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Setting Things right - Ending 3 by hippo2 Setting Things right - Ending 3 by hippo2

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Martha blinked. Her bracelets started to vibrate and turned to dust. Her skin changed from green to a normal, human skin color. But Martha's harem clothes remained the same.


David gave Martha a sceptical look. "I guess you didn't use your wish to turn back into a human?"


"You're right. I'm still a genie, albeit a free one." When Martha saw that David didn't approve her decision, she added: "I know you don't like us genies, but this is what I want: I can't even imagine to live without my genie powers."


"Mhhh.... As long as you don't turn into an evil genie like Sami, I see no problem with it." David replied.


"Don't worry. I know how humans feel and will use my powers only for good. I might use my powers to fight crime." Martha smiled.


"You would be like a super hero, hehe." Amelia chipped in.


"Right. But then I would need a second identity I use in public." Martha turned to David. "Say, David, would you mind if I continue to work for you."


David hesitated a moment. But when Amelia clawed her nails into his hand, he quickly answered. "Of course Martha, you can always work for me. Errr... Do you know where you will stay now? I mean you are no longer bound to your lamp."


"Yeah, I guess I'm homeless at the moment. Is it possible to get a room at the hotel for the first time?"


David thought for a moment. "Svetlana's old room is vacant at the moment. If you like, you can have it. Of course, I will have to charge you with a small rent."


"I'll accept for now. Maybe I'll use my magic to create my own flat later. But for now, I'd like to see my new room."


"Excellent. Let's return to the hotel." David proposed. Both girls agreed.


A few nights later, a dark-clothed person broke into the shop of a jeweler. His face was covered with by a ski mask. Under his dark clothes, a he looked like he had a well-toned body. After the burglar had cut the alarm, it wasn't difficult to enter the shop through the small window to the toilets. Now, he was breaking into the display cases grabbing whatever jewelry he could get. Suddenly, he heard a ghostly female voice: "Burglar..."


"Who's there?" The man grabbed a knife from his belt and turned around.


Suddenly, he heard the voice right behind him. The burglar turned around again and this time, he struck something with his knife. Behind him stood a young woman, wearing a yellow top. Two things about her puzzled the burglar: The girl had fiery red hair and light green skin. And her tummy, where he had struck her with his knife, as well as her legs, dissolved into a green mist, so his knife had gone right through it!


"Tst, tst, tst! You should be more careful with sharp objects." The woman snapped and burglar felt the knife in his hand move. He looked down and saw the knives change its form. The handle turned into soft scaled skin, also the blade was changing in a similar manner. The Burglar panicked and dropped his weapon. The snake hit the ground and scurried away to safety.


"What are you?!" the burglar asked terrified.


"I'm Martha the genie.” She replied mystically, “And it is very rude not to introduce yourself.”


The Burglar was seemingly frightened. "Right... Call me Lukas... eh Schmidt." Obviously a false name.


"What you did was very bad, Lukas Schmidt." Martha said. "You need to be punished. I'll hand you over to the police."


"No, don't hand me over to the police. You're a genie, right? Don't you have to grant me this wish?"


Of course, Martha didn't feel compelled to grant that wish, since she was freed from her lamp. A mischievous smile crept on her face. She decided to grant him that wish in her own way. "Don't worry, I won't hand you over to the police."


Lukas sank to his knees. "Oh, thank you, thank you, thank..."


"Not so fast!" Martha snapped and the burglar levitated into the air. "I still gonna punish you. Let's see... Burglary is serious crime. But maybe you just did this stupidity out of adolescent foolishness? I could turn you back into a baby and give you to good family. Then they can raise to become a better person. How about that?"


Lukas was about to object, when he suddenly felt Martha invade his mind. "Get out of my head! Get out of my head!"


When Martha had finished scanning Lukas' memories, she said. "It seems this isn't your first burglary. You're a hardened criminal, aren't you? In this case, I shall lock you away for 10 years."


"No. Please not!" He folded his hands.


"Then there's still your attempt to kill me." Martha added with a cold, emotionless voice. "I also saw, that you attacked a watchman with your knife earlier. Luckily, he didn't die. You're a menace to society. Maybe I should transform you into piece of jewelry for good?"


"Oh not. Don't do that. I so sorry for what I did. Please have mercy!" he begged.


Martha shook her head. "Ok, maybe I'm a bit too hard here. I'll lock you way for 20 years and then I'll come back and see if I can let you out on parole." Martha took a diamond ring from one of the show-cases. She snapped her fingers.


"Noooooo.....!" Lukas yelled while he was sucked into the diamond.


"Don't worry. You won't have to eat or drink while you are inside. And 20 years isn't such a long time." Martha added, thinking about the many centuries she would live as a genie.

She took an eye-piece and took a closer look on the ring. She saw the diamond with the burglar inside. "At least you will make a girl happy now."



Proofreading by :iconmanymasksmanyfaces:

kaaslave Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2014
So much for "Lukas Schmidt". ;)

(Where did you come up with that name, anyway?  A comic book?)
hippo2 Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2014
Lukas is one of the most favourite names in Germany. And Schmidt one of the most common family names.
kaaslave Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2014
OK. ;)
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