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Collar Bone Tattoo: Left

Got this Saturday. This is the one on my left. Just a hasty picture for now so that all my buddies who don't live in the area can see what they look like. It reads "this too shall come to pass", and yes, it does carry meaning for me, but I'll explain that in the artist comments on a better picture.

This will be scrapped upon arrival of a better picture.
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Sep 14, 2009, 5:02:30 AM
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Nice fail on the 'This too shall pass' quote.

That said, holy shit you're up there. If you google image search for 'collar bone' you're RIGHT there.
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Yeah, I know. It's kind of nifty. I'm not sure what you mean by "nice fail," though.
'This too shall come to pass' essentially says 'This will happen'. 
'This too shall pass'  means all things are temporary, most often interpreted as 'all bad things come to an end.'

What I assume is the opposite meaning of what you were going for with the old proverb.
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You know, I wasn't entirely convinced at first that I believed that, but I'll admit that I stand corrected. I know the proverb wording is "this too shall pass," not "this too shall come to pass." I didn't really think anything of it, and just thought "come to" acted as a modifier for clarity at most. But "come to pass" is an idiom meaning essentially it's going to happen, which actually would change the entire meaning from "everything, good or bad, is transient" to "shit happens." (Yes, I know I'm grossly paraphrasing.) I didn't really realize it until you pointed it out.

Pretty sure that's the gist of what you're saying, there.

In any case, I'm the first to admit that the tattoos on my collar bones are a case of a young and dumb mistake. I didn't spend very much time thinking about it before getting it, and I didn't pick a very good artist (he wasn't skilled enough to float the ink on this location, so it's pretty blurry and illegible) to do it. I've been meaning to get both collar bones redone by someone who can actually manage to give me what I want out of it, so when I do get around to it, I'm going to do it right this time.

In the meantime, I can live with "shit happens" essentially being tattooed on my flesh. For the reasons I got the tattoos in the first place? It still suits.

Legitimately, thanks for pointing out yet another mistake I made when getting this done. If I got your meaning wrong, feel free to point it out.
does this have anything to do with lotr? something like this sounds familiar, that's al.
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Found a link! [link] Not Tolkien, but yeah. Still my favorite proverb thingy.
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Um...this is the one that says this too shall come to pass. And I know how ignorant this is going to make me sound for not thoroughly investigating before I got it inked, but I had always assumed it was just an 'old wives' saying, you know? But now that you mention LOTR, I can definitely see what you mean, and I'm definitely going to check. If it is LOTR, that would be so awesome, I love that man's work so much.
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Thinking about getting a tat right there. Did it hurt? Obviously it hurt a little, but just curious. Its beautifully done, btw.
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No where NEAR as much as I thought it would. But I do have a high pain threshhold, and a severe needle phobia. But I still only swore three times. You hae to be really careful while it's healing though, my right one's blurring a lot. Don't think I was careful enough...
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wow, sounds like me. High pain threshold, but deathly afraid of needles. >_>

Anything I should know beforehand about being careful?
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Don't move.

Ever had a tattoo before?
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Nope, this will be my first. I watch my dad get his shoulder tattoo, it looked...interesting.
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You're starting with the collar bones? Brave, if so.

Well. Be warned that since it is such a difficult area, if you get really fine script like I did, it might not look as clear as you'd like it a few months down the road.

As far as aftercare, what I always do, is wash it once a day with that softsoap antibacterial, cuz that's unscented and only a dollar. You don't want to put ANYTHING you don't have to on your tattoo for the first like, 6 weeks. For the first twenty four hours, I'd probably try to avoid showering even. Don't get it wet, don't let it in the sun (the ink could boil if you started to get a sunburn) for the first 6 weeks, and don't let it soak in water for the first 6 weeks.

But yeah. I always wash mine with antibacterial once a day until all the scabs are gone, and any time it itches, or at least once a day, I put Aveeno moisturizing lotion on it. The one that has like 3 ingredients total, no sunscreen.

NEVER itch it. Slap it if it starts to itch. If you get little tattoo scabs, DO NOT pick them. Be super careful in the shower.

But, it doesn't hurt too bad, no matter where. If you're a little nervous about doing collar bones first, I recommend the arm, up near your shoulder. It's like, painless. Hip was ok, except for bone, and the parts where it TICKLED. Needles penetrating your skin shouldn't tickle in my opinion, but hey, it did. Back of the neck wasn't too bad either but I wouldn't have been able to do that one fist.

I think that's it...any questions?
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Wow, actually no! :D That's the most detailed, helpful answer I've ever recieved. :3

Although, when you're washing the tattoo with the soap, do you use a washcloth or just your hand? Kind of rubbing it gently over the tattoo?
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Hand. Washcloth could pick up bits of scab and rip them off. You don't want to mess with tattoo scabs, if the scab comes off before it's ready, you could have a patchy tattoo, and that's never fun. Ugly and even more money on the same piece just to get it look good.
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Did you know that a LOT of people view this photo and the other one? If you search "collar bone tattoo" you're on the top row. O_O Haha.
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Seriously? Damn. Have you checked out how many views the other one has, by any chance? Last I checked, it was either close to 2,000 or over that many views. And the other one also is the most faved thing in my gallery.
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