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I've decided to put up my own contest. It will be a drawing contest.

The toppic will be to make a picture of my OC Amelia Maus in classy evening gown.
It doesn't matter if you do a traditional drawing/painting or a digital one. All kind of drawing/painting will be accepted. But they must fulfil the following qualifications:

The woman must be clearly recognizable as my OC Amelia Maus. So, a faceless mannequin with an elaborate dress won't do.
The focus is on how well the dress suits Amelia. It should be an elegant dress Amelia would wear when she goes on a date in an expensive restaurant or to the theater/opera.
A Background is not necessary. You can add it if you like, but it won't get you any bonus points.
You can do a black and white picture or a coloured one. If you do a coloured picture, keep in mind to give Amelia the proper skin tone.

The price will be a picture of one of your OCs in my own comic style. As you might now, I'm not so fond about doing explicit content. Skimpy clothes are ok, but nothing too extreme. I'll also add a coloured background to your picture.

You can enter only one picture into the contest. To submit a picture, please write a comment to this journal entry with a link to the picture.
You should also write in the description of your picture that is is for this contest.

Deadline is the 1st of May 2013, midnight Central European time.

Here are some refence pictures for Amelia Maus:

:thumb365839752: by :icondonparadon:
Amelia's Evening Gown by EmperorNortonII by :iconemperornortonii:
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donparadon Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2013  Student Artist
Not much but it's done.

hippo2 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2013
Thank you very much for the entry.
Good Luck in the contest.
donparadon Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2013  Student Artist
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Submitted on
March 29, 2013