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As a painter (I'm always looking for subjects) it kind of annoys me how you guys (photographers) crop your images a lot of the time. I know it's your art and thus your right, it's just that often "going for effect" seems to cause a loss of meaning. Here, the cropping has had an the excellent effect of making me want to see more, of asking, "what is going on here?" That's brilliant. That I can see what looks like a new wedding ring, makes me wonder if this is a post-wedding honeymoon trip gone awry. Subtle and, again, brilliant. The contrast between the smooth classic ring and the folk art bracelets is a nice element and contrasts play a big part in what I really appreciate about all of the work you put into this. Subtle, but powerful... I like the contrast of size the closeness of her hand creates with her other hand and face. I love love love that her hands are filthy and she has perfect facial makeup and an elegant dress(?) on, nice contrast and it would reinforce the "breakdown" theme. I also appreciate the contrast of texture she is soft, everything around her is hard. This makes me think of going to an opening for a photo journalist, one of those intrepid souls who always winds up in the world's hot spots and has lots of war/political photos and then there's this one shot...
Immediate emotional impact with enough subtle mystery to keep the viewer wondering, sounds like a definition for a successful piece of art to me!
Well done!
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thank you very much for your comment, really appreciate you taking the time to write it was well worth reading. thanks for the advice
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