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Venom second skin textures for M4

Tutti i commenti sono vivamente apprezzati.
Voglio ringraziare tutti coloro che daranno il fav a questo lavoro, apprezzo molto il vostro supporto

All comments are highly appreciated.
I want to thank all those who give the fav in this work, I greatly appreciate your support
:wave:...Thanks so much for :+fav:...I appreciate it....Thanks very much..:sun:
Sorry, I will not thank for faving...:wave:
Dont claim my works as yours.
Dont sell my works.
*Venom are MARVEL Comics characters.
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thx very so much :)
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Hi there. Thanks for the textures. Can you post a link to the Venom morph? I can only find this one but it does not have the ! Venom_INJ you mentioned…
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The morph was Helboy and called Soto's Venom for The Freak 4. I saw that on sharecg is gone. You can try to contact the author, this is the link to his pages on sharecg.…
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How did you make the head on this one?
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It is a morph for M4 that I found on Sharecg :)
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M4 or Freak, I found something similary, but when I apply your texture, it is distorted and doesn't fit.
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The morph is in effect for F4. I have worked in this way, I loaded M4 in Poser and I applied the morph of Venom, so that only changes the face. Then I apply the textures on M4 and below I applied the morph on the body of the M4 to make it monstrous. The tongue is a prop, and is part of the character Nibble, which is sold on I hope I have been of help. :)
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Ok. I will try that.
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Whatever you need, I am at your disposal :)
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Can you want me through how you got the freak venom morph to transfer to Michael four I can't get it to work
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I load M4 in Poser, then go to the Library, Pose, and I select the morph is called,! Venom_INJ. At this point gives me an error message, I select ok and the face morph Venom is applied on the M4. Later I select the M4 morphs to change the body.
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