Resolution and Kind of a Rant

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Hi there, long time no see DA

I've graduated from my university of choice with highest honors. But I still feel like I didn't learn anything. My art is still stale/stagnated and I had a dreaded worry that it wouldn't be cut out for the industry since it's anime styled. And it probably isn't. My FYP was Reincarnation, a 2D rpg game I had the honors of working on with a bunch of talented people. But I realised that during my work there, I could have done better. I find myself in a very bad position: I have all the ideas in the world but no solid way of letting them out on paper.

And I want to do better. I've been a self-taught artist for 4+ years, so I'm going to try my best to relearn foundations...something that I haven't really gotten to do a lot of. I can't afford art school, so I'm just going to have to do the best I can.

My gallery may be full of some odd looking/anatomy issue riddled things. But I hope that you'll join me for this learning experience.

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TesunieHobbyist General Artist
Yup, you're an artist alright. I don't think any artist truly feels their work has any substance or quality to it. I'm always feeling my work is stale, flat and could use more dynamics.

Working on the basics is always a good idea. You can never work on the base items of art enough.

Good luck.
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ksilverProfessional Digital Artist
Hi, I know how you feel of the stagnation,

I have a few suggestions on helping further and help your drawing self education

A. get an anatomy book. Try practicing doing the muscles instead of a finished drawing

B. Go do live model sessions as often as possible

C. Get critique from other artists they help so much even though sometimes they can be brutal. However know when their advice is BS. I'd be happy to help you grow and critique your work.

D. Work on your perspective and go outside and draw from life.

E. Learn what is needed in the industry. There are a lot of people who would like your style of art for illustrations or comics. There are gaming companies too who need art.

F. Try new things new styles and see what is best for you

G. Go to conventions to sell your work, see what in your art sells and what doesn't. Fanart usually sells but still try it out.

H. Start doing underdrawings and construction of your figures. Don't start on details (you probably already know this your art is beautiful anyways) Also do gestures of figures from life to help you get a sense of how the human body moves

AND thats my advice :D

I know that I'm not perfect but I am having the same problems as you and as many artists have. Continue your learning CONTINUE to draw a lot, especially from life.

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hireiterasuStudent Digital Artist
Thanks ;w; Yeah I'm just really under pressure to get a job at the moment due to financial situations...I may have to settle for a retail job and do art as a side.
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MutekiElementsHobbyist Digital Artist
I think it is perfectly possible to do this, musicians in Japan pretty much get by undertaking that. Retail during the day, lives and practice during the night, ideally you want a job that will take the least amount of effort and time as possible, so you can still have energy for art.
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ksilverProfessional Digital Artist
Thats what you should be doing along side all of this. Wait till you can build your freelance career to the point of being able to support yourself to not have a job. Heck, i have a full time job now in medical billing (whaat I'm an artist MATH IS AWFUL) and its hard but keep drawing~ and do what I suggested!