Hiritai@gmail.com. I've done what I can do keep contact but if I've missed you just gimme a poke and I'll update you. I do not have regular Internet access, and my phone is painfully slow. Email is easiest for me. Aside from that, thanks a lot to the random kind person who gave me a sub! I wish I ould use it more efficiently but hey, I'll get back here once things are set up properly, takes ages for the net to get up and running, plus we're skint as fuck. I am going through the biggest life changing shit right now, so much is going through my head and I'm still not
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Faceup slots.

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Hey guys. Well, I have a good amount of money I need at the moment, my car's back tires need to be replace before I can move back to Melbourne, and the break fluid needs a change too. I'm also trying to raise money to cast Acoe so I can have a product sample before I actually start taking orders. Dad and I have designed the molds and it's looking pretty sweet. Only downside it that it's expensive. So, to try and raise money and get my ass moving, i'm filling my faceup slots up. It's $60 a piece, plus shipping ($26 for registered, or airmail with tracking (that service is only available to the US and UK though) and EMS is $56. Domestic is abo
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Obitsu for sale

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Check out my flickr forsome obitsu animus and parts: http://www.flickr.com/photos/hiritai/ <3
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You probably don't visit here anymore, but I love your work! I hope you're doing okay.

Happy Birthday!! Have your cake and eat it too Party 
Happy birthday! :D :party: