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The magic lamp - Part 1

By hippo2
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The Magic Lamp - Part 1

Martha was on her way to her boyfriend Marco. They were together for about one month now and for Martha, it was like heaven. She was so glad she had met Marco and never thought she could ever live without him.

Martha rang the bell at the door of Marco’s dormitory near the university campus. “Come up, honey! There’s something interested I found in the market today.” Marco answered through the intercom. “I’ll be with you in a minute.” The buzzer on the door was activated. Martha entered the house.

When she arrived in Marcos room, Marco was still not there. “Marco?” she called.
“Just one minute!” he answered from the bathroom.
“Ah, he’s still preparing for our date!” Martha thought. “Why can’t boys plan ahead and get ready in time?”
When she looked around, she found something interesting on the table. It was an oriental-style oil lamp, made of brass. Martha hadn’t seen it before. She would ask Marco, where he got the lamp from. It looked old and dirty. Martha took the lamp for a closer inspection. Old and a bit dirty, indeed. Martha rubbed the lamp with a tissue to get it cleaner, when suddenly, a hiss could be heard from the lamp and a green smoke streamed from it. Seemingly surprised, Martha dropped the lamp. The smoke continued to evaporate and when it reached her left leg, two strange things happened: First, the smoke began to creep up her leg and second, parts of the smoke were retreated into the lamp again. In this process, it didn’t take long until Martha felt a strong pull on her leg. It couldn’t be true. The smoke was actually sucking her leg into the lamp. Quickly, more and more of her leg was stretched and sucked towards the lamp. When it reached her thighs, Martha panicked:
“Marco, help me! Help!” she cried.
Merciless, the lamp continued to suck her in. The last thing Martha heard were Marco’s quick paces as he rushed into the living room. But he was too late: Martha was gone.

Part 2:…
Part 3:…
Part 4:…

The original drawing is from :iconfto-sete: Used with permission.
Colourisation, character and story by me.
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This fills my sleep with dreams... That would feel so good, having my toesies stretched and swirled, being slowly drinked up by the lamp... Becoming weaker and weaker, unable to escape while my body melts into smoke and spirals down into my new home... 💋
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All you have to do is wish for such a lamp. But be aware that you will become a genie slave. You will be locked to your lamp and have to serve your masters for the rest of your life.
KatyInflaty's avatar
That sounds lovely, bottle me up any day. 💋
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Wanna RP your geniefication?
KatyInflaty's avatar
Note me, love. 💋
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I really love the the fluidity in this drawing. It's cool!
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The lamp that began my insanity on this...
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Damn reverse lamps!
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And that's only the beginning.
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i love this! great story!
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Awesome Story for an Awesome Pic! Great Job!
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