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Lately, I did more photomanips and there are three fellow deviants, who's stock I used several times.

No. 1 :iconmelheflin:
She offers a wide range of stock pictures with various themes, from Cosplay to faces and details to pinups and outright sexy picture. Here's a small selection. Check out her Gallery
Steampunk Portrait Stock 22 Images by MelHeflin Pirate Stock 3 by MelHeflin Green Dress Stock 4 by MelHeflin Face Stock 5 by MelHeflin

No. 2 :iconmadqueenstock:
She has recently returned to posting stock pictures. Most of her stock pictures show her in casual clothes. She has some face pictures with different angles and experession. Also, she might do a request for a stock picture (special pose etc.) if you ask kindly.
<da:thumb id="489157838"/> <da:thumb id="421694305"/> Face 2: Angry bear by Madqueenstock 001: Leather dress by Madqueenstock

No. 3 :iconbritneysiren:
Her pictures are not generally stock and are not labled as such. Still, you can ask her for permission, as I did. She has some pictures with interesting costumes.
<da:thumb id="401334563"/> <da:thumb id="272799338"/> <da:thumb id="363064220"/>

My next projects

  • Art Trade with :icondangercomics:: A picture of Korra from Legend of Korra
  • Picture of my main characters from Martha's universe for Arabian Knights Party Art Jam
  • New Martha bonus story.
  • Pencil Drawing of Amelia

Commission status

I've decided to open point commissions again. If you are interested, write me a note. I won't do too extreme stuff, so I'll decide after you described your ideas if I will do it or not.

For prices:
B&W drawings of a character without Background for 50 points
Coloured drawing of a character without Background for 100 points
Coloured drawing of a character with Background for 150 points.

Art Trades

Art trades are open again. I offer 5 slots.

Slot 1: :iconsilva592: finished: His part of the deal (drawing of Martha) is still pending.
Slot 2: :iconladyjunina: finished: Art Trade: Exella Gionne Her part of the deal: AT : Martha
Slot 3: :icondangercomics: finished: Art Trade: Korra His part of the deal: Jinns - Art Trade
Slot 4: :iconnutellaontoast: finished: Art Trade: Violet and Blu play Hamlet His part of the deal Art Trade:Genies
Slot 5:
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October 21, 2014


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