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Setting Things right - Ending 2 by hippo2 Setting Things right - Ending 2 by hippo2

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Martha smiled at David. "Though I have to admit that being a genie was a great experience, I'm don't think I'm really cut for this kind of life. I'm just glad I could undo most of the chaos I caused over the last years - where this was still possible. So, yeah, I guess this is my wish." Martha crossed her arms and blinked. Immediately, the magic washed over her body and changed it. A few seconds later, Martha's skin had turned back to her original human color. She was even clad in the same yellow t-shirt and green skirt she had been wearing when she was sucked into the lamp more than three years ago.


"Did you just wished for what I think you did?" David asked.


"If you thought that I would turn back into a human, you are right." Martha replied. "As I said, I'm done with being a genie. No more stupid wishes to grant, no more lives I may ruin. No more evil genies, like Sami or Gregory to deal with."


"Wow, I'm pretty impressed." David smiled. "We should go out and celebrate your transformation."


Suddenly, Amelia felt quite annoyed how David was eyeing Martha. "As long you don't forget who's your fiancée." She grabbed his hand.


"Don't worry, Amelia. He's yours and I don't have any intention to snatch him from you. David's idea to go out and celebrate is good, but I want you to come along, Amelia."


Amelia was relieved. "Agreed. I'll come along."


"Wonderful." David said. "I'll reserve a table at a very good restaurant for this evening."



Later that evening, the three friends were sitting at the restaurant. David was the first to address Martha. "What are you going to do, now that you are human again?"


"First I will return to Brazil and meet my family. I haven't seen them for more than three years. I guess I'll stay there for a few months."


"What a wonderful idea." Amelia said.


"Yeah, good idea. And afterwards? Will continue to work here?" David asked.


Martha though for a moment. "I'm not sure yet. It all depends on if my parents want me to stay longer. But yes, I'd like to return here."


"Alright," David said "I can hire a temp for about three month. If you don't want to come back, please let me know. Then I would hire the temp on a permanent basis."


Martha smiled. "Don't worry David, I'll stay in contact with the two of you."


Amelia took Davids hand. "We both would like to stay in contact with your too, Martha. You can always visit us."


"And I'd be happy if you two will visit me in Brazil one day."


"Who knows, maybe we will spent our honeymoon there?" Amelia said.


David embraced his fiancée. "First we have marry, my dear. But the idea has something." He turned to Martha. "Of course, you are invited to the wedding, Martha."


"Yeah, I'd like to have you as my maid of honor." Amelia said.


Martha was speechless for a moment. "Wow, I feel honored. Thank you very much, I accept." Martha and Amelia embraced. Suddenly, Martha shivered. "It's a bit chilly, isn't it?"


"I wouldn't say chilly," David said. "It quite nice for early spring. Say, do genies feel cold and warm? Maybe you're not longer used to it?"


"No, we... genies aren't affected by temperature. I guess you are right." Martha replied.


"How about we return home. I feel a bit chilly too!" Amelia supported Martha.


David nodded. "Ok, dear. Ladies let's go."



A week later, Martha sat on a plane bound for Brazil .Next to her sat Frida, the six year old schoolgirl, which came to be because of a genie wish and who had recently been adopted by Martha's brother Luca. Frida was reading a fresh newspaper. When Frida felt thirsty, the pushed the button to call the stewardess, but even after a few minutes, the stewardess didn't show up. Frida crossed her arms and pouted. "Aunt Martha, I want something to drink! I'm thirsty!"


Martha sighed. Even though Babette had added a mind protection to Frida when she transformed her from a secretary to six-year-old girl, Frida was acting more and more like a child. However, sometimes Frida behaved like a grown up too. Maybe the mind protection was wearing off. Either way Martha had no way to check anymore.


Now Martha had enough of Frida's whining. She snapped her fingers to conjure up something to drink - but nothing happened. For a moment, Martha was really puzzled. Then she remembered that she wasn't a genie anymore.


"Is something wrong, Martha? Are you already missing your genie powers?" Frida joked.


Martha didn't want to admit it, but Frida was right. She missed her genie powers. Maybe on week was a too short time to get accustomed to being human again. But since Martha made her final wish, she felt as if a part of her body was missing. There was a terrible emptiness inside her and Martha felt that it could never be filled again. It became more and more obvious to her: Becoming human again was the wrong decision!


"Maybe it was wrong to give up your genie powers?" Frida continued to tease her.


"For a six year old you are pretty cheeky, Frida."


"Don't forget this there's a 24 year old mind in a six year old body."


Now Martha had enough. She teased back, "Are you sure you're not feeling more and more like a child again, despite Babette's mind protection spell? Maybe the spell is slowly wearing off?"


Frida thought for a moment before she replied. She shook her head as if she wanted to clear her thoughts. "You wish! I'm still a grown up woman inside. And I can prove it." She took the newspaper she had dropped when she had asked for something to drink.


Suddenly, a boy about Fridas age ran along the aisle and stopped at Martha's and Frida's seats. "Oi, sou João. Tu desejas jogar esconde-esconde?" he asked.


Frida was puzzled first. But then, her face brighten. "Sou Frida. Clara, eu desejo." she replied and jump from her seat to join João in a game of hide-and-seek.


Martha smiled. "I rest my case!"



Proofreading by :iconmanymasksmanyfaces:

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AliciaDrawsBecause Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Frida is so freakin' cute Heart Heart Heart 
hippo2 Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2018
Yeah. She's very lucky to get such a fate after trying to betray Martha's brother Luca.
AliciaDrawsBecause Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hahahah, well, at least now she can become a better grown up! XD 
kaaslave Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2014
I hope Martha stays human.
hippo2 Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2014
Unless she runs into another lamp or genie, she will have to stay human, even if she doesn't want to.
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