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Deadpool textures 4 Goldenage suit



These are the textures for the Goldenage suit, of Joequick, some of Marvel super heroes. I hope you enjoy them.
 Soon, they are in preparation, the textures of the super heroes of DC comics, if you have a preference, please let me know.

Tutti i commenti sono vivamente apprezzati.

Voglio ringraziare tutti coloro che daranno il fav a questo lavoro, apprezzo molto il vostro supporto


All comments are highly appreciated.

I want to thank all those who give the fav in this work, I greatly appreciate your support

:wave:...Thanks so much for :+fav:...I appreciate it....Thanks very much..:sun:

Sorry, I will not thank for faving...:wave:

Dont claim my works as yours.
Dont sell my works.

*Deadpool are MARVEL Comics characters.

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What do you use to make the textures? Photoshop?
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mine doesnt line up with the mask :(
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you used the Nadino Mask, of Joequick?
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Yes, but I was using the wrong texture :p
can you please do a hawkman texture
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the problem of creating textures Hawkman is that the character is strongly characterized by its mask, which is not possible to make good with only the texture. It would take the 3d model of the mask, and unfortunately, I do not know how to make models in 3d :)
Thank you, sorry for posting the same question twice. Your work is awesome!!!!
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:) I read that Sharby had created a mask of Hawkman for M3, but the web was not able to find where to download it
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Very cool indeed. Well done. :thumbsup:
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thx very so much :)
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