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Setting Things right - Ending 4 by hippo2 Setting Things right - Ending 4 by hippo2

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Martha blinked. Her bracelets started to vibrate and turned to dust, but her skin kept its green color. Also, her harem clothes remained the same.


David gave Martha an angry look. "So you decided to stay an evil genie?"


Now Martha had enough. "How dare you, David! Since we met, all you saw in me was an evil genie."


"You have to admit that Sami is ruining one life after another and you did your share of chaos too." David tried to justify himself.


This fired up Martha's anger even more. "Maybe chaos is our nature? Why can't you accept that?"


"You nature? Chaos is evil! You genies are evil!" David shouted at Martha. "You and all other evil genies deserve to be locked away forever!"


Martha gave David an icy stare. "That's the final straw. You think, all genies are evil. Let's see how you do as a genie!" She snapped. Instantly, David's legs dissolved and formed a yellow genie tail. His t-shirt disappeared and a turban appeared on his head.


"Martha, what are you doing?" David asked in panic.


"You think all genies deserve to be locked away? I can help with that." Martha snapped again. Golden Bracelets appeared around David's forearms. "My lamp is free at the moment. So you can be the new tenant." Mercilessly, the lamp sucked David in, who disappeared with a desparate scream.


"And to give you the experience of serving many stupid masters..." Martha snapped and the lamp teleported away. When she turned around, she saw a shocked Amelia.


"Martha, wh... what did you just do? Wh... what sh... shall I do now?" Amelia stammered.


"Oh that! Don't worry." Martha snapped. "You are now the manager of the Grandhotel.


Amelia was close to tears now. "I don't care about the stupid hotel. I want David back. How can you be so cruel to me, Martha? That's inhuman."


"I'm a genie?!?" Martha gave her a questioning stare. "But honestly, you should see it as a chance. David isn't a nice guy either."


"Just because he doesn't like you, doesn't mean he's a bad person." Amelia crossed her arm and sulked.


"He doesn't like me because I'm a genie. Not because of what I did. " Martha replied. "And don't forget how he reacted when he heard about your past. Are you sure there won't be any problems with him in the future?"


"I don't know if there will be problems in the future. But David is a better guy than you think. I know that we can work it out. So can you please bring him back now? Because I still love him."


Martha shook her head. "I can't do anything about it. He's out of my control. You can only hope that your paths will cross another day. If you still want him back then."


"Is that your final word?" Amelia was still close to tears.


"I'm afraid it is."


Amelia shook her head. "David was right in one point: You genies can really ruin a humans life."


Martha remained silent. "I guess..." She finally mumbled.


"What are you going to do now?" a crushed Amelia asked.


Martha took a deep breath. "I'm finished with humanity. I'll travel the world and look for other genies. If there are any other genies left. If I find some, I'll stay with them."


"Will you take Sami with you?" came as a bitter response.


"No. Sami lied to me about my earrings. I can't trust him anymore." Martha replied.


"If that's your desicion...!" Amelia turned away from Martha.


Martha blinked and teleported away.


Amelia started walking to the edge of the pitch. "I guess the human Martha is really dead now."



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Fattastic Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2014
Best ending ever. David was progressively more and more of a jerkass as the series progressed and this is a perfect ending for him. Thanks a lot for adding it :boogie:

Does it mean a true ending for Martha's adventures?
hippo2 Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2014
David is a jerk, but he has a few good abilities too. He can be very couragous and defies Genies, Goddesses and other supernatural creatures to save those who are important to him. Depending on the paths you choose, he becomes more or less of a jerk. Anyway, in this ending, I agree with you: He got his just desserts.

About the "true ending": Together with the "Forever Genie" Episode, there are several Endings now. Some of these Endings I won't continue, some I will. Currently, I see three endings worth to keep open for continuing. And this is definitely one of these endings.
Fattastic Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2014
Plus I think that a choice of Martha abandoning her humanity is much better overally than attempts to balance things out or depowering her. Not because this is a long-going story of a genie girl, but because all her pro-human choices are so bloody and over-the-top moralistic and politically correct. That simply makes picking the threads for "evil genie" more entertaining, as they go without dropping anvils and preachy style.
hippo2 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2014
Her choice to abandon humanity has something definite and hasn't the hypocrite aftertaste of the superhero ending. Still, the whole story was about the moraly question about how to handle powers. Will power corrupt you or will you use it in a wise way?
The ending, where Martha becomes human again, shows that she can't handle the power and runs away from it.
The ending, where Martha abandons humanity is the corruption ending. She succumbs to the genie powers and looses her human qualities.
The ending, where she stays a genie and helps humanity, is the ending where she struggles on to keep her powers in balance.
Do you still prefer the geniedom ending?
Fattastic Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2014
As I said, the geniedom line, while cliche on it's own rights, it's at least free from heavy-handed moralisation. That makes it readable, unlikely the "goodie-two-shoes" pro-human choices. Sure, the geniedom version of each paragraf turns pretty much the entire  cast into jerks, but they are also the same jerks, only with bonus hipocrisy in the human choices.
I guess I'm overthinking this.
hippo2 Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2014
You could also see is as you wrote: Martha has given up all the restrictions of human society.

Still, there are some rules concerning genies. What do you think about them?
Fattastic Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2014
I think that there is a clear difference between having laws and having law enforcement of any kind. What good for are rules, when there is nothing stoping you from breaking them? And your series is plagued by this issue, since whenever some "rule" is mentioned, it's also carelessly broken. Then why exactly even bother with creating the sole concept of "genie rules" if none of your characters is living by them? That's my problem with any kind of fictional code which is treated lightly - then how the hell said code even came to existence if the society which is supposedly ruled by it couldn't care less, aside from sleazy writting.

Told you that I'm overthinking it.
hippo2 Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2014
I know. This is a long discussion. Especially about the "mind control rule" and the "not killing rule". I agree that the first of these rules has been broken several times with no consequence. About the second of these rules, there is an argument about the definition of killing:
Does it already count as killing if a genie transforms a human into an object? The crucial point is what happens to the mind of the victim. I wouldn't say transforming a man into a woman or into an animal is killing, even if the mind adapts to the new body. The victim is certainly still alive. (Some people argue, that the change of mind is an act of dying - I don't). So the same should be applied to inanimate TFs. My argument against seeing this TF as a killing is, that the victim can still be restored. The soul of the victim (or however you would call it) is still inside.
If a genie would use a wish to have someone run over by a truck, it couldn't be reversed, since the soul has left the corpse. That's the reason why genies can't bring the dead (unless you count creating an undead as fulfilling that wish).

For the mind contol rule, it is clear that genies can break it, and Martha and others already did. And I see your problems. In the flashback episodes with Sami, there was a genie society with law enforcement. The Genie thief was locked away in a bottle by Lady Amhadina for stealing. We can assume that the other rules had been enforced in that society too. But this society has long been gone.
If you look at ancient laws, like the Code of Hammurabi from ancient Babylon, you find pretty harsh rules. But these rules no longer are valid, since the Babylonian Empire is gone. For the genies, it is a similar situation. One feeling of the whole story is, that Sami is indeed the last of his kind.
So, one aspect of the Martha stories is indeed, that without enforcement, rules are pretty pointless.
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Fattastic Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2014
A little misunderstunding - by "true ending" I ment "final episode, true end of the story overally", not "canonic end of the series" :XD: I promise to be more specific next time.

Then I'll be waiting for further continuity
hippo2 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2014
I won't do another weekly series. In the end, this was too much work to combine with job and social life. But I have a few ideas for more special stories and comics.
magicshoppe Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2014
hippo2 Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2014
I'm glad you like it.
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