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The magic lamp - Part 2

By hippo2
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The Magic Lamp - Part 2

Martha found herself inside the lamp. It was a narrow space with silk cushions and a large, Persian carpet on the floor. The walls were decorated with oriental ornaments and radiated a warm, red light. However, there was no connection to the outside world, except the neck of the lamp, which looked like a long, dark tunnel from inside the lamp.

Martha looked down on herself. Also her dress had changed. She wasn’t wearing her yellow t-shirt and green skirt anymore. They were replaced by yellow top with a deep neck line that left her midriff uncovered. She was also wearing light-green harem pants and green slippers. Around her arms, she wore broad golden bracelets.

“How clichée!” Martha thought when suddenly the red glow intensified. At the same moment, Martha felt the same sucking, she felt when she was drawn into the lamp, but this time, she was drawn into the dark tunnel.

Martha emanated from the lamp. She was still wearing the harem style costume, but her legs actually dissolved into green smoke, that was pouring out of the lamp. Surprised, Martha looked around to see what was happening.

“What had happened to you, Martha?” she suddenly heard the voice of Marco behind her.

Martha tried to tell Marco, but all she was saying was: "How may I serve you, Master?”

Part 1: [link]

Part 3: [link]
Part 4: [link]
The original drawing is from :iconfto-sete:
Colourisation by me.
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bottle or lamp? you have both up here.
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Oh... It's lamp of course. Thank you!
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darn. i much prefer bottles. cute story though.
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Gregorios, another of my genies, is trapped inside a bottle. Here's the actuall botteling scene: [link]
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I really like the beginning of this story about Martha. Just one question. In this and the next artwork, whats with that piece of clothing around Martha's head? And why did it suddenly disappeared after the next story. Then again, I like her better without it.
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The first four pictures haven't been drawn by myself but by :iconfto-sete:

I merely did the colourisation and wrote the story. I guess the yellow thing is some kind of veil. But I didn't like it either, so I drew Martha without the veil ever since.
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kawaii I lvoe the genie 6 ^!...
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