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You might be surprised that I have exchanged Ending 4 of the current Martha story. :iconmagicshoppe: came up with the idea, and I like it, as it has the right balance of showing Martha turning away from humanity and not beeing too cruel. The first version of Ending 4 can still be found here:

Now, that the last Martha story is finished, my next project will be a comic with Amelia and David, that will show some TG. Maybe even Martha will have a quick cameo. This is the result of the last poll.

I've opened two new polls about the four endings of the Martha bonus story "Setting things right." Please read the endings and vote which ending you like best.
If you had played this littel game, you can also vote which was the ending you eventually reached.

Also, I'm thinking to offer a few point comissions. You know my magic mirror series:
Martha looks into the magic mirror by hippo2 Frida looks into the mirror by hippo2 A mouse looks into the magic mirror. by hippo2 Magic Mirror request by hippo2 Melodia looks into the mirror by hippo2
If you have a character you want to be seen TFed or if you have a super hero, I'll draw your character looking into the mirror and seeing his/her new form or the him-/herself dressed in the super hero clothes. The price will be 50 point. The only limits to the pictures are, that it must not be mature art or otherwise offending.
If you are interested, please post here or write me a note. For the beginning, I thought about offering 5 slots.

Art Trades

:iconsilva592: finished: His part of the deal (drawing of Martha) is still pending.
:iconagnethamoon: A picture of her two genie OCs (finished but not posted yet). Her part is still pending.
SirWriter Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2014
Congratulations on finishing your series.
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March 30, 2014