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The project about superheroines and other OCs turned into plushies has ended. I gave all plushies the choice to be restored. Most accepted the offer. There are some, who decided to stay as plushies.
Meister Plush has complete his collection of superheroine (and other OC) plushies.
There is a poll for the second batch plushies followed by a final poll between the 10 plushies with the highest votes from both polls. So, if you haven't done yet, please vote for your favourite plushie.
First poll
Second Poll

When we have the overall winner, more things are planned, but I won't tell yet.
You might be wondering why lately, there are so many pictures of superheroine plushies on my page. It all started in January this year, when the Puritan Inquisition (nobody expects them!) was after my friend Curia-DD. To protect her and Curia from the puritans, I turned them into plushies (actually, it was a picture I drew in support for her.) Later this year, more superheroines followed, (White0wlsuperheroine, Cracoviia).
Since last week, the whole plushification idea became very popular among some artists who have superheroines as their OCs. So, I expanded my collection and introduced a villain, Meister Plüsch, who is transforming the Superheroines into plushies and collects them.
I plan to continue this theme until the rack is full with adorable plushies. And I'm always looking for new volunteers.

Besides the plushie run, I'm working on other art too. I have a new Martha comic in the line, which will hopefully be finished in a few days, and there's a birthday gift I have to finish soon too.
Hello fans,

I'm opening commissions again. And this time, I make a special offer.
For only 50 points, I draw your OC as a plushie in a coloured picture, like these samples.

You can also order one of my regular comissions
B&W drawings of a character without Background for 50 points.
Coloured drawing of a character without Background for 100 points.
Coloured drawing of a character with Background for 150 points.
Today, I would like to point out the works of :iconaliciadrawsbecause: I'm following her works for a few months now, and I have to say, her drawing style is very unique. Over the last weeks her style improved even more and I'm really looking forward to see future pictures by her.
Here's a small overview over her pictures:
Please go to her site, have a look on her works and support her!
Progress on the Comic pages

Page 1: Finished
Page 2: Finished
Page 3: Finished
Page 4: Finished

For the next four days, a new page of the comic will be posted daily.

Older parts of my documentation

How to make a comic - The story idea
How to make a comic - The script
How to make a comic - Character references
How to make a comic - Page and Panel Layout

age Layout

Maybe the most important step in doing a comic is the page layout. With the page layout, you combine the script with the pictures. Here you plan what will actually by visible in your comic. Here’s the page layout for the first page as well as the updated script.


Layout Seite 1 by hippo2     Script for Magnificient Martha's Magic ShowScene: A stage
Martha, in her magician attire, stands on the stage. The Audience is watching.
MARTHA: Good Evening, everybody, welcome to my show. Who’s up for a magic experience? For my next trick, I need two volunteers.
Denise and Shameka raise their hands
MARTHA: Hello, my lovelies. May you tell us a bit about yourself?
DENISE: I’m Denise and I’m a teacher.
SHAMEKA: My name’s Shameka. I work as a visual merchandiser.
MARTHA: That means you are setting up mannequins in stores windows?
SHAMEKA: That’s part of my job, yes.
MARTHA: Alright. I want you two lovelies to lay down in these two boxes.
Martha helps Denise in the box. The box has blue stars on it.
Shameka lies in her box, her head is outside. There’s a red star on the box.
MARTHA: Are you felling alright, Sameka?
SHAMEKA : I’m doing fine!
Martha raises her hands. Two golden scim

In this phase, you might do several slight changes to the scrip as sometimes, you ideas can’t be put into a panel the way you imagined them in the first place. A panel might be overloaded, some details to small. Maybe you have planned too much text for a single panel and need to split it. Don’t expect your original script to go smoothly into the layout.


Panel Style and Order

There are different comic styles in the world and each has typical panel styles.

The Western styles – American comics and Franco-Belgian comics from Europe - usually have a rather rigid grid of three, four or more rows per page. The panels are usually rectangular, which makes it easy to read. The reading order is the same as in a western book: Row for row from left to right.  The reading order of the speech bubbles inside a panel follows the same pattern.

There can be some diversions from the order of panels as shown here.

Panels West by hippo2

The first row is a pretty simple left to right row.

In the second row, the big panel is followed by two smaller panels in vertical position. The reading order follows the numbers.

In the last row, the reading order does not follow the normal scheme. Here, arrows between the panels indicate the reading order.


