Will you play the Martha Endgame (see journal)?
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Sure, sounds like fun way to finish the series.
No, it's not my kind of tea. But bring the story to a good end.
Stop it. You should better continue your Martha stories.
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Published: February 2, 2013
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I definitely want to, but I don't know what the rules are.
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Do you remember the episodes, where you could choose between two paths? There will be four of these episodes comming up now. On each desicion point, the path you choose will have an effect on the rest of the story.

For example: Amelia is turned back into a mouse. (don't worry, it won't happen. It's just to explain.) The desicion would be to turn her back or not. If you decide to turn her back, you get the password "Maid". If you decide to keep her as a mouse, you write down the password "Mouse".
In a later story, I will offer two different paths. If you have written down the password "Maid", you have to choose Path A. Then Amelia will appear in that path and do something important for the story. If you have written down the password "Mouse", she can't appear and the story takes a different turn. The rule is, that you must write down only one of the two passwords.
At the end of the complete story, you will have a set of passwords. Then your set of passwords will decide what Ending you will get.
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So there will be multiple endings, and each viewer can decide which ending is canon in their opinion?
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That's it. But since I will post the desicions over several weeks, you won't know that results until you reach the final episode.
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