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The magic lamp - Part 3

By hippo2
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The magic lamp - Part 3

Martha was confused. She didn’t want to call her boyfriend “Master”. She wanted Marco to help her. Martha concentrated and tried again: “Marco, I was sucked into the lamp and now I’m a genie to serve you.” What was that? She didn’t want to say the last part either.

“So you can grant me wishes?” Marco asked.

“Yes, master! I’m here to fulfill your wishes!” Martha was forced to answer. Slowly she got really annoyed. Was she destined to be a slave for Marco? Then she had an idea. Again, Martha had to concentrate to say the right words: “Please wish me back to human Ma…ster!” Damn! It was getting worse and worse.

“Ok, I can do that Martha! But first you have to grant some wishes for us.” Marco said.

“What?” Martha gasped.

“Come on! We can at least get some benefits of the situations. Grant me any wish I ask for and I will wish you back to human, once we are done.” Marco proposed.

Martha was about to object, but the idea of getting a better living out of it was really tempting. “As you wish, master!” she answered voluntarily.

“Good!” said Marco with a grin that puzzled Martha. “We could use a better place to live in. Genie, I wish for a big house on the beach!”

“Wish granted!” Martha felt herself compelled to say. She blinked her eyes and at once, both of them were standing in a huge, luxurious living room with a big balcony that faced towards the sea.

Not so bad thought Martha, when Marco stated his next wish: “We need more money! Genie, I wish to be rich!”

“Wish granted!” After another blink, a suitcase appeared on the table. Marco opened it and it was full of bundles of banknotes.

Martha wanted to ask Marco to wish her back to human, when Marco stated his next wish: “Genie, I wish for an impressive sports car.”

“I don’t like, where this is going to!” thought Martha, but she was forced to fulfill his wish too. Soon, a Porsche 911 was standing in the garage of the villa.

But Marco didn’t felt to stop. Instead, he continued wishing:
“Genie, I wish for a flat screen TV”
“Genie, I wish for a new computer”
“Genie, I wish for a classy wardrobe I can wear when I’m clubbing!”
“Genie, I wish for a servant to take care of the house!”
“Genie, I wish to be good looking!”
Soon, there were a new TV and a new computer in the house, Marcos closet was filled with expensive suits, a French Maid was cleaning the house and Marco looked like a male model.
Martha shuddered at all of these wishes. Was Marco always such a greedy man? Slowly, she got reasonable doubts that he really loved her. Martha gathered all of her willpower to ask Marco for the last time. “Mas…rco, wish me back to human! Now!” she forced her words out.

“All right!” said Marco. “Here’s my wish:”

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The original drawing is from :iconfto-sete:
Colourisation by me.
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ah,the early martha with the head wrap!
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What do you mean? I don't get it.
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It the first couple of times you drew martha as a genie,she had that cloth around her head. Now,you draw her head bare,no fabric,just hair.
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That's because it was done by another Artist. Martha started with the colourisation of this picture: [link] but without the background. Later I found more genie pictures by :iconfto-sete: As all the genies looked quite alike, I wrote a single story about her and thus, Martha was born. I did the complete "Magic Lamp"-Story on one weekend. And since it had a huge success, I continued to write and develope my drawing skills. The rest is history.
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Settle down, Marco! Your gf's a genie and all you care about is materialistic gifts! XD