In the Japanese or Manga style, the reading order is basically flipped.

Panels East by hippo2

There’s often another difference between western and eastern Style: While in the western Style, panels are usually positioned in straight rows and are strictly rectangular shaped, it is much more common in the Manga style to use panels that have non-rectangular shape or to not use a strict gird for the panels. But even then, the panels are basically positioned in lines


You can use non-rectangular panels to steer the movement of the reader’s eyes in a certain direction. While such panels are not uncommon in Manga, there are also Mangas which a grid to position the panels.

Meanwhile, there are mixtures of both styles in terms of panel shapes and positioning. For your own comic, you have to find our own style. Obviously, you should choose one reading order (western or eastern) and stick to it.


Panel Layout

When planning a panel, you must always keep in mind, that you need space for the text. Depending on how much text you want to put into that panel, the speech bubble will block quite a portion of your panel. It’s usually more than you expected. Consider this, when you plan a panel. Here’s a good page to point out some hints.

Doing a Maid's Job - Page 4/8 by hippo2

In the first panel, we see a conversation between two characters. Here I had to plan were to put the speech bubbles. I decided to put the two characters in the middle and the respective speech bubbles to the edges of the page. This means that between one third and half of the panel is reserved for speech bubbles. This also means that I don’t have to care for the background that is completely obstructed by the speech bubble.  Here, you can safe work, depending on our drawing technique and tools you use. (I come back to that point in another chapter)

The second panel shows a close up of the head. Here, expression of the character and the text are the most prominent features. The close up of the head gives you the chance to work on the expressions in detail. The Background for such a picture can be rather simple. If you are working with colors, you can even use them to support the mood of the character.
In a close up, it is also possible to let out the background completely and place the face directly on the plain white paper.
The Genie Princess of the Seas 2/4 by hippo2
When doing a close-up of the head, you should reserve about one third of the panel for the speech bubble.

The third panel is rather large and I spent a lot of time on the digital painting of Zurich. Obviously, I didn’t want that picture to be obstructed by speech bubbles too much. As you can see, I placed most of the speech bubble in the sky, so the details of the picture remain visible.

In your comic, there will be (most likely) some main characters and some minor characters, which you will have to draw very often. For these characters, it pays out to do a reference picture or reference sheet. You would like to give your main characters an attire, that won't change much over the course of the comic. This attire will help your readers to identify your character. Just think of Superman's blue attire with the red cape.
Of course, you can also choose to put your character in different clothes, as they certainly have different sets in their warderobe. That is perfectly fine.
On the other hand, if you are used to draw a character in a certain way, drawing her or him will get much faster. It's for you to decide.

In the reference picture, I also add a set of colours for various parts of the body and the clothes. This is especially helpful when working digitally, as most photoshopping programs have a function to pick up a colour from an existing digital picture. For my Martha series, I have a colour palette for every major and some minor characters and I used them very often.

Here are the character sheets for my new comic.
Martha reference picture by hippo2 Denise reference picture by hippo2 Shameka reference picture by hippo2

If you work traditionally, a reference sheet with a colour palette might be useful too. Here's an example for a traditional character sheet.
Leela and Amy Color Chart by Gulliver63
As a new project, I’ll be working on a new comic featuring my genie Martha and two other characters by :iconcuria-dd: and :iconposeme:  I won’t tell much about the story yet.

But I plan to document my progress in my journal, giving little previews and basically describing  the steps towards the finished comic. By reading my journals, as they progress, you can learn about possible steps towards making a comic. I hope I can help those interested to do their own comics.

First step is to write down the story concept in headwords.

Here's an overview over the story. It's in German, but it will give away all of the story. Be warned.
The Magnificient Martha (Arbeitstitel)Martha als Bühnenmagierin (grüner Leotard, Strumpfhosen, Grüne Heels, Grüner Zylinder) bitte um Freiwillige.
Denise und Shameka kommen auf die Bühne
Denise: Beruf Teacher, Rock-Blaze-Combo mit dunkler Strumpfhose, Heels
Shameka: Beruf Visual Merchandiser, weiße Bluse, Schwarze oder graue Hose, Heels.
Martha fragt beide, wer sie sind. Dann steckt sie beide liegend in zwei Boxen.  Eine Kiste mit roten Sternen, eine mit blauen Sternen. Köpfe, ein Arm und die Füße schauen heraus.
Martha zersägt beide Kisten in Höhe der Taille und trennt sie.
Anschließen setzt sie die Kisten wieder heraus, wobei sie beide Kisten vertauscht.
Beide Damen kommen aus den Kisten mit vertauschten Unterteilen. Beide schauen verwirrt.
Martha kündigt einen weiteren Trick an. Beide Damen werden mit einem Tuch verhüllt. Martha zieht das Tuch weg und beide sind verschwunden.
Szenenwechsel: Strand, Denise und Shameka liegen in Badeanz

