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Ryoba [OC] by HirikoItoChan Ryoba [OC] :iconhirikoitochan:HirikoItoChan 2 3 Suicide Isn't The Answer by HirikoItoChan Suicide Isn't The Answer :iconhirikoitochan:HirikoItoChan 1 0 Me as an anime character by HirikoItoChan Me as an anime character :iconhirikoitochan:HirikoItoChan 3 2 Remember September 11th 2001 by HirikoItoChan Remember September 11th 2001 :iconhirikoitochan:HirikoItoChan 2 1 Silver Star (A.K.A: Celeste Tech) by HirikoItoChan Silver Star (A.K.A: Celeste Tech) :iconhirikoitochan:HirikoItoChan 5 0 SURPRISE! by HirikoItoChan SURPRISE! :iconhirikoitochan:HirikoItoChan 2 0 For My Brother by HirikoItoChan For My Brother :iconhirikoitochan:HirikoItoChan 3 2 The Human Body by HirikoItoChan The Human Body :iconhirikoitochan:HirikoItoChan 3 0 A Day At The Opera by HirikoItoChan A Day At The Opera :iconhirikoitochan:HirikoItoChan 4 0 The Stages Of Pregnancy by HirikoItoChan The Stages Of Pregnancy :iconhirikoitochan:HirikoItoChan 2 0 Boy OC by HirikoItoChan Boy OC :iconhirikoitochan:HirikoItoChan 2 0 Person Base 1 Work In Progress by HirikoItoChan Person Base 1 Work In Progress :iconhirikoitochan:HirikoItoChan 1 0 Vocaloid OC 2 by HirikoItoChan Vocaloid OC 2 :iconhirikoitochan:HirikoItoChan 1 0 Lucy Heartfilia by HirikoItoChan Lucy Heartfilia :iconhirikoitochan:HirikoItoChan 2 20 Nashi Dragneel by HirikoItoChan Nashi Dragneel :iconhirikoitochan:HirikoItoChan 3 0 Ezmarelda by HirikoItoChan Ezmarelda :iconhirikoitochan:HirikoItoChan 2 0


