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Setting Things right - Part 2A by hippo2 Setting Things right - Part 2A by hippo2

Martha grants that wish

"Consider your wish as granted." Martha replied. Then, her conscience returned to her own body.

In the changing room, Saoirse and Amelia stared at Martha, who was standing there as if she was a mannequin. Suddenly, Martha moved again. "Are you ok?" Amelia asked. "What about Roisin?"

"I'm fine and Roisin is too, kind of. I even granted her a wish."

"So you are going to turn her back into a human?" Saoirse asked in an afraid and sad voice.

"Listen for yourself." Marta replied.

Suddenly the harp began to play. Saoirse closed her eyes and hummed the tune. When the music ended, Saoirse smiled. "I understood Roisin. Kind of. She's communicating with me through music."

"I don't understood anything." Amelia said.

"Maybe only I can understand her. I guess because I play the harp. Or because we know each other quite well right now." Saoirse explained.

Amelia was baffled. "Are you not going to turn her back into a human, Martha?"

"Roisin wished to stay a harp. She only wished to be able to communicate with Saoirse by herself." Martha explained.

Meanwhile, Saoirse was playing on Roisin again. After a few measures, Saoirse stopped and Roisin played all by herself, apparently answering Saoirse. "Roisin is happy with the wish you granted her." Saoirse translated. "Err, if you don't mind. I'd like to talk to Roisin now. Can you go, please?"

"Oh, certainly. Have fun, you too!" Amelia said. She and Martha left the dressing room.

Outside, Martha wondered aloud: "I'm surprised that Saoirse and Roisin are getting along so well. The last time I saw them, they were best enemies."

"I guess not only Roisin's mind has changed." Amelia replied. "But I'm not sure if this development will help us restoring your victims."

"What do you mean?" Martha asked.

"You know, that over time, the mind adapts to the new body. And the new mind will find the new existence absolutely normal. Take me for example: I still have the memories of my life as a mouse. But they no longer seem real to me. I constantly have to remind myself, that I actually started as a mouse. If I would let that knowledge go, I would see myself as a perfectly normal human. But I ain't.
I'm pretty sure we will encounter more of your victims, who have been gotten used to what they are now. I'm afraid, they don't even want to be changed back. If you will respect what they won't we might end up with rescuing none of them.
It's your responsibility now: You made a deliberate decision to transform them in that way. Now, it requires a deliberate decision from yourself to turn them back." Amelia ended her lecture.

Martha nodded. "I see what you mean. Let's go and find my next victim." She blinked and both women teleported away.

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DanStanding Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2013
Very excited that we'll see some branches and more story! Very excited to see you continuing with Martha!
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