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Collar Bone Tattoo: Right

This is the tattoo I got on my right collar bone Saturday. It reads "we survive every moment but the very last". It's a little hard to read cuz the picture is crap, but there'll be a better one soon, hopefully, and I'll explain then why I chose to get a John Updike quote tattooed on me.

Tattoo by Josh Baust. Look him up if you're in my area, he does good work.

Will be scrapped as soon as there's a better picture.

EDIT: How is there that when I'm looking at this now, this crap tastic picture has 94 views? Seriously.
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Sep 14, 2009, 5:02:56 AM
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Your tattoo on a collarbone the low-quality. Probably, the master not strongly tried when did a tattoo. I hope, on correction it will correct the errors...
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oh my god it's been a while since I've logged in.

Yeah, the artist was not very good it turns out. The ink blew out within two weeks. I got a coverup about two years ago, with great success.
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wow that's amazing!
I've always wanted to get a tattoo on a collar bone or on the wrist.
Did it hurt? :P
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As far as pain went, I only had to swear three times for pain on both sides. I'm terrified of needles, that was my main problem. It wasn't too much different than a normal tattoo.
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thanks for answering,

I really love collar bones (even if I'm not that skinny so my bones aren't seen that much)
I want to write there something meaningful so I'm glad that it doesn't hurt that much I thought that because it's a bone it will

thank you so much for answering
it was very helpful
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Yeah, I was worried about the pain too, but what ended up getting to me the most was my phobia of needles. And of course, everyone's pain tolerance is different, mine is kind of high. So, if you end up still being worried about it, plan out a different tattoo, about an inch or two big. It doesn't have to be very complex, but it will help you get a feel for how well you handle being tattooed.
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thank you so much for your help
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No problem, any time.
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Augh. Journal was a mistake. No more journaling for me when I get bored.
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amazing. want to copy you so bad right now.
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Hahaha, awww thanks. ^^ I love this tattoo. Both of my collar bones now say something very personal and near to me. Something I need to keep in mind more often.
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I love these. You need to see them in real life.
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and So your inking begins!. Its never going to stop now you know, even when fear of the needle Comes. The hunger for more will arise over that black monster of fear >.>
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You know that these are my third and fourth tattoos, right? And that I knew I would be addicted years before I got my first? ^^
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Yus Im aware lol I need to get pictures of mine up sometime. Im waiting for my back to be filled in. Got the one finished and the lines for my next one done, though the next one covers alot of my back
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That's gonna be expensive~
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Woot! Tat pictures! :3 Nice
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