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FF6 Gambler's song - Setzer
The prayer of a Gambler --__-- Setzer Gabianni
Daryl, your voice rings my ear,
Even now when you may speak no more;
Daryl, your soul lives within me,
Even now when Fate strikes me to the core.
Turning the wheels, racing beyond time,
Scouring the skies in search for you;
Care not, fear not, words fade
With the winds that blow over the few.
I am but armed with Aces of Spades,
To who I befriended, a sole promise departs,
Never again will I leave again
The person beloved with Aces of hearts.
Fate’s cards be oh so cruel,
Must why our prayers be broken so,
Beyond the mist, I can’t see the light but
I have my own cards to play for long I go.
Daryl, your hands have gotten numb,
Lend me your cards; lend me your wings;
We will fly together once again,
For eternity’s laments the phoenix sings.
And I remember the sight, the speed,
Our wings flew over the horizon away;
You did not return as I kept waiting,
Nights fell, turned the day…
Daryl, lend me your wings, for I
Will keep y
:icontushantin:tushantin 3 2
One shot idea
“And further more, I want you to clean these desks and everything around your space. But it seems like you’re more concerned about forgetting that.”
Abigail nodded silently, biting her lip. Her boss Edmund was a very strict old man, compared to her own father. His keen eyes and fierce but calm nature had always intimidated her so much she was too scared to make any clumsy mistake. But somehow he never lost his cool, no matter what, considering the terrifying coldness that he exhales as he speaks is just natural to him. But nevertheless, he was one of those people who she respected deeply.
“I’m happy that you’re at least listening to me.” Edmund stated as he scribbled something over the account book and put his half-moon spectacles in his pocket. “But you are indeed an obedient child, and you will learn. I am sure of it.”
And indeed, he was just as nice as he was cold. Abigail gave a little silent nod again as Edmund left the store.
She sighe
:icontushantin:tushantin 1 2
Magil of the Shadows by tushantin Magil of the Shadows :icontushantin:tushantin 24 68 King of Demons - Magus by tushantin King of Demons - Magus :icontushantin:tushantin 28 27 Charis portrait by tushantin Charis portrait :icontushantin:tushantin 5 59 Magus Magic by tushantin Magus Magic :icontushantin:tushantin 15 21 Magus Magic 2 by tushantin Magus Magic 2 :icontushantin:tushantin 7 18 Turnip Honor by tushantin Turnip Honor :icontushantin:tushantin 4 8 Am I a butterfly by tushantin Am I a butterfly :icontushantin:tushantin 27 18
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Hi guys! So I just thought, screw it, You can go to past journals for all the pretty CSS and links to helpful things and whatnot, so here's an update:

Club is dead :skull: :XD: As I asked several times in journals the past few months, there have been ZERO takers or interest in taking over the club :XD: SO, yes, dead. :XD: I'm not archiving things anymore :XD:

Here is a thought though- if there are enough of you that still like the club, hate the account formatting and want to do a group thinger, go create a group, you can still use the template here and whatnot, and I'll announce where the big move is going to so you members which are still interested can take part :nod:

This is just frankly too much work for a college grad LOOKING for a job, and my own shop and groups I manage are keeping me waaaay too busy, even after I stepped down as a Film GM for deviantART :XD:

SOOOOO you can note me at my personal account for faster reply and whatnot if any of you have any ideas or would be interested in taking over the club or whatnot ;D

Much love! It has been a long 2year ride!

:blowkiss: :iconelectrikpinkpirate: ElectrikPinkPirate


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helpmeimtired Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2017
Looking for someone who has some spare time, maybe an hour or so, to draw a character from a story that I am writing. Email for more detail:
MasterJ202 Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2016
I Need a Simple Cartoonish Logo Drawn Message Me or Email Me if YOU ARE INTERESTED IN THIS JOB -
slyfoxcomics Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2016
I'm looking for an artist to draw an coat of arms I have designed.
(1 Reply)
Rivaispie Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2016
Hello, if you will! Please go ahead and join this group for more jobs and opportunities for you!…

Thank you! ^_^
CapnCornFlakes Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2016
I'm looking to hire someone to draw me up two characters and a background for a book cover. Willing to pay via pay pal! Message me on Skype for more details on what I want. Skype is truebrandon252
fallengame Featured By Owner May 7, 2016
Looking for a flash artist who can do something similar to this.…

send me a note of examples and costs.

thank you
CMMolisani Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2016
Looking to hire an artist for creation of a book cover. I'm looking for someone with a stark & colorful approach, more real, less anime. The art in question will be used to help promote & sell a book, which means it needs to be exciting. 

Likely to offer the right artist more work as time goes on, to effectively promote the said book.

I don't work for free, and I don't expect anyone to. Include your rates. I'm under the gun on this project with a crowd source deadline, so I expect clearly defined dates for finalized product. I know what I want, and can provide details. 

If you want to see the project, ask. Contact me with examples of work, ideas, and of course how much you're going to cost. :)
glserran Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2016
Hi  I am looking for an Artist to create a set of characters for a video game. We are currently looking mainly for a creative to help us develop the art concept. This would be a paid job. More details please contact me.
(1 Reply)
FlutterPanda Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2016
Looking for an artist to help finish off my RPGMaker game, the coding is 35% complete, the mapping is not close to done.

I would essentially need armors, hairs, weapons, full body views of the body. More will be explained on Discord when and if I bring you aboard :)

Payments will either be done ASAP or you can receive royalties on the game.

Keep in mind that if you do choose to work with me I WILL NOT ever rush you, trust me, I'm a Uni student and understand being crushed for time.

We will be in touch, contact me on DA first, if I find interest I'll chat with you on DiscordApp, please keep in mind you must be 18+, I'm not dealing with the legal things that follow with hiring underage people.

Stormy336 Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Looking for an artist to draw my daughter as Ariel the little mermaid. ... Must have work that I can see what you can do. I am wanting to give her this for Christmas 2016.

I am wanting it to be an under water picture, with the sea shell bra, and green tail. Only I want her face and eyes to be her, the rest to be the mermaid. Her name is Ariel and she is all about mermaids.

She is 13, so I want it "teenage", but not "sexy". (if that makes any since ... I need her Dad's approval ;)

Contact me if you are up for the challenge! ;)

I will pay through PayPal :)
(2 Replies)
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