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The magic lamp - Part 4

By hippo2
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The magic Lamp - Part 4

„I wish you to make me into a prince.“ Marco said. “So I can find my princess!”

Martha shuddered once more. “I don’t know what I ever saw in him? Doesn't he know any more limits? First, I’m turned into a Genie. But he refuses to wish me back. Instead he wishes for all this superfluous stuff. And now? A Prince! I’d love to make him into a…”
Suddenly, she smiled wickedly. “Wish granted!” she said and blinked.

A little frog sat in the place where Marco was standing a second ago. The giant Martha was looking down at him.

“There you go! You are now officially a prince: The Prince of Frogs. Now jump off and find you your princess to kiss you.” Martha mocked her former boyfriend. She bowed down and caught the frog. While she was walking outside to release the frog into the estate’s pond, Martha considered her situation. She might be stuck as a genie for good. And she might be forced to grant her future masters their silly wishes. But this doesn’t mean she couldn’t have fun. Now she knew, that she could “interpret” the wishes, if they were not formulated carefully. It was going to be a big fun to twist all the wishes of her future masters.

Martha laughed.


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Don't miss the next story about Martha: [link]

The original drawing is from :iconfto-sete:
Colourisation by me.
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Mir gefällt diese kleine Story wirklich gut. Ein großes Lob:D (Big Grin)  Die anderen Geschichten werde ich mir auch noch ansehen.

Ich hätte auch gerne Martha’s Lampe, in meinem Besitzt. So eine Lady hat man doch schließlich gerne als Flaschengeist. Ich hoffe nur, dass ich mir nichts Falsches wünsche und dann als Nacktschnecke ende.Waaaah! 

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Och, sie wird dir gerne 3 Wünsche gewähren. Was wünschst du dir denn?
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1. ein hübsches Mädel, dass das Ausehen eines sexy Models hat
2 dass meine Mutter mir nicht immer so am Wecker geht
3. und Sicherheit für mein Leben
Das wünsche ich mir^^
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1. Martha verwandelt dich in ein Mädchen mit Modelfigur.
2. Sie ändert deine Geschichte: Du hast jetzt eine neue, sehr reiche Familie. Deine ehemalige Mutter geht dir nicht mehr auf die Nerven, da du nie ihre Tochter warst.
3. Deine neue Familie ist sehr reich, aber sehr oberflächlich. Du bist ständig von Leibwächtern umgeben. Du bist sozusagen eine wohlbehütete Prinzessin. Darunter leidet natürlich deine Freiheit, da du jeden Moment  unter Beobachtung stehst.
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"Oh Mann, das ist so ätzend. Da hab ich diesen geilen Körper und kann ihn nicht richtig auskosten. Man erwartet von mir damenhaftes Verhalten, also darf ich weder meinen Busen, noch Arsch anfassen. Ich spüre jeder Zeit, die Blicke der Wachmänner, die auf mir liegen. Ich habe kaum Zeit für mich alleine, und muss ganz oft mit meinen reichen Eltern, zu kitschigen Bällen gehen. Die hohen High-Heels und die unangenehmen Kleider bringen mich noch um.
Doch das schlimmste ist, dass mir meine Eltern schon einen Ehemann ausgesucht haben. Ich bin bald eine Braut. Du hast mich reingelegt,  Martha!“
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"Deine Wünsche waren sehr vage formuliert. Du hast dir eine sexy Model gewünscht und ich habe den Wunsch erfüllt. Oder wie hast du den Wunsch gemeint?
Am schwierigsten war der Wunsch mit deiner Mutter, denn ich kann nicht den freien Willen der Menschen brechen. Indem ich dir eine neue Familie gab, konnte ich diesen Wunsch erfüllen.
Und Sicherheit in deinem Leben? Das war wieder sehr vage formuliert. Immerhin, wenn dir jemand etwas Böses will, bekommt er es mit den Leibwächtern zu tun.
Vielleicht tröstet es dich, dass du nun sehr reich bist. Finanziell bist du auf jeden Fall abgesichert.
Ich würde sagen, ich habe deine Wünsche erfüllt."
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It's only the beginning of a long, still running story.
MiniAliceSuperstar's avatar
Oh, I'll keep my eye on it then ;)
hippo2's avatar
Great! Here's the start of the next story: [link]
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That is a cute, fairly lighthearted start for this series. I do wonder what Martha did see in Marco, really. Certainly didn't seem to care about his girlfriend at all... I have to suspect he was using her long before she became a genie. It's difficult for me to feel much sympathy for Marco, even when I logically know it's a harsh punishment.
hippo2's avatar
Nobody knows what she saw in him. Marco was her first boyfriend an Martha was 17 or 18 years old back then. She was just totally attracted to him and she definitely lacked the experience with bad boyfriends. Marco on the other hand, didn't care much about her and he definitely had a girlfriend once.

So is the punishment harsh? Sure! Genie punishments are harsh for a reason: If you continue to read my stories, you will find one (and soon a second) story about an ancient genie society. The genie society is older than ancient egypt. On the one hand, ancient egypt was a very civilised world, but also a very harsh one. And so is the genie society.

Even if Martha is sucked into that world now, she will learn adopt, though at this point, she still has a lot of humanity in her. Keeping one humanity if you are given quasi-cosmical powers, and how to use this powers responsibly is one toppic of my series.
The other big toppic is basically growing up. Martha will have to build up her own living now. At an age of 18-20 years, that means getting your first real job, maybe moving to a new town, finding new friends, maybe getting into an relationship.

I hope you continue reading my stories and give me more feedback.
Mallory36's avatar
I'll continue reading. I do want to know more about Martha, and Martha growing up, and this whole genie business :).
hippo2's avatar
I promise you won't be surprised. There is a lot of character developement comming. Martha will find her way to deal with being a genie. But also other characters will appear and will develope.
TheHappySultan's avatar
her BF was an evil person. He got what was coming to him. He clearly took materials over his girl friend. But nice parts. I enjoyed them.
hippo2's avatar
Thank you very much. I hope you'll enjoy the other stories too.
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I certainly hope I do.
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I love the expression of the "frog prince" in this XD it's great! It's cool to have the long description there too, it fits really well.
hippo2's avatar
Yeah! It was fun to draw him. Marco looks cute as a frog. Maybe I should have added a little crown?
dibbuns's avatar
I think the crown might have distracted from the expression and the rest of the action too much... it would work either way really.
hippo2's avatar
I'll keep it as it is now.
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Interesting concept. :P She's at least better at twisting wishes than my genie... though that might be for the best. :P
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