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Over the last weeks, I revceived several fanarts of Martha from different fans. I never though to receive that many fanart. Thank you to all of those who made fanart for me.

How Anne-Laure Got Her Moon Dress by gaucelm
Martha and Svetlana by gaucelm
SSU Bios: Mousegirls by EmperorNortonII
The Time of HappinessThe Time of Happiness
It was a calm spring day in Oahu as the beach was empty with a sign on a palm tree saying, "Sorry, beach is closed till 2 P.M for a special Event." with two young women looking at it dressed in fancy dresses of pink and brown. One in the brown outfit squeaks, "Today is the day! I can't believe those two are getting married!"
"But Sheila we're we even invited?" Asks Roxanne making her friend eyes widen. She lets a painful  groan out, looking down with a look of despair when a hand taps her back. She turns around to see the young lifeguard, Gold, in a long sleeve golden dress holding two letters for her friends.
"Thank you Gold!" Sheila yells in excitement, grabbing the young mermaid in a huge hug. Gold gasps in shock with Sheila hug slowly squeezing her friend a bit too hard, making her face turn a bit purple. Roxanne weakly chuckling at her friend's actions.
On a quiet part of the beach, Gaby Evian was a young woman with short brown hair inhales before her fe

Thus, I will do some fanart by myself to repay them in kind.

Here are my current pieces I'm working on.

A surprise for :icongaucelm: - finished ,
Request by :iconjorrun: - finfished
Picture for :iconemperornortonii: - finished
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Submitted on
May 9, 2013