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Setting Things right - Part 11B by hippo2 Setting Things right - Part 11B by hippo2

Punish Katrin the Genie Way

When Katrin regained consciousness, she found herself sitting on the floor, being bound by golden shackles and chains. Looking down on her were Martha, David and Micheal.


"Awake now, sleepy head?" Martha teased her. "I beat you fair and square, you have to admit that."


Katrin tried to break free, but to no avail. "Right, you beat me. Can you untie me, please?"


"First you give Amelia back, in her original, human size." Martha ordered.


"Ok, ok!" Kathrin blinked and Amelia reappeared. She was back to her original size. Amelia and David rushed to each other and embraced.


"Now for you punishment!" Martha said.


"Punishment!" Katrin was shocked.


"Of course! You broke the Great Genie Law when you cast a mind control on your boyfriend. And the way you treated Amelia shows one thing: You are unfit to handle the powers of a genie freely."


"Unfit?! Don be so high an might. I'm sure you've abused our genie powers now and then. If I'm unfit, so are you." Katrin gave Martha an accusing stare.


Martha turned her head away. "No need in denying it. But unlike you, I try to make up for my mistakes. And I never enslaved another person like you did with Michael. For your crimes against the great genie law, I condemn you to a life as a genie slave. You shall be bound to your bottle and grant wishes to anyone who holds it." She crossed her arms and blinked.


Golden slave rings appeared around Katrin's arms and a golden necklace closed around her neck. Katrin's bottle popped open an began to suck the genie inside. "Please, Martha! Don't do this to me."


Martha gave Katrin a cold stare. "No chance! You have to be punished!"


Katrin was bracing to the rim of her bottle. "Is the no way I can get out of the bottle." She really looked desparate.


Martha sighed. She had to tell Katrin; it would be unfair not to do. "There is one: You have to find someone to wish you free again. Maybe you're lucky and won't have to wait too long; only a few hundred years." she teased her.


Katrin was shocked. Her arms buckled. She closed her eyes briefly and when she opened them again, they had turned dark, nearly black. Eventually, the strenght of her arms succumbed to the sucking of the bottle. "I'll get my revenge. A curse for all who summon the Genie Catrynia..." With these words, the genie Catrynia was sucked inside the bottle. A moment later, the stopper closed the bottle.


Martha's friends looked at the scene in silent. Martha gave them a questioning look. "What? Don't you agree that she deserved to be punished?"


The three others avoided eye contact with Martha. Michael was the first to speak again. "She certainly deserved punishment. And since she kept me as slave, I guess her punishment is appropriate ... in a way. But... Since I was her slave, I know how it feels. And trust me, it's a fate I wouldn't wish for my worst enemy."


"Michael makes a point here. Sometimes you tend to be very vengeful, Martha. What you did to Katrin was rather revenge than justice. That's not what a human should do." Amelia scolded her.


Martha was about to reply that she was a genie now and not a human anymore, but Amelia's words made her think. David used the chance to add his two cents. "Now we have another evil genie in the world. Humanity will surely suffer from Catrynia twisting their wishes. And who knows, Martha, maybe she will get back on you one day?"


Martha was shocked. "Get back on me? What do you mean?"


"If Catrynia ever becomes a free genie, she might find and challenge you. Given that you could only defeat her now because you had our help, the re-match would certainly be interesting."


Martha muttered a "No...!" while she clasped her mouth.


Michael took Catrynia's bottle. "I guess it's up to me to make sure that won't happen for the next 50 or 60 years. I'll keep that bottle safe for the rest of my life. And maybe I will find a way to secure it for good. Have a nice day!" He turned and walked away.


 Next, Amelia turned to Martha. "Thank you very much for rescuing me." She smiled.


David on the other hand didn't look so friendly at Martha. "Yes, thank you for saving Amelia."


"What's wrong, David?" Martha asked.


"What's wrong?" David frowned. "You punished Katrin, alright. She certainly deserved punishment and there is no genie court around. But did you have to punish her that way? Couldn't you have simply turned her back into a human?" He was a bit upset.


"Or you could have taken away her powers and forced her to grant 99 wishes without then." Amelia proposed.

"I'm not sure if I could have taken away her powers. Sami told me that only nobles can do that. But I guess I could have turned her back into a human." Martha admitted.


"And now we have another evil genie in the world." David continued.


"That's enough, David." Amelia intervened. She addressed Martha in a diplomatic tone of voice, "Martha, we are sorry. David and I, both of us, are very thankful for what you did. I travelled with you the world and you did what you could to help your victims. I'm sure you did what you thought was best. And we won't blame you for your decisions. Right, David?"


David nodded. "It was your decision, Martha, and I will respect that."


"Thank you, friends." Martha said. "In fact, I learned a lot on our travels, Amelia."


"And that would be?" Amelia asked.


"Remember that wish that you gave me, David? I know how to use it." Martha said.


David put his index on his temple and put on a stern face. "Yeah, I remember it. What will you wish for?"

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