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Setting Things right - Ending 1 by hippo2 Setting Things right - Ending 1 by hippo2

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Martha smiled at David. "Though I have to admit that being a genie was a great experience, I'm don't think I'm really cut for this kind of life. I'm just glad I could undo most of the chaos I caused over the years - where this was still possible. So, yeah, I guess this is my wish." Martha crossed her arms and blinked. Immediately, the magic washed over her body and changed it. A few seconds later, Martha's skin had turned back to her original human color. She was even clad in the same yellow t-shirt and green skirt she had been wearing when she was sucked into the lamp more than three years ago.


"Did you just wished for what I think you did?" David asked.


"If you thought that I would turn back into a human, you are right." Martha replied. "As I said, I'm done with being a genie. No more stupid wishes to grant, no more lives I may ruin. No more evil genies, like Sami or Gregory to deal with."


"Wow, I'm pretty impressed." David smiled. "We should go out and celebrate your transformation."


Suddenly, Amelia felt quite annoyed how David was eyeing Martha. "As long you don't forget who's your fiancée." She grabbed his hand.


"Don't worry, Amelia. He's yours and I don't have any intention to snatch him from you. David's idea to go out and celebrate is good, but I want you to come along, Amelia."


Amelia was relieved. "Agreed. I'll come along."


"Wonderful." David said. "I'll reserve a table at a very good restaurant for this evening."



Later that evening, the three friends were sitting at the restaurant. David was the first to address Martha. "What are you going to do, now that you are human again?"


"First I will return to Brazil and meet my family. I haven't seen them for more than three years. I guess I'll stay there for a few months." Martha answered. She could barely remember her family after all of this excitement and now that she was human again she wanted to see them so badly.


"What a wonderful idea." Amelia said.


"Yeah, good idea. And afterwards? Will continue to work here?" David asked.


Martha though for a moment. "I'm not sure yet. It all depends on if my parents want me to stay longer. But yes, I'd like to return here."


"Alright," David said. "I can hire a temp for about three month. If you don't want to come back, please let me know then I would hire the temp on a permanent basis."


Martha smiled. "Don't worry David, I'll stay in contact with the two of you."


Amelia took Davids hand. "We both would like to stay in contact with your too, Martha. You can always visit us."


"And I'd be happy if you two will visit me in Brazil one day."


"Who knows, maybe we will spent our honeymoon there?" Amelia said.


David embraced his fiancée. "First we have marry, my dear. However, I like the idea." He turned to Martha. "Of course, you are invited to the wedding, Martha."


"Yeah, I'd like to have you as my maid of honor." Amelia said.


Martha was speechless for a moment. "Wow, I feel honored. Thank you very much, I accept." Martha and Amelia embraced. Suddenly, Martha shivered. "It's a bit chilly, isn't it?"


"I wouldn't say chilly," David said. "It quite nice for early spring. Say, do genies feel cold and warm? Maybe you're not longer used to it?"


"No, we... genies aren't affected by temperature. I guess you are right. There are a lot of things I’m going to have to get used to again." Martha replied.


"How about we return home? I feel a bit chilly too!" Amelia supported Martha.


David nodded. "Ok, dear. Ladies let's go."



A few days later, Martha and Amelia were shopping for new clothes for Martha. As a genie, Martha could simply poof her wardrobe into existence, but when she became human again, all she had were the clothes she was actually wearing. Martha just picked a nice pair of hot pants from the rack and hold it in front of her waist. "What do you think, Amelia?"


"You should try it on, Martha."


Martha snapped her finger, but of course, nothing happened. She pouted.


"Old habits die hard, heh?" Amelia asked with a smile.


"I guess. One snap and I was dressed. I will need some time to get used to do it manually again. That and other things."


"Martha, aren't you afraid that you made a mistake? That you can't live without your genie powers?"


Martha shook her head. "No, it was the right choice. My genie powers caused nothing by suffering and grief. I'm glad I could at least undo most of the evil wishes. Still there are some I can never undo." She had a really sad look on your face.


Amelia though for a moment to inquire further. She was very curious what Martha was talking about. But then, she thought that asking Martha now could make things only worse. Instead she but her hand on Martha's shoulder. "Don't worry too much. Eventually, you resisted the temptation of the evil genie powers. You had even more integrity than I did."


"What do you mean?"


"Remember the two racists? If I was in your place, I would have kept the as a black couple for life. But you found a way to give them a second chance and make sure at the same time, that they won't fall back to their old habits. What did you say? 'One more racist act and they spend the rest of their lives as vermin.' Now it's up to them what will happen." Amelia stepped in front of Martha and took her hands. "Martha, whatever bad thing you did, I'm sure you already amended a lot for it. If you still feel guilty, you can still make for it with good deeds. But don't think too bad about yourself, will ya?"


Martha closed her eyes. Alexis Miller came to her mind. It a moment of weakness, she let the genie powers take control of her better parts and twisted Alexis' last wish in a horrible way: She had transformed Alexis into a cookie, which was soon afterwards eaten. Even if Sami would probably see it different, Martha had effectively killed Alexis, and this guilt would always haunt her.
"I'll go and slip into the pants now." Martha turned away from Amelia and went to the changing cubicles.



A few days later, Martha stepped out of the Arrivals in a Brazilian Airport. After a few seconds, she spotted her brother Luca. Next to him were her parents standing. Both parents were close to tears. Also Martha felt her eyes wet. She dropped her luggage, rushed to them and embraced her family. "I'm finally come home." she said.



Proofreading by :iconmanymasksmanyfaces:

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Very nice indeed!
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Very nice, a happy ending.
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