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captain canuck 2nd skin textures for M4



Tutti i commenti sono vivamente apprezzati.

Voglio ringraziare tutti coloro che daranno il fav a questo lavoro, apprezzo molto il vostro supporto


All comments are highly appreciated.

I want to thank all those who give the fav in this work, I greatly appreciate your support

:wave:...Thanks so much for :+fav:...I appreciate it....Thanks very much..:sun:

Sorry, I will not thank for faving...:wave:

Dont claim my works as yours.
Dont sell my works.

*Captain America are MARVEL Comics characters.

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what model do these textures go onto? i cant seem to find it
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daz3d Michael 4
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Captain Canuck can be found here. He is a rather rare comic book character, but overall very fun to read. He has a huge following in Canada. His story is a little mixed but good.…
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Thanks for the information
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I am happy that you have included Captain Canuk. There are not all that many Canadian heroes to portray and this is special for us. It is also very well made. Thank you for including more than US heroes (like the Italian one as well).
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Thank you very much. I am always looking for little-known superheroes to create the textures. At times, some superheroes who I believe to be unknown, however, are very popular as is the case with cap Canuck and this makes me happy. Of this character I like the combination of colors of the Canadian flag. I really liked that I made even more texture to cap Canuck, and ultimately inspired him, I created cap Canada.
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Oh Captain Canada is your own? Do you play role playing games? A friend of mine had a major Canadian, Captain America style character. I should make him up for my stuff.

If I find anything that you may like from unknown characters then I will be sure to tell you about them. Actually, I have one of a comic which came from a role playing game. Champion's Universe. This has images of the characters so you just scroll down:… . They also have had a video game out and it shows Foxbat in there. He's one of the first characters I've ever seen to break the fourth wall. He knows he's a comic book character XD

Another not so known is Ambush Bug from DC comics. Then again maybe he is more known than I thought. I just did a Google search and he's all over the place.

Ok I will stop bugging you for a bit. My mind just went haywire with information for a few there :)
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To tell the truth I do not know if someone else has created its own Captain Canada. I created a character with that name and I did a render in 3d. I had thought about doing a comic, but I do not have the time and I do not know if they are able to do so. I just finished to collaborate on a cartoon of a character created by an artist here on DA. The character's name is Karnifex, I have done the render to his adventure, here's the link…
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There are probably quite a few Canadian role players who created a character like Captain Canada. My friend's had a different name but it's the same concept. Proud of his country blah blah blah ... honor stronger than Worf's from STNG. XD

Wow! I love the design to your character. It's very well done. That looks like an interesting story too. Cthulu creatures - man he's gotten into something big and nasty there. Ok so muchos big and nasty. I looked at the other stuff on that suit. Either way, you did really well with all of the comic. 

I start doing little comics but cannot keep up to anything. Mine are simple and from role plays on forum and chats, notes. I am not good at plot.
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Thank you for the comment. For the comic Karnifex, I realized only the graphics, the story is the brainchild of I would never have known where to start, and it is the first time that I have dealt with realize the graphics for a comic book. All done in 3d, since I am denied a draw.
Of the same cartoon version also exists in English:….
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The visual was the best part of it and since I only know English it was easy to keep my attention to only that :)

So you have trouble with coming up with story lines? I have trouble with them too. I am good with characterization, or that's what I'm told anyway. I can do basic stories but nothing extravagant. You are much better than me at the 3D images. I can make characters but the camera and poses and lighting - that all goes right over my head.

Thank you for pointing me to the English version. I didn't look too hard for it. I get confused easy, it's a medical thing that my mind does not concentrate well enough.
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As for the 3D, my experience is to try and try again until you find the right shots, the rest is done by the rendering engine, which is more powerful are better images. Even today, many years after that I practice this hobby, I realize how much I still have to learn. I read a lot of magazines and books on the 3d besides watching several tutorials, and then I start to experiment. It takes time and patience and you should never be discouraged. You have to have self-criticism but do not be too strict with themselves, and finally if you can work with other people, this is the best, because it helps you, you will learn faster and grow.
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thanks Stefano !
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my pleasure, Stefano !
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