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Setting Things right - Part 11A by hippo2 Setting Things right - Part 11A by hippo2

Make Katrin human again

When Katrin regained consciousness, she found herself sitting on the floor, being bound by golden shackles and chains. Looking down on her were Martha, David and Micheal.


"Awake now, sleepy head?" Martha teased her. "I beat you fair and square, you have to admit that."


Katrin tried to break free, but to no avail. "Right, you beat me. Can you untie me, please?"


"First you give Amelia back, in her original, human size." Martha ordered.


"Ok, ok!" Kathrin blinked and Amelia reappeared. She was back to her original size. Amelia and David rushed to each other and embraced.


"Now for you punishment!" Martha said.


"Punishment!" Katrin was shocked.


"Of course! You broke the Great Genie Law when you cast a mind control on your boyfriend. And the way you treated Amelia shows one thing: You are unfit to handle the powers of a genie."


"Unfit?! Don be so high and mighty. I'm sure you've abused our genie powers now and then. If I'm unfit, so are you." Katrin gave Martha an accusing stare.


Martha turned her head away. "No need in denying it. But unlike you, I try to make up for my mistakes. And I never enslaved another person like you did with Michael. To prevent you from doing such a thing ever again, I hereby take away your genie powers and transform you back into a mere human." She crossed her arms and blinked.


When the genie powers were sucked out of Katrin's body, the pudgy girl collapsed to the ground. "Noooo...... What shall I do now?"


"Live the life of a human as you did before we met for the first time." Martha nodded towards Michael. "Maybe Michael will give you a second chance?"


"Certainly not. I'm done with you, Katrin. All you did was abuse your powers and exploit me." Michael turned and walked away from Katrin.


 Next, Amelia turned to Martha. "Thank you very much for rescuing me."


"Yeah, thank you very much." David added. "This Katrin was truly an evil genie."


"DAVID!" Amelia shouted. "Not all genies are evil. Martha certainly isn't an evil genie."


"Sorry!" David turned a little red. "I didn't include you, Martha. You have proven that you are a good genie. Amelia told me how you travelled the world and helped all your victims."


"Yeah, we managed to help several of them. This trip was a real eye opener to me."


"What do you mean?" David asked.


"It gave me a lot to think about: How and if I should use my powers at all. Especially when I use them on other people. See, my powers are pretty awesome and I can use them either to help people or to punish them." Martha explained.


"I hope you only use them to help!" David replied horrified.


Martha turned a little red. "You now, David, there are some persons who deserve to be punished. Take this Katrin for example: I couldn't let her continue to break the genie law and abuse her powers. When I turned her back into a human, I prevented her from doing more evil with her genie magic."


"Yes, you're right." David admitted. "It was a good choice to make her human again. I guess you can use your powers responsibly."


"Yeah, I tried to what was best for humanity. It was in fact a really educating experience for me too. All of the recent encounter with my victims were." Martha said. "I see much clearer now what I am and where my life shall go."


"And that would be?" Amelia asked.


"Remember that wish that you gave me, David? I know how to use it." Martha said.


David smiled. "Yeah, I remember it. What will you wish for?"

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mnmega Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2014
Soo, what'll be your plans for after the Martha conclusions?
hippo2 Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2014
Oh, you will see soon. When I finished the next parts, I will post them.
Jorrun Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2014
great chapter
P-z-p-Z Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Very nice man.
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