Hello Fans,

I'm currently under a huge workload so with starting today, I put a hold on any new art trade or commissions. I still have one project going, on which I will continue to work, but I won't take any new art trades or commissions for now.
Art trades are closed.

Currently Art Trade list:
Slot 1 :iconxy174j: Art Trade: Foody Sultan His part of the trade: Genie couple color
Slot 2 :iconaliencon: Art trade: White Jinn His part of the trade: Martha art trade
Slot 3 :iconmead1992: Art Trade: Maude Bayrile Her part of the trade: Martha the Genie
Slot 4 :iconaliciadrawsbecause:  Art Trade: Alicia's first Wish by hippo2 Her part of the trade: Art Trade: Martha by AliciaDrawsBecause
Slot 5 :iconaliciadrawsbecause: Art trade: Alicia and Frida by hippo2 Her part of the trade: Transformed into a schoolgirl by AliciaDrawsBecause
Happy new year to all my fans out there!

I'm currently working on a comic for :iconemperornortonii: and :iconnayzor: It took me way too long to get into gears with this project, but now I'm on it.
Also, I'm working on an art trade with :iconxy174j:

I'm offering Art Trades and Commissions again:

For Commission prices:
B&W drawings of a character without Background for 50 points
Coloured drawing of a character without Background for 100 points
Coloured drawing of a character with Background for 150 points.

Art trades are currently open
Slot 1 :iconxy174j: Art Trade: Foody Sultan His part of the trade: Genie couple color
Slot 2 :iconaliencon: Art trade: White Jinn His part of the trade: Martha art trade
Slot 3 :iconmead1992: Her OC Genie Maude Marcella Bayrile
Slot 4
Slot 5
This is a comipo comic done by my friend :iconvektormaster13: If you like TF comics and stories, please check it out.
Poor Millie - Page 1 / 4 by VektorMaster13 Poor Millie - Page 2 / 4 by VektorMaster13 Poor Millie - Page 3 / 4 by VektorMaster13 Poor Millie - Page 4 / 4 by VektorMaster13
This morning, I reveiced a lot of Martha Fanart by Crossovercomicmark2 As all of you can imagine, I was surprised and touched by the generous gift.
To Crossovercomicmark2 I can only says: Thank you very much. I really appericate your gift!

Here are the pictures he made for me:
Recently, I found an artist, who does very good drawings. Her name is beajination We did an art trade and she made a wonderful picture of my OC Martha for me. Please check out her gallery.
Art Trade: Genie Martha by beajination
I'm currently working on a birthday gift for :iconpunisher2006: and I hope to have it finished by August 29th. My further plans are more BG for some other friends. Also, I hope to do more photography, if I find good motives.
The text for the new Martha story is finished now. Next, I will draw the pictures. My plan is to post the first part next weekend.
A new post after more than a year. I do this to give you an update on my current projects:

I'm writing on a new Martha story according to my last poll, which voted for a Martha as a teacher story. The story is about 50% written. Art work is not done yet, but will follow once the story is finished.
I'm offering Art Trades and Commissions again:

For Commission prices:
B&W drawings of a character without Background for 50 points
Coloured drawing of a character without Background for 100 points
Coloured drawing of a character with Background for 150 points.

Art trades are currently closed
Slot 1: :iconsnowwolf10: Art Trade: Past Data
Slot 2: :iconemperornortonii: Gift: In Ishtar's harem
Slot 3: :icongenie-girl: Birthday Gift: Martha and Rachel
Slot 4: :icongaucelm: Commission: LMW-Tan
Slot 5: :icongaucelm: Commission: Sylvania Bowowski
Recently, I saw a huge interest in my page. Now, I'm curious what you like to see here. Please comment here what kind of my art interests you most and which kind of pictures you'd like to see more often.