Request: A Swiss Holiday 1/2
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This story started as a collaboration by Nayzor and myself last summer. Nayzor wrote the story and I did the comic pages. I'm glad that I could finish it for EmperorNortonII's birthday.

A Swiss Holiday

Babette was very excited. This was the first time since she moved to the SSU that she was going on holiday. Ishtar her mistress was insistent.

“Babette my dear no other novice priestess has pleased me more by her performance then you. Please enjoy yourself on this well-deserved holiday” Ishtar said.

"Thank you Lady Ishtar but could I take my girlfriend Clara wiith me?" Babette pleaded.

"Of course, my dear! You two enjoy a romantic holiday together.

“Thank you my goddess” Babette exclaimed “I know where I want to go my homeland of Switzerland. I would like to visit a ski chalet."

“How wonderful!” Ishtar said while magic emitted from her navel gem. “And with my magic I shall send you to Switzerland immediately”

With a blast of Ishtar’s magic Babette and Clara found themselves in a Swiss ski resort town. To Babette it looked as if she were back home save for the fact there were only females everywhere and they were all wearing bikinis.

“Ah tres bien it’s just like home” Babette said amazed. She was wearing a scant outfit of gold pasties and skimpy thong that most of the women were wearing.

Babette looked around and saw all of the Swiss women and girls. She was amused to see them all fast asleep and snoring away.

“Well this is certainly a sight I am getting used to seeing” Babette said to Clara amusedly at the sight of a pregnant mother asleep with her three daughters.

"It certainly is. Maybe one day we'll sleep here too with our beautiful daughters. In fact, we can have a nap right now!" Carla smile and laid down on the ground, giving Babette an inviting wink.

"Just give me a second. I'll be with you." A a group of buxom blonde beauties snoring away hat caught Babette's curiosity. She was struck by their beauty. “Ooh la la, I think I will make my greetings when these ladies wake up.” She then noticed something odd

“Zut alors! This cannot be!” Babette said as she noticed that all of the ladies had no navels. She then noticed that all of the Swiss women and girls had no navels. She decided to investigate and went around the corner of a housed. There, Babette saw Swiss more women, genies and other female sleeping, all with their navels missing.

Suddenly, Babette heard a noise from where she left Clara behind. She rushed around the corner to see a Swiss Oni plucking Clara's navel from her belly. "Hey you! Put that back on her belly!" she commanded.

The oni turned around and fled. Babette followed the oni but she was to slow. She lost track of the oni in the narrow alleys of the village. Disappointed, Babette returned to her girlfriend who was snoring away. She tried to wake her up but to no avail. "Oh Clara, what shall we do now?"

“It is not only her, all of the women and girls out an about have no bellybuttons” said a mysterious voice from an ornate lamp.

“Who said that?” Babette asked in a confused tone.

Suddenly with a burst of smoke, a beautiful blonde genie arose. “Oh pardon moi, I am Marie, a helvitijin and this is my home.”

Babette was struck by Marie’s beauty but she was still curious about what she saw. “Bonjour Marie, may name is Babette. I was on holiday and I noticed that these ladies are all sans bellybuttons.”

“Oui, they are not alone, my fellow helvitijin all had their navels taken, no doubt by some naughty Swiss oni” As Babette said this she pointed to her helvetijin friends. Many of them slept floating in mid-air with the young and pregnant asleep on the ground. “Luckily for me I decided to nap in my lamp so my navel and magical navel gem are still with me”

“Swiss oni, mon dieu those navel thieves are all over aren’t they?” Babette mused. In her short time in the SSU, Babette had dealt with oni who lived in the Middle East from desert oni to Persian oni to the fertile Lebanese oni. Every time they took the navels of females to feast on it was her duty as a priestess to replace their taken navels.

“I suggest we find these culprits and make them give back the navels they stole. We genies have magic that can deal the justice they so deserve”

“Tres bien, as a priestess it is my duty to right such wrongs. Let us make haste. It should be easy to find them. We’ll just follow the trail of women and girls without their bellybuttons.”

Marie and Babette started their search for the Swiss oni where they came across many sleeping Swiss races who were without their navels. Among the first they saw were a large group of Schwyzer Amazons and the suissetaurs, the cavalry centaurs of Switzerland. Some of the amazons were asleep atop their cavalry partners.

As they marveled at a Schwyzer fast asleep atop her suissetaur partner Marie commented “Zut alors, these oni must be very sly if they dared to take navels of such committed guardians.” .

Marie and Babette came across several barbegezai. These snowy dwarves had exceptionally large feet that helped them ski even the highest slopes.

Babette marveled at the sight of their feet. “Oh my such large feet yet they have no bellybuttons.”

As the two searched the town, Babette was struck by a large beautiful water fountain with a statue of a sleeping mermaid with a flowing of water coming from her mouth. In the fountain they saw many seejungfers, Swiss mermaids asleep in it

“I just love the melodic snores of seejungfers, even more than those of lorelei” Marie said “We must redress their misdeeds.”

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So Clara is a outie?
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She originally was. But as you see in the next part, Clara becomes an innie.
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EmperorNortonII|Professional Traditional Artist
Great to see this! :D
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I see you put me on your upcoming comic list? May I ask what you will do for me next?
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EmperorNortonII|Professional Traditional Artist
Well, I'm planning to draw a picture for you, I just haven't decided what it'll be yet.
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A great use of the variety of Swiss races
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