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Taking responsibility - Part 7B by hippo2 Taking responsibility - Part 7B by hippo2
The two weeks were up and it was Amelia's last day as a receptionist. Now, it was time to release Martha from her prison. Amelia summoned Sami and quickly explained him what had happened to Martha. Of course, Sami agreed to break the seal on Martha's lamp and release his fellow genie. A quick blink later, green smoke poured out of Martha's lamp and formed into the body of the green-skinned genie girl.

"Free! I'm free again!" Martha yelled. Then she saw Amelia standing next to Sami. "Why did you wait so long to release me?" she asked, angrily.

Amelia shied away. Then, she plucked up her courage and stood up against the furious genie. "Listen, Martha, you brought that upon yourself. You deserved to be punished for what you did to those kids. And, I warned you that you will have to live with the consequences. Do you remember?"

"You... You made yourself the judge and the executioner in one person." Martha lashed out on Amelia. "That's... That's just arrogant. You dared to lock me away for two whole weeks."

"Be glad that it was only two weeks," suddenly David said, from the entrance of the lobby. Apparently, he had come over from the reception desk and heard the argument between Amelia and Martha.

"And that was for you to decide?" Martha snapped at him.

"Martha, you have to understand that you did an deliberately evil act, there. And that you deserved to be punished."

"But not by you!" Martha turned her head away in anger.

"Martha, don't you see that your power corrupts you? When we first met, you still had such strong, human side. I remember how you used your power to cure Svetlana's sister And, for some time, I thought I could love you, despite the fact that you were a genie. But now, I learned what you did to those poor kids. That's not the Martha I met, once. Please don't let yourself be corrupted by your powers. Don' t let the human Martha disappear." David begged.

"You and your hatred for us genies. David, have you ever thought that that is what I want? That I'm a genie, now? That I'm happy as a genie? Please don't try to save me and make me human again. And don't try to control me as most of my human masters do."

"I'm not trying to control you here, Martha. I'm trying to help you." David replied.

"If you want to 'help' me, how about you accept me as a genie? David, you're a nice guy and I'd love to stay your friend. But if you can't accept the genie Martha, then adieu, David!"
With these words Martha returned to her lamp.

Codeword: Geniedom


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Proofreading by :iconjorrun:
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mnmega Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2013
I like how Sami's indifferent in both A and B.
magicshoppe Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2013
Have to agree with the above. This is too abrupt a personality change. Heck, even Sami, presumably standing right there, should have called her out on her unusual behavior. Sami was too quiet in both part 7s.
hippo2 Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2013
Martha always had anger issues. In the first stories, she often lashed out on her masters. Here's anger clearly dominated her as well.

About Sami, I see that he's a bit too passive in this story. I imagined him to be indifferent about human issues. Maybe I'll add a line where Amelia or David adress him and he says "I don't care. It's not for me to decide."
magicshoppe Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2013
He may be indifferent about human issues, but he isn't indifferent about Martha's happiness.
Agent505 Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2013  Professional Writer
Gotta go with the humanity side too - she has too much humanity in her to suddenly be this harsh.
kaaslave Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2013
I think I prefer the "Humanity" ending better.
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