Alice Angel in: Lonely Angel (With Bendy and Bart) by Gamerboy123456 Alice Angel in: Lonely Angel (With Bendy and Bart) :icongamerboy123456:Gamerboy123456 414 37 BATIM - Protect the Angel by Gamerboy123456 BATIM - Protect the Angel :icongamerboy123456:Gamerboy123456 194 7 BATIM - Strange Messages by Gamerboy123456 BATIM - Strange Messages :icongamerboy123456:Gamerboy123456 234 22 BATIM: The Skirt by shamira-g BATIM: The Skirt :iconshamira-g:shamira-g 130 52 BATIM: Little Showstopper by shamira-g BATIM: Little Showstopper :iconshamira-g:shamira-g 115 63 Sent From Above...? by shamira-g Sent From Above...? :iconshamira-g:shamira-g 166 91
Sick? (Bendy x Alice) Part 5
Hey guys, the big moment is here! :D
Alice was pushing as hard as she could. "AHH! B-Bendy, it hurts!" She crushed his hand more. "Ow.. I'm sorry, Alice. But I can see the first baby, just keep pushing!" Alice pushed again. "AHHHHHH!!!!"    "You're doing great!"    "AHH!"    "It's almost out!" Alice ran out of breath again. "Bendy, I can't do this!"    "Yes, you can!"    "But it hurts so much.."    "The first one is almost out. You just need to push."    "But, Bendy.."    "If you've come this far, then I know you can do this!" He kissed her again and wiped some of the sweat off her forehead. "Okay.." She pushed again. "AHH!!!"    "It's almost out, Alice!"    "AHHHHH!!!" She stopped and leaned her head back on the pillows behind her, she started to hear crying. She looked and saw Bendy holding the first baby. After he cut the umbilical cord and cleaned it off, he wrapped it up in a blanke
:iconredgekkouga:RedGekkouga 27 72
Sick? (Bendy x Alice) Part 4
It's been seven months now since they found out they were going to have a baby, and Alice's belly has grown enough to the point that anyone who saw her knew she was pregnant. They even made some cotton clothes and some better shoes from the power of the ink machine, since her dress was becoming way too tight and her shoes where starting to get uncomfortable. And Bendy, as usual, was always by her side making sure her and the baby were doing okay. "Alice, are you feeling sick? Hot? Cold? Do you need anything?" Bendy kept asking questions, he was nervous about the whole thing and wanted to make sure nothing was wrong. "I'm fine, Bendy. We're both fine." She said, putting her hand on her belly. "You don't have to worry like that. Even if I did feel a little sick, it would just be from the pregnancy."    "Alright, I just want to make sure everything's okay." He said while he was finishing baby-proofing the studio. "Ow.." Bendy immediately turned around and looked scared. "Alice?
:iconredgekkouga:RedGekkouga 26 110
Sick? (Bendy x Alice) Part 3
Hey guys, hope you're enjoying the story so far! So, I'll be using fanart that will be drawn by Shiro1026 for the rest of the parts, I got permission. I'll update when the picture is done. Also, I'm trying to make the pregnancy as accurate as possible (I have been doing research), and the only reason I keep time skipping is because it's hard to think of a lot of stuff for them to do.
Alice was now five months pregnant and was showing more. Bendy was becoming even more protective than usual as the months went by, he would usually hug her close to him if he felt like something was off, or would stand in front of her and transform into his ink form when they were next to Sammy or Searchers. He was even starting to not trust Boris because of how clumsy he could be, he even yelled at him when he thought he was going to drop a piece of wood on her, even though he wasn't. He was just moving it. "BORIS, DON'T YOU DARE!"    "Huh?!" Boris froze and stared at Bendy, slightly startled. "
:iconredgekkouga:RedGekkouga 24 46
Still being seductive. by RedGekkouga Still being seductive. :iconredgekkouga:RedGekkouga 76 49
Sick? (Bendy x Alice) Part 2
So, as most of you guessed, this is the sequel to the lemons. I'm sorry, I had to. It was too cute to pass up! >W
:iconredgekkouga:RedGekkouga 32 94
Sick? (Bendy x Alice)
There is a small lemon at the beginning, but it's not as detailed that I felt this didn't need a filter.
Bendy and Alice were having "fun" again, Bendy had put Alice on the edge of a table, kissing her and thrusting into her slowly. "Mmm~" They parted to catch their breath, while Bendy continued thrusting. "Agh~"    "Ah~" After a couple more thrusts they came. "ALICE~!"    "BENDY~!" He pulled out and stood there, putting his forehead against hers. "I love you, Alice."    "I love you too, Bendy." They smiled at each other and kissed again.
                                                                         *One month later*
Alice was singing in the recording studio while Bendy was lying down listening. She was fine, until she started to feel nauseous. "Uhh.."  
:iconredgekkouga:RedGekkouga 40 157
Let Me In by emwara123 Let Me In :iconemwara123:emwara123 12 1 Darkiplier by emwara123 Darkiplier :iconemwara123:emwara123 11 2 Colossal Wonders by emwara123 Colossal Wonders :iconemwara123:emwara123 52 3 I'll Be Your Angel by Oparish-Kakoita I'll Be Your Angel :iconoparish-kakoita:Oparish-Kakoita 187 9


Ryoba [OC]
It's been a loooooooong time since I posted. In fact, last time I posted was November 27, 2015. Nearly 3 years ago. I've made a lot of progress in Kisekae and my actual drawing skills since then but I still haven't gotten to a point where I feel comfortable sharing what I actually draw with my hands...yet, but I hope I will someday, maybe soon. We'll see. Anyway, this is my OC, Ryoba, she doesn't have a last name or at least I haven't thought of one yet, I've worked very hard on this for the past few years and I think I'm finally happy with her. Part of the reason I'm posting this was because I was inspired after seeing another drawing challenge by FlyingPings and wanted to post this for my sake, and for fun and see if I get chosen, which I doubt, but who knows! I try to stay optimistic!

Anyway, before I end this long monologue, all that really needs to be known about this character is she's kind of the smug, crazy type character, I love that, haha.

Devil sign because peace sign is for losers, haaaaa

P.S. Her boots are supposed to be more like Military boots but Kisekae doesn't have those, argh!
So, I'm new to Deviantart so far I've put a few things up but I'm still inexperienced but I hope to use Deviantart a lot and to get good at it, I also hope people will enjoy my work. It would be nice to have lots of watchers but I don't care about that, I just hope people enjoy my art and would like to see more because I enjoy making these things for people. That's why I decided to write this journal entry because I thought it would be good for anyone who looks at my stuff to see this. So anyway I better wrap this up. Later everyone!


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Sadie Iott
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I love anime and manga I'm not very good at drawing but I do have this program I use to make things but with my own specifications I DO NOT make any sexual or nude pictures if you're looking for that this isn't the right place, however if you like clean anime style photos you've come to the right place! I use this cool site for most of my art, I will put the link here for anyone to find, however if you are going to use this website you should know it has ads that have pornographyin them, so be careful, also you will need adobe flash player for the site.


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