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Taste (v3.0) by HirilElfwraith
Mature content
Taste (v3.0) :iconhirilelfwraith:HirilElfwraith 4 0
Weird Kid Approaching Godhood by HirilElfwraith Weird Kid Approaching Godhood :iconhirilelfwraith:HirilElfwraith 4 2 Hollow by HirilElfwraith Hollow :iconhirilelfwraith:HirilElfwraith 3 1 Smauglock and Bilbo by HirilElfwraith Smauglock and Bilbo :iconhirilelfwraith:HirilElfwraith 109 6 Newformed by HirilElfwraith Newformed :iconhirilelfwraith:HirilElfwraith 16 4 Changeverse Clockwork by HirilElfwraith Changeverse Clockwork :iconhirilelfwraith:HirilElfwraith 9 4 A Great Burning by HirilElfwraith A Great Burning :iconhirilelfwraith:HirilElfwraith 20 4 Malfunction by HirilElfwraith Malfunction :iconhirilelfwraith:HirilElfwraith 27 1 Lights Out by HirilElfwraith Lights Out :iconhirilelfwraith:HirilElfwraith 4 3 Fabulous by HirilElfwraith Fabulous :iconhirilelfwraith:HirilElfwraith 7 9 Berserker by HirilElfwraith Berserker :iconhirilelfwraith:HirilElfwraith 2 4 Warrior by HirilElfwraith Warrior :iconhirilelfwraith:HirilElfwraith 4 2
Normalcy was a chore. She couldn't bear it. Inside her body was nothing but turmoil, delicious and terrifying turmoil, and going about her routine was impossible. She longed to scream, to shout, to wake the world from their stupor and scream "look at me, look around you, can't you see that everything is falling apart beneath your pretty fantasies!?"
"Play their game, precious," the sibilant voice hisses in her ear as she sobs, the dark presence wrapping around her like some kind of snake, and she has no choice but to comply. "Just for a little while longer."
So she walks through her world, detached, and she feels like a zombie, like a liar, like a hypocrite. But she continues, all fake laughs and bright smiles, cloaking her agony in what humanity expects even as inside she screams and rages.
And one day, out with her 'friends' at a beer-soaked party at a lake, she snaps, too disgusted by her race to sit back and watch anymore, and they watch in horror and shock as her mask shatters alm
:iconhirilelfwraith:HirilElfwraith 2 3
When Humanity is a Burden
Screams of rage, of hate, of frustration.
A flurry of curses, semicoherent in their hatred and frantically snarled, cursing self and family and the entirety of…well, everything.
The sound of crashing glass, of twisting metal, of hideous oblivion rising to swallow the world whole.
The anguished. wordless shriek of one who longs futilely for death, indecisive and filled with self-loathing.
The desire to lash out and the desire to break something, anything, inside to let go of the pain, to make penance.
The sobs, howling and uneven, interspersed with hate-filled and ranting shrieks.
I won't apologize, I've done nothing wrong!
Oh god I'm a horrible person. I should die.

Conflict. Hate. Fruitless and bitter raging.
The longing to kill and the longing to die.
And eventually the unbearable shame of drifting to sleep somewhere in that ocean of agony, crumpled in the ruin, bleeding and tearstained and screamed hoarse, knowing that there is no worthiness or nobleness or anything to b
:iconhirilelfwraith:HirilElfwraith 1 0
To Reclaim That Which is Lost
Summary: Companion piece to "A Thousand Glittering Shards". As the Hatter fades in Underland, Alice must hasten back before all is lost.
Alice was fading.
She missed Underland terribly. Her journey to China might have sated her hunger for adventure, at least in part, but bad weather and bad luck had forced the crew to turn back long before reaching their destination. Alice found herself back in London before six months had passed, once more having to suffer the disapproving glances and the whispers when they thought she wouldn't hear. Her mother was still dead set on marrying her off, and she had to endure an endless parade of suitors, none of which were suitable. Every last one of them was proper and rich and dull, no better than Hamish. Not to mention that she was still expected to wear her stockings and corset.
She was becoming more pale and distant, daydreaming about her friends and her real home, and her dreams were haunted with their faces. Her dear Mad Hatter would say that she
:iconhirilelfwraith:HirilElfwraith 2 7
A Thousand Glittering Shards
Summary: Tarrant shatters, and only Alice can pick up the pieces. Oneshot.
Tarrant is mad.
This is no surprise—he is the Mad Hatter, after all. But his madness is split, a dangerous duality, the gentle, green-eyed madness that speaks with a soft lisp and the dangerous flame-eyed madness, words choked with Outlandish brogue.
He loses himself during the latter, when his restraint snaps and he burns with anger and hate and that terrible, all-consuming grief that he can never escape. He rages, screams, thrashes and destroys until the darkness drains away and leaves him exhausted and mournful.
He always had a purpose in his rages before, his loathing focused solely on the Bloody Big Head, directing it at her and away from himself. And then she's gone suddenly, taken down by their Champion, by his beautiful, wonderful Alice. But then Alice is gone too, back to her place in Otherland, and he is lost.
The gentle madness sits at the endless tea party and waits, purposeless but belie
:iconhirilelfwraith:HirilElfwraith 3 5


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Only because I'm drifting back into the Danny Phantom fandom.

I spend most of my time on Tumblr now; PM me if you want my url.


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My current interests are Bleach, One Piece, Danny Phantom, and Lord of the Rings, and I also adore Megamind, Phantom of the Opera and Labyrinth.

I appreciate favs, but if you comment then it really makes my day. :squee: I love having conversations with people, and I can't do that if you don't comment. :(

I LOVE YOU ALL! :dummy